Attributes of a Professional Teacher Essay Sample

Every instructor wants to be a good instructor. but what is this myth about being a ‘good instructor? Who is it? What are the features of a good instructor? And how can you go a good instructor?

Teaching occupations are frequently worthwhile and fulfilling for people who love to learn. I am a instructor ( coach ) excessively. though I do non believe myself as a really good instructor. but I know one thing that bulk of my pupils ( tutees ) do love me. and I guess this is the point where good things start to go on.

I was believing about what are the features of a good instructor and how can I go a good instructor or which features and qualities should a good instructor possess?

I know that all instructors want their pupils to wish them. but being liked isn’t the be-all and end-all truly. is it? I mean instructors have to do some unpopular determinations sometimes.

Teachers can be popular merely because they are friendly and helpful. but to be truly professional and effectual they need other qualities. Students may non be able to set their finger on merely why one instructor is more effectual than another but we need to be able to place the accomplishments and behaviour we require in a true professional.

I believe if a instructor possesses the undermentioned features and qualities. he/she can go a professional instructor with a batch of fan base excessively.

1. Personality. Valuess and Attitude

A good instructor has a really good personality ; there is no 2nd idea about it. Students ever get attracted to instructors with good personality and features which leads to better communicating. understanding and finally good consequences. Everyone can hold a good. decent. sympathetic and presentable personality. Just frock sanely good. smell good. and be a small soft and sort. That’s all. Teachers are theoretical accounts of values. Whether witting of them or non. values are exhibited implicitly and explicitly. Valuess connote criterions. codification of moralss and strong belief.

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Open-mindedness is basic in advancing regard and trust between instructors and pupils. Students are encouraged to see one another’s findings and accounts. Free exchanges of suggestions develop a respectful attitude among them.

Fairness and nonpartisanship in handling pupils eliminate favoritism. Teachers must be indifferent and nonsubjective in judging their work and public presentation. Fairness inculcates assurance and trust among pupils.

Earnestness and honestness are values exhibited in words and actions. Teachers interact with pupils every minute. Their idiosyncrasies. wonts and address are watched and at times imitated. Teachers must demo their existent ego. Sincerity dictates that they stick to the truth. to the extent of accepting what they do non cognize about the lesson.

Professionalism is extremely treasured in the instruction profession. Teachers are adjudged professional if they are knowing. skilled and value-laden. They catch students’ attending and maintain them focused on the subject. to comfort their feelings off from tenseness and to develop a sense of wit among themselves.

2. Assurance

A professional instructor demands to be confident without being chesty. Cipher can anticipate to hold all the replies. so if a pupil asks a existent rotter. the professional instructor should be able to acknowledge licking but offer to happen out more for the pupil. And they must transport that promise out.

3. Passion

Bing passionate about his/her topic and work makes an ordinary instructor a professional instructor. Passion frequently makes the difference between learning and fiting people for life. The love for the topic and for her work is infective. make fulling the pupils with similar passion and enthusiasm. Passion for instruction is a compelling force that emerges from teachers’ love for kids. Passionate instructors exude spontaneousness in ministering to the demands of the pupils particularly those sing learning troubles. It is a passion for learning that drives them to care for their pupils corrected with appropriate reformatory action.

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4. A Good Communicator

One of the really of import features of a professional instructor is his communicating accomplishments. He should be a really good talker. This characteristic will profit a instructor in several ways. For illustration: I ) If his communicating accomplishments are good. he can convey his talks with better accomplishment and consequences. two ) If a instructor is a good talker. his category strength increases automatically. Peoples love to hear a individual who he can talk good plenty. There is ever a deficit of good talkers in the universe 😉

Teacher portions with others in a mode that encourages effectual bipartisan communicating. He communicates personal ideas and feelings on a broad spectrum of issues and can listen to pupils in an empathic mode. guaranting each that conversations will be held in assurance.

5. A Good Hearer

Apart from being a good communicator. a professional instructor should besides hold the feature of being an even better hearer. As there is Turkish adage: “If speech production is silver ; so listening is gold. “

Remember. a good hearer will ever hold many friends and fans. Because people do non desire to hear every clip. they need individuals who can listen to them every bit good. And when a good instructor develops this patient quality in himself. he starts to go a great instructor.

6. Good sense of wit

A professional instructor should besides hold the quality and feature of holding a good sense of wit. It is a logical fact. that a individual by and large teaches the following coevals and as they are younger than the instructor. they are expected to hold more merriment in the category excessively. So. a good instructor is the 1 who can get by up with his sense of wit. and with his strong communicating accomplishments and personality. can besides keep the subject of the category. Students look frontward to a category which is managed by a instructor who is serious but has a sense of wit. A professional instructor knows how to take the tenseness out of tight state of affairss. He uses wit. spontaneously. in a tasteful mode. He builds togetherness in the schoolroom. through the usage of wit.

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7. Skilled-leader and Knowing

A professional instructor is a skilled leader. Different from administrative leaders. effectual instructors focus on shared decision-making and teamwork. every bit good as on community edifice. This professional instructor conveys this sense of leading to pupils by supplying chances for each of them to presume leading functions. A professional instructor possesses a control of the cognition base of instruction and acquisition and usage of his cognition to steer the scientific discipline and art of his/her instruction pattern. Professional instructor is in a changeless pursuit for cognition. Keeps up in his or her forte countries. and has the penetration to incorporate new cognition. Takes cognition and translates it to pupils in a manner which is comprehendible to them. yet retains its originality.

In decision. it takes more to be a teacher than merely being an expert in your country of specialisation. While learning is a gift that seems to come rather of course for some. others have to work overtime to accomplish great instructor position. Yet the final payment is tremendous – for both instructors and pupils. Imagine pupils believing of you as instructor when they remember that great instructor they had in preschool. simple. high school and college. A instructor who would travel beyond the call of responsibility to learn kids to execute to their best potency while transfusing in them values of good life is non merely a good instructor. but a great human being who gives to the universe a great coevals with an first-class hereafter.