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Argumentative Essay Australian Swimmers and Bodysuits: should they be worn in competition? An issue that has been debated recently is weather or non the Olympic jocks should be able to have on the full bodysuits. This argument started in May this twelvemonth. merely before the tests for the swimming squad. who were to vie in the approaching Sydney Olympic games.

The bodysuits are being produced by Speedo and Adidas. They are made out of chiefly Lycra. blended with a figure of other stuffs. Nothing that could assist an athlete darnel. They are intended to cut down the retarding force in the H2O and back up the swimmers musculuss while in gesture. There are no concealed fins. motors or propellors. There are certain manners of the swimwear. Full organic structure. merely legs. long legs and no weaponries. and all of them have been approved by the FINA ( international amateur swimming association ) and bit by bit by the CAS ( tribunal of arbitration for athletics ) Even after all these organisations have given the O.K. for the swimwears to be used and declared that the swimmer isn’t cheating by have oning one. people still complain that these swimwears are unjust and shouldn’t be used. Australian swimming title-holder. Kieren Perkins said. “Swimming is non about those with the best scientists rushing for each other. ” But still people are reasoning that these bodysuits are giving an unjust advantage to those who wear them.

Wearing these bodysuits is no different to have oning the mean swimwear. It is non as if it has small propellors or fins forcing them through the pool and in front of all the other swimmers. These bodysuits don’t come with a “Win your race or your money cheerfully refunded” notice attached to it.

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The swimmers still need to utilize the same sum of power and attempt to impel themselves down the pool as all the other swimmers do. If anything have oning these new swimwears would be like have oning an excess brace of apparels. If you’ve of all time tried swimming in apparels so you would recognize that it a batch harder.

Grant Hackett. another Australia swimming title-holder. said that. “The suit makes me experience better. it makes me believe I’m traveling through the H2O faster. The psychological encouragement is astonishing. ” I believe that anything that boosts someone’s assurance and makes them experience better can’t be bad.

If other states and swimmers are so disquieted about being beaten by person have oning a new bodysuit. why don’t they get their swimmers to have on them every bit good? They have been approved so it shouldn’t affair if they do or don’t.

One of the Olympic symbols is the dove. This besides is a mark of peace. The Olympics aren’t meant to be for debating. If it was people wouldn’t find it as interesting. The Olympics is about athleticss and sportsmanship. Peoples shouldn’t be reasoning approximately something every bit fiddling as a swimwear that has already been approved by all the large swimming and Olympics organisations.

All the people who are so concerned about conditions or non it is rip offing. won’t truly be basking the Olympics. They won’t be heartening the Olympians on. They will be waiting for one of the swimmers to acquire disqualified so they can state. “I told you so. ” It’s people like these that wreak big events for everybody else. Everybody should sit back and hearten their state on and bask all the difficult work that has been put into bring forthing an event like this.

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In decision. I believe that Australian swimmers should hold the right to take conditions or non they wear the bodysuit. If they choose to have on it. it doesn’t mean they are rip offing in anyway at all. They are making what gives them an excess encouragement of assurance to do them win that race. And holding an athlete win a decoration for Australia. at an Olympics. without rip offing or being on drugs isn’t anything to kick about.