Automated Gate Pass System Essay Sample


The coming of automatic scheduling equipment finally brought about operation of most electromechanical equipment going wholly automatic. The Automated Gate Pass System [ AGPS ] is a system that aims to replace the manual gate base on balls system used at the QUEEN’S BOROUGH SUBDIVISION ( Located at Brgy. San Jose. City of San Fernando. Pampanga ) with an automatic system which has the capableness of managing gate use and operation with small or no human intercession. The Automated Gate Pass System places accent on improved security. efficiency. easiness of gate operation and care of accurate records.


This undertaking entirely analyzed the bing manual gate system used by the QUEEN’S BOROUGH SUBDIVISIONcame up with an efficient and effectual Automated Gate Pass System to command the usageof the gate for security and answerability intents. The undertaking is in two parts: the package which includes the waiter and the client. The Second is thehardware. which includes the theoretical account and its connexion to the parallel port.


QUEEN’S BOROUGH SUBDIVISION disposal is holding a job in procuring their subdivision and the houses and occupants within it from individuals that are lawfully come ining their premises and finally destructing the peaceableness of the subdivision.


The current gate base on balls system used at the QUEEN’S BOROUGH SUBDIVISION is manual ensuing in a batch of inefficiency and unaccountability as refering pull offing the gate. Manual gate base on balls system are non merely inconsistent in keeping security say for a production works. but besides cumbersome in record maintaining as records may non be traced at times.

1. 3. 2 Specific PROBLEM

1. Inefficient and unaccountability of gate direction.
2. Inconsistent care of security.
3. Cumbersome and inaccurate record maintaining.

Our chief aim is to bring forth a system that will be used for the security. answerability. truth. consistence and efficiency of managing gate use and operation with small or no human intercession.


The proposed system accomplished this general aim:
•To replace the physical handling of the gate with package that can make the same undertaking expeditiously and efficaciously and to keep accurate and consistent records on gate use.

1. 4. 2 Specific OBJECTIVE

1. Gate gap and shutting. which involves the gap of the gate once a legitimate user swabs a valid card in the card reader.

2. Accurate care of accurate and consistent records on gate use.

3. Improve efficiency and effectivity every bit good as flexibleness of operation.

4. The system besides reduces on the figure of illicit people come ining the premises. Entrance is restricted to authorise forces merely.

5. Improved security. Worlds are unfastened systems which are affected by their environment. therefore if security guards are to be given exclusive duty for the handling of gate. so decidedly security will be compromised.


In this subdivision. we will able to see all the Scopess of the proposed survey of the undertaking ( AGPS ) which will supply thoughts for us to cognize what the undertaking can make and what specific things that it can assist for the users. This subdivision will besides discourse the restrictions of the proposed system in which we were being able to recite all the affairs that the system can’t do.

1. 5. 1 Scopes

This survey focuses. as stated. on the security and sedateness of communities ( such as subdivisions. school campuses and different Education Institutions. Government and Non-Government Institutions. etc. . ) because as we all know. presents. there are so many incidents refering unbarred edifices and communities.

1. 5. 2 Restriction

Automated Systems produces big volumes of informations and so. there is a inclination of overtaxing storage medium. Hardware for Automated systems is hapless in handiness. So installing could be. and most likely expensive. During lightning. variable electromotive force potency is destructive. Excessive downtime with overly complex integratings. Sufficient computing machine electronics expertise non available. Using machine-controlled systems. it is necessary to hold a potentially higher care costs. It requires a changeless electrical power beginning. if non ; execution of the system will be interrupted or much worst. destructed. Last. Automated Systems requires the usage of electronic transducers which have at least long-run dependability of any type used.

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As we foresee this undertaking. we can state that the system [ Automated Gate Pass System ] has a large aid in every community that will utilize it. It has a large importance in keeping the security. efficiency and peaceableness in every community it serve. In the instance of our host [ QUEEN’s BOROUGH SUBDIVISION ] . the system will assist the operator or decision maker. particularly the security forces that may function as the waiter of the system. in procuring their premises. their clients with their places and besides in maintaining all the records ( that are logged 24 hours ) safe and accuratein which it can be retrieved in instance it was needed.

1. 6. 1 Educational Significance

In Education. refering on schools and pupils. the system will lend a large aid in procuring the campuses and the pupils from unauthorised individuals illicitly come ining inside that may convey upset. or much worse. offense. This rule will take to the peaceableness and methodicalness inside the Educational Institutions and the most of import is the safety and security of pupils and forces.

1. 6. 2 Economic Significance

The importance of this undertaking to economic system is every bit similar as its importance in the communities and establishments it will function. We have a stating that. “To Have a Better State. Have foremost a Better Community” . And so. we steadfastly believe. that utilizing the promoted system will assist in constructing a much better community and hopefully. a much better and progressive economic system by agencies of advancing security and peace that will finally take to a peacefully working state to make its coveted ends in the close hereafter.


In this subdivision. we can clearly compare the difference between the bing MANUAL GATE PASS SYSTEM and the AUTOMATED GATE PASS SYSTEM for us to cognize all the good constructs about the promoted System utilizing a paradigm shown below.

A. Manual Gate Pass System
Input signal


End product

B. Automated Gate Pass System

Input signal


End product


1. Cumbersome
1. awkward because of size. weight. or determine cumbrous luggage 2. hard because of extent or complexness cumbersome histories

2. Legalize
1. Bing in conformity with the jurisprudence ; lawful: a legitimate concern. 2. Bing in conformity with established or accepted forms and criterions: legitimate advertisement patterns. 3. Based on logical logical thinking ; sensible: a legitimate solution to the job. 4. Authentic ; genuine: a legitimate ailment.

5. Born of lawfully married parents: legitimate issue.
6. Of. associating to. or opinion by familial right: a legitimate sovereign. 7. Of or associating to drama of high professional quality that excludes burlesque. music hall. and some signifiers of musical comedy: the legitimate theatre. 3. Drastically

1. Severe or extremist in nature ; extreme: the drastic step of cut offing the full leg ; drastic societal alteration brought approximately by the Gallic Revolution. 2. Taking consequence violently or quickly: a drastic vomit.

4. Overtaxing
1. To subject to an inordinate load or strain.
2. To revenue enhancement in surplus of what is considered appropriate or merely.

5. Electronic transducers
-are a category of inertial detectors ( which include accelerometers. gyroscopes. tilt metres. seismometers. and related devices ) based on an electrochemical mechanism. METs capture the physical and chemical phenomena that occur at the surface of electrodes in electrochemical cells as the consequence of hydrodynamic gesture. They are a specialised sort of electrolytic cell designed so that gesture of the MET. which causes motion ( convection ) in the liquid electrolyte. can be converted to an electronic signal proportional to acceleration or speed. MET detectors [ 1 ] have inherently low noise and high elaboration of signal ( on the order of 106 ) .

Chapter II


The Automated Gate Pass System has been a really demanding undertaking but there is expectancy that it will salvage as a base for more research in Electronic and Programming. The writer of the undertaking embanked on trying to plan. develop and implement an autochthonal Automated Gate Pass System. which can easy be used in any Organization in which security is of higher consideration. From the analysis of system proving consequences. the writer recommends that the undertaking has been successfully completed because most of the aims as stated in the undertaking study have been fulfilled. For more Foreign Literatures related to the proposed system:

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Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. scribd. com/doc/49273143/Automated-Gate-Pass-System-Thesis-AGPS-Chiyesu-Kalaba


SUBIC BAY FREEPORTTHE Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority ( SBMA ) will implement on July 15 the electronic Gatepass Management System ( GMS ) for cargos admitted here and sold in countries in Bureau of Customs ( BoC ) district. SBMA Administrator Armand Arreza. in a imperativeness statement. said the new machine-controlled system would assist stem revenue enhancement and responsibility escapes of Subic imports into the domestic market. Arreza on Wednesday signed with BoC Deputy Commissioner Alexander Arevalo a joint memoranda order to implement the GMS after a successful trial tally of the system get downing May 20 with two Subic locaters take parting. Arreza identified the two as PTT Philippines and Microbase Transport and Equipment Inc. . which used the GMS to cover their cargos of oil merchandises and vehicles sold outside of this freeport.

Arreza said the system used hi-tech scanners to guarantee that lone legal goods exit the Gatess. This is in maintaining up with the times. said Arrezas statement. Merely as it was virtually impossible to rip off in the recent machine-controlled elections. the GMS would guarantee that the transportation of cargos to and from this freeport will be fast. easy and transparent. he added. Arevalo. interim. affirmed that the GMS was designed to beef up SBMA-BoC coordination and cooperation. The new system would do it even harder for possible runners to utilize the port of Subic for illegal activities. Arevalo said. GMS is the 2nd joint mechanization undertaking of SBMA and BoC. coming six hebdomads after the deployment of the Automated Export Documentation System.

All-Filipino automated system shortly to be in UP
MANILA. Philippines – The first all-Filipino mass conveyance system dubbed the Automated Guide manner Transit ( AGT ) system will shortly be built on the Diliman campus of the University of the Philippines ( UP ) . On Monday. July 18. UP will subscribe a memoranda of understanding with the Department of Science and Technology ( DOST ) and the Department of Transportation and Communication ( DOTC ) to officially put UP Diliman as the site of the paradigm of the AGT. A groundbreaking ceremonial at the corner of Emilio Jacinto Street and Lakandula Street in the campus will instantly follow. The event is a consequence of a Memorandum of Understanding signed by UP and DOST last January. which specifies that the AGT paradigm will hold 2 60-passenger managers running on one path.

The AGT is expected to play an of import function in the UP community and in the survey of alternate mass conveyance systems. said UP in a statement. DOST Secretary Mario Montejo before said that the cost of analyzing and making a local AGT system is a batch cheaper at fifth part of the cost of importing a unit from abroad. The local AGT system is besides seen as a peep into the hereafter of mass conveyance systems made by Filipinos. Senator Edgardo Angara. former UP President and Chair of the Senate Committee on Science and Technology. is expected to go to the July 18 event
along with Montejo and DOTC Secretary Mar Roxas.

Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. abs-cbnnews. com/lifestyle/07/17/11/all-filipino-automated-guideway-transit-system-soon-be


1. Automation for swing Gatess
LIFE inaugurates new positions in the universe of mechanization. even in the field of swing gate motors. The Optimo scope of additive electromechanical actuators offers a broad scope of pick between the 230 V and 24 V versions. with slow or fast motion. This is partnered by a high degree of design and fabrication. in line with the most evolved quality. design and functional criterions on the market. There is more detecting for yourself for all the advantages of this and other LIFE merchandises and open up to a new epoch in “home integration” . For more Foreign Studies related to the proposed system: Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. homelife. it/automation-for-swing-gates-optimo. hypertext markup language

2. Axis Gatepass – Visitor. Contract worker package

A security package for commanding all the visits in the company. It gives installations for visitant exposure capturing. on-line visitee list. communicating between security and employees. visitant hallmark by the host. auto-fowarding of mandate petition in absence of host. auto-login installation for the users. gatepass publishing with bardcode. current visitants list. out-time posting through barcode. visitant history etc. Protect your organisation with Visitor base on balls system. Visitor monitoring system. Visitor base on balls. Visitor gate base on balls system. Visitor direction package. Visitor direction system. Visitor monitoring system. Visitor tracking system. visitant tracking package. visitant direction package.

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Please acquire in touch with our gross revenues staff to hold a expression at instance surveies where Axis gatepass visitant direction package has helped organisations to better security and watchfulness by utilizing a visitant direction package demo. vehicle direction. vehicle trailing and contract worker database application. Buy visitant package for fingerprint device. face acknowledgment. material gatepass. material inward outward. visitant assignment. visitant booth. self-registration booth. ldap. visitant tracking. visitant monitoring. Reach us. A security package for commanding all the visits in the company. It gives installations for visitant exposure capturing. on-line visitee list. communicating between security and employees. visitant hallmark by the visitee. autofowarding of mandate petition in absence of visitee. auto-login installation for the users. gatepass publishing with bardcode. current visitants list. out-time posting through barcode. visitant histories etc. Ravindra S Dhul

Bosch Rexroth ( India ) Ltd
hypertext transfer protocol: //smginfotech. com/products/Axis-Gatepass-/6

Hongmen Advanced Technology Corporation

Shenzhen Hongmen Machinery & A ; Electrical Equipment Co. . Ltd was founded at 1997. Company nucleus merchandises are “Folding Gates” and “Boom Barrier Gates” .

In 2007. we reformed the company as ‘Hongmen Advanced Technology Corporation’ with enormous of capital injection to maintain gait with our diversified merchandises that is more involved with hi-tech application such as “Parking Management System” and “Crowd Control Access System” for large contractual undertakings in governmental and private sectors.

Furthermore. Hongmen has established comprehensive and broad gross revenues and after gross revenues web with over 50 traders and more than 100 straight owned gross revenues mercantile establishments and offices. covering 100 % of the municipalities straight under the cardinal authorities of China. It has besides successfully ventured into the international market by puting up offices in states such as the USA. Korea. Iran. Saudi Arabia. Indonesia. Malaysia. Singapore. Thailand and Vietnam in line with the turning popularity of Hongmen merchandises.

In recent old ages. Hongmen has won legion awards and acknowledgments. These include the China Quality Product Award. Reliable Quality Product Award. China Famous Brand. and Celebrated Brand of the Building Material Industry.
Well-known Brand of Private Enterprises in China. Market Best Seller of China. and the National Top Ten Flag Pole Quality Certification. In add-on. the Company received the ISO9001: 2001 enfranchisement. and ISO14001: 2004 enfranchisement in 2002. Follow by rated as New High Technology Enterprise and 300 Growth Enterprises of Shenzhen by the Shenzhen Government. and was named the Sincere and Reliable Enterprise in 2005 by the authorization. In twelvemonth 2009. Hongmen successfully received CE enfranchisement for most of the nucleus merchandises.

Hongmen now has become one of the largest electric folding Gatess research and development and production Centre in the universe. We will go on endeavoring in new invention to our merchandises. and striding in its enlargement beyond Asia and creative activity of a first trade name. hypertext transfer protocol: //hongmen88. nut. made-in-china. com/

2. 4 Local STUDIES

Automated Gates
Remote Controlled Swing Gates. Folding Gates. Skiding Gates
We combine our experience on safety and protection and cutting border engineering to give you the entire security and protection for your place. office and other belongingss.

We customize the most appropriate security system for each client and we make certain we address all your concerns. Just inform us of what you need and we will urge the best security system for you.

All our security systems and merchandises are up to day of the month. following the latest developments in security engineering. We continuously research for the betterment of our merchandises. And if there are new engineerings out in the market. we bring them to our clients. We besides continuously train people on our new engineerings and merchandises.

Much like our CCTV’s and other systems. we are ready to react to our client’s concerns. 24/7. and address issues in 24 hours.