Arranged Marriages: A Social Psychological Perspective Essay Sample

Marriage is considered one of the best accomplishments in a person’s life. This is because. through matrimony. there is hope that human life is still in continuity since reproduction is likely to take topographic point among the married twosomes. However. although matrimony is a beautiful thing. it normally comes in two chief signifiers. Apart from love matrimonies. there is besides the ordered matrimony. Whereas in the love matrimony relationships precedes the matrimony. the instance is different with the ordered matrimony. This is because unlike the love matrimony. matrimony tends to come foremost before a relationship follows subsequently ( Arranged Marriages. 2007 ) . Although love matrimonies are the most common. some civilizations and faiths prefer arranged matrimonies.

Apart from Muslims. another faith that patterns arranged matrimonies is the Indian faith. Harmonizing to Ganeshananthan ( 2008 ) . in ordered matrimonies. there is no courtship period like the love matrimony. In my sentiment. love matrimony is the best since twosomes are in a place to cognize each other before eventually settling down as hubby and married woman. Apart from analysing arranged matrimonies among the Indian faith. the essay besides focuses on love dealingss and why they are better compared to arranged matrimonies. Finally. the essay provides a counter statement on why arranged matrimonies are the best when compared to love matrimonies.

In the Hindu faith. it is the duty of the parents and older relations to seek for a suited married woman or hubby to their boy or girl ( Arranged Marriages. 2007 ) . Unlike forced matrimonies. in ordered matrimonies. the boy or girl has the right to decline the pick made by the parents. When such incidences occur. parents have to obey their children’s determinations and hunt for another spouse. In my sentiment. this is similar to an act of unfairness to the boy or girl planning to acquire married. By taking a partner for the adult male or adult female. these twosomes are deprived of their freedom as worlds. In my sentiment. twosomes ought to hold the freedom to take their ain partners. This is because apart from advancing freedom. it besides offers more opportunities for independency. The ground why I am against arranged matrimonies is because these twosomes do non intend what they say when while doing their vows on the nuptials twenty-four hours. Unlike love matrimonies who mean what they say while doing their vows. in ordered matrimonies. these vows are normally said so that the nuptials can be approved ( Ganeshananthan. 2008 ) .

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Harmonizing to Jaiswal ( 2014 ) . whereas physical attractive force is normally the chief factor that one considers while seeking for a partner. this is non the instance for arranged matrimonies. Unlike love matrimonies. arranged matrimonies tend to be more analytical. This is because parents believe that if kids are allowed to take their ain spouses. they are likely to do incorrect picks since alternatively of looking at the bigger image. they are likely to travel in hunt of pleasance. In ordered matrimonies. there are a figure of factors that are put into considerations while taking a partner for the boy or girl planning to acquire married.

For case. apart from the repute of the household and wealth. parents besides consider other factors such as visual aspect. horoscope every bit good as faith and values ( Arranged matrimonies. 2014 ) . In the India faith. these matrimonies start when the kids are kids. After the right spouses are found. a nuptials ceremonial is so conducted but these kids remain with their parents until they attain the right age of matrimony. this is when they move in. In my sentiment. this is rather hazardous. This is because there are high opportunities that one of these honeymooners has changed from the manner he or she was during the nuptials ceremonial.

However. non everybody is against arranged matrimonies. Harmonizing to some people. this type of matrimony is really the best and ought to be embraced by many other faiths every bit good as civilizations. Harmonizing to surveies. arranged matrimonies last longer compared to love matrimonies. This is because twosomes that wedded through arranged matrimonies are less likely to disassociate compared to their opposite numbers in the love matrimonies ( Women’s Web. 2013 ) . Research conducted in India stated that most matrimonies in this state are normally arranged. The survey goes caput to province that whereas the divorce rate in India is every bit low as 1. 1 % . globally it is 6 % ( Women’s Web. 2013 ) . This is rather a little per centum sing the fact that divorces are a common happening in love matrimonies.

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The two common types of matrimonies are love every bit good as arranged matrimonies. Whereas in love matrimony a relationship comes before the matrimony. in ordered matrimony. the nuptials takes topographic point foremost before the relationship commences. Arranged matrimonies are common among the Indian faith. The ground why Indians pattern arranged matrimonies is because Indian parents believe that if this undertaking is given to kids. they are likely to do incorrect picks since they will travel looking for pleasance alternatively of looking at the bigger image. In my sentiment. arranged matrimonies are non the right mode to carry on matrimonies. This is because kids are deprived of the freedom and independency they require as grownups. In my sentiment. love matrimonies are the best since their vows are sincere whereas this is non the instance when it comes to ordered matrimonies.


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