ASEAN Community Essay

ASEAN. “One vision. one individuality. one community” As ASEAN member. I am cognizant of ASEAN history. It started on August 8. 1967 with 5 states: Indonesia. Malaysia. Philippines. Singapore and Thailand. but it turned into 10 after old ages of success: Brunei Darussalam. Cambodia. Indonesia. Laos. Malaysia. Myanmar. Philippines. Singapore. Thailand. and Vietnam. Since so. these 10 states have been collaborating and join forcesing for the benefits of the people and their state. Have you of all time thought how of import ASEAN is? In 2015. ASEAN COMMUNITY will be launched and I may state that it gives a productive impact on civilization. instruction and touristry of each state member. For illustration. in Thailand. ASEAN brings cultural diverseness. Many nationalities are now remaining in Thailand for holiday. concern or occupation. amusement. instruction. trade or industry. The good thing is despite the differences. we still live in peace and harmoniousness. Likewise. Thailand has become more unfastened to encompass larning about civilization and linguistic communication of other states.

ASEAN has a good consequence on instruction. By agencies of cooperation. pupils and instructors will develop their accomplishments and they have a opportunity to foster their surveies abroad. In school. pupils will cognize more about these 10 states. Language particularly English will be widely spoken by the people in ASEAN Community. We will go more globally competitory.

ASEAN has a good impact on touristry. Peoples from the sou’-east Asia have chances to go without fuss. AFTA or Asia Free Trade Area is another good thing to advance touristry. As a consequence. members of ASEAN will likely bask shopping and going from one state to another and this leads to a good relationship. Finally. I am proud to be a member of ASEAN. At school I am being built up in my ability on English to be a better and more successful Thai citizen. I thank my instructors for they have done a batch and are still making much in assisting develop my abilities to be a better user of English. May it be a challenge for all pupils to be serious in larning the English linguistic communication to go globally competitory.

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