High School Argumentative Essay Topics

As you probably already know, argumentative essay writing is considered a writing genre and can be used for establishing a position on a chosen or given topic. The writer must use arguments to convince readers to see the things from their point of view.

To compose an incredible essay, the writer first needs to explore a few sides of the issue, which will allow them to write an essay filled with information and facts.

At this point, they need to gather proof, including graphics, statistics, insights, and cases from specialists in the theme’s field. The internet can be a great resource of information, as you are likely to find everything about every topic possible, all just a few clicks away.

Do keep in mind, however, that plagiarism is still a major concern for academic materials.


The main reason students are assigned argumentative writing essays is they learn how to influence people’s opinion on a wide range of topics. How to persuade them, and how to bring your point across in the most effective and adequate way.

What makes the difference between a good and a bad argumentative essay?

The best thing you can do if you are assigned with writing an argumentative essay is to write about a topic you know about.
Writing about something you’re familiar with will automatically make the whole process a lot easier, and, most importantly, make it more involving. Writing long essays can quickly get boring, and if that happens, you’re bound to stop paying proper attention to your writing. This will lead to mistakes.

Choosing an emotionally investing topic will let you engage your readers more.

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Emotional investment is one of the best methods to influence opinions your audience might have about a particular topic.

Here are some possible topics you could use for you argumentative writing essay.

  • Should teenagers need their parents’ permission to buy contraceptives?
  • Is the pressure of getting into college too much for teenagers?
  • When is it okay to not hire someone due to their tattoos and piercings?
  • Should prisoners have the right to vote?
  • At what age should parents start talking to their kids about sex?
  • Should teenagers get pocket money?
  • Why should teenagers have to pay for themselves?
  • Why do some teenagers get “out of control?”
  • How much should kids help around the house?
  • Should parents decide how their kids dress?
  • Why do teenagers tend to spend hours playing video games?
  • Are video games addictive?
  • Why are drugs illegal?
  • Should minors be able to get tattoos?
  • Can teenagers help each other when dealing with self-destructive behaviors, like anorexia, self-harm or drug abuse?
  • Do students study better in learning groups?
  • How important are sports in high school?
  • Do you think sex education should be a standard at every high school? Why?
  • What causes the most stress in high school?
  • What is the general view teenagers have of religion?

How to structure an argumentative essay

1st Paragraph: A brief review of the topic, its importance, and what it is about.

Body Paragraphs: The writer should now develop arguments, and support them with evidence and facts. The support can be anecdotal, logical, statistical and factual.

Conclusion: The writer here synthesizes the information shared in the body of the essay, and gives his final opinion/conclusion.

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