Attitude and not your aptitude decides your altitude Essay Sample

High attitude means high height. This is in fact the basic rule behind attitude indexs in aeroplanes that measure the place of aircraft with regard to the skyline. While the plane is mounting up. it has a nose up attitude and while it is falling. it has a nose down attitude. Pilots maintain a close ticker at this attitude index because they know it helps to find the height of the plane. If they wish to alter the height. they must set the attitude. With this really illustration I am here to joint my positions on the subject ‘your attitude and non your aptitude make up one’s mind your height. ’ Attitude is a small thing that can do a large difference – non merely in our life but besides in the lives of others around us. Our attitude. whether in athleticss. surveies. concern. relationships or in life. will stop up detecting the highs or height we achieve in our life. Attitude on the whole sums up to 100 % by tie ining alphabets with Numberss.

Our attitude developed through imitation right from the birth. or assimilated by friends. household. function theoretical accounts. environments. etc. will find our triumph and magnitudes in life. Attitudes become noticeable through our behaviour or bearing. Or to state merely – attitude is the manner of life. Attitude finding height is non a new construct. The sixteenth century Roman Emperor merely puts it: Our life is what our ideas make it. The success we find each twenty-four hours is mostly influenced by the type of attitude we have towards life. We can take to travel through life with a nose down attitude and see nil but the land or travel through life with a nose up attitude and continually see the stars. ‘Keep your face to the sunlight and you will ne’er see the shadows ‘is absolutely quoted by Helen Keller in this regard. But what about our aptitude. isn’t that of import? The reply is yes aptitude is of import.

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It is indispensable for a individual to hold accomplishment. preparation and experience but I believe in seting attitude over aptitude. There are 2 types of people in this universe. one who take the glass half empty and the other who take the glass half full. And those who take the glass half empty are merely puting themselves up for failure no affair what targets they set for themselves in life. Merely people with PMA i. e. Positive Mental Attitude can be at the top and successful in their lives. As a concluding point. I would wish to state that a victorious attitude is non about seting a fabricated face on unsatisfactory consequences nor is a affair of altering a hard world by nearing it entirely with a cheery temper.