Application of Social Sciences in Human Life Essay Sample

Social Sciences concern people’s relationship and interactions with one another. Sociology can be defined as the scientific discipline that trades with human relationship. It is the survey of how human existences relate with each other. how each person relationship has been influenced by other people and forms which are formed out of their synergistic relationships. Sociology emphasizes group relationships and entire societal environment. Sociology surveies human behavior in a different manner from other academic attacks. It is widely applicable in all domains of human life like economic sciences. jurisprudence. anthropology. history. sociology. political scientific discipline. Sociology is considered as female parent of societal scientific disciplines. Hence there is a close and intimate relationship between sociology and other societal scientific disciplines. A multi-disciplinary field. Sociology draws from a assortment of other societal scientific disciplines. including anthropology. political scientific discipline. psychological science and economic sciences. Many relatively new Fieldss such as communicating surveies. cultural surveies. human ecology and literacy theory. pull upon methods that originated in sociology.

Sociology and History are so closely related that authors like Von-Bulow have refused to admit Sociology as a scientific discipline distinct from History. History is the record of the life of societies of work forces. of the alterations which the societies have gone through. of the thoughts which have determined the actions of these societies and of the stuff conditions which have helped or hindered their development. It surveies the assorted phases of life. manners of life imposts. manners and their look in the signifier of societal establishments. Sociology is concerned with the survey of the historical development of the societies. G. H. Howard even remarked that History is past Sociology and Sociology is present History. G. E. C Catlin remarked that Political Science and Sociology are two faces or facets of same figure. Political Science is a subdivision of societal scientific discipline covering with the rules of organisation and authorities of human society. It deals with the societal groups organized under the crowned head of the province.

It’s justly said that without the sociological background the survey of Political Science will be uncomplete. Sociology portions a stopping point. confidant and personal relationship with economic sciences as economic relationships bear a close relation to societal activities and relationships. Likewise Social relationships besides affected by economic relationships. Economic activates to a great extent are societal activities. Thomas even remarked that Economics is. in fact. but one subdivision of Sociology. The relationship between Sociology and Anthropology is so close that Anthropologists see Sociology and Anthropology as twin sisters. Sociology is concerned with the association of human existences. It is a scientific discipline that trades with societal groups. Anthropology is concerned with survey of man’s a scientific discipline of adult male. it deals with adult male. his plant and his behaviour.

R. Redfield even commented that they appear to be two names for the same topic. Sociology and psychological science has so closely interlinked that psychologists like Karl Pearson garbage to accept both as a particular scientific discipline. Sociology is a scientific discipline of societal phenomenon and societal relationship. It is a scientific discipline of corporate behaviour analyzing human behaviour in groups. Psychology is a scientific discipline of head or mental procedures. It is a scientific discipline of human behavior that analyses attitudes. emotions. perceptual experiences. procedure of larning and procedure of formality formation in society. Sociology receives from psychological science and without aid of psychological science ; Sociology can non understand itself to the full and decently. Applicability of Social Sciences in footings of some of the undermentioned facet of the human life: Anthropology

Political Science

Application of Social Science or Sociology in Anthropology:
Illustration and Examples
1 ) Introduction
1. 1 ) What is Anthropology?
Etymologically. Anthropology means the survey of scientific discipline of world. Harmonizing to the Oxford lexicon. Anthropology is the survey of world. yesteryear and nowadays. The word “Anthropology” has been derived from two Grecian words anthropos which means human and logia which mean survey. which makes Anthropology the survey of world. The survey of anthropology includes the survey of human civilizations and societies. the survey of their behavior. their beliefs. and their manner of lasting since the origin of the human kin. 1. 2 ) Definitions of Anthropology

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Different Anthropologists have at times given different definitions of the scientific discipline which makes it easy for us to hold a clear apprehension of the scientific discipline. Some of them are quoted below: – “Anthropology is the survey of world. Of all the subjects that examine facets of human being and achievements. merely Anthropology explores the full view of the human experience from human beginnings to modern-day signifiers of civilization and societal life. “1 Anthropologists attempt to reply the inquiry: “how can one explicate the diverseness of human civilizations that are presently found on Earth and how have they evolved? ” Given that we will hold to alter instead quickly within the following coevals or two this is a really pertinent inquiry for anthropologists. 2 Anthropology is the survey of human diverseness around the universe. Anthropologists look at cross-cultural differences in societal establishments. cultural beliefs. and communicating manners. They frequently seek to advance understanding between groups by “translating” each civilization to the other. for case by spelling out common. taken-for-granted premises.

Anthropology seeks to bring out rules of behavior that apply to all human communities. To an anthropologist. diverseness itself-seen in organic structure forms and sizes. imposts. vesture. address. faith. and worldview-provides a frame of mention for understanding any individual facet of life in any given community. 4 “Anthropology is the survey of people. In this subject. people are considered in all their biological and cultural diversenesss. in the present every bit good as in the prehistoric yesteryear. and wherever people have existed. Students are introduced to the interaction between people and their environments to develop an grasp of human versions past and present. “5 “Anthropology is the lone subject that can entree grounds about the full human experience on this planet. “6 Anthropology is devoted to the survey of human existences and human societies as they exist across clip and infinite. It is distinguishable from other societal scientific disciplines in that it gives cardinal attending to the full clip span of human history. and to the full scope of human societies and civilizations. including those located in historically marginalized parts of the universe. It is hence particularly attuned to inquiries of societal. cultural. and biological diverseness. to issues of power. individuality. and inequality. and to the apprehension of dynamic procedures of societal. historical. ecological. and biological alteration over clip. 7

1. 3 ) Summarizing up the definitions
So many different definitions have been given to explicate this scientific discipline of the survey of world and some they quoted above. But if we closely oversee them. all these definitions come up at a same decision. though utilizing different words that Anthropology is the survey of world that seeks to bring out rules of behavior that apply to all human communities and examine facets of human being and achievements. A survey that tries to reply how one can explicate the diverseness of human civilizations that are presently found on Earth and how have they evolved? 2 ) Relationship between sociology and Anthropology

Anthropologist Kroeber stated both Sociology and Anthropology are like duplicate sisters. 8 Harmonizing to Robert Redfield. he told that by sing the whole United States. one can see that the dealingss between sociology and anthropology are closer than those between Anthropology and Political Science that is partially due to greater similarity in ways of work. Both Anthropology and Sociology are general scientific disciplines. Like Sociologists Anthropologists are solicitous about world. their races civilizations and usage and non with peculiar adult male. There are a batch of similarities between the two scientific disciplines. A figure of them include society. civilization. household faith. societal stratification. etc. Sociology surveies the current human society. their imposts and civilizations whereas Anthropology traces the development of human race. and surveies. the crude people and their civilization. Anthropology. in fact. has many subdivisions one of which exclusively trades with society and is called Social Anthropology. 2. 1 ) Social Anthropology

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Social Anthropology takes adult male as a societal being. It is said that ‘social anthropology surveies. in societal state of affairss. the behavior of adult male. ’ Some sociologists say that Social Anthropology and sociology in a sense are more or less same and some respect it as a subdivision of sociology. Had there merely been the similarities between the two scientific disciplines. so they would hold been the same. But the fact that both the scientific disciplines are studied under different names insinuate that despite these similarities some differences must besides be bing between the scientific disciplines that make us analyze them otherwise. The differences between Sociology and Anthropology are as follows: – a. Anthropology surveies the crude preliterate human race. their civilization and their development on the other manus Sociology is concerned with the human race. society. civilization and usage in present context. b. Sociologists manage with the second-hand information. while anthropologists depend upon the first-hand cognition. c. Anthropology is concerned with the past whereas sociology is concerned with the present and is profoundly concerned with the hereafter of societal establishments. Despite these differences there are some bookmans who do non hold to analyze the scientific disciplines under different names and see both as a individual topic.

Application of Social Sciences or Sociology in Political Science: Illustrations and Examples
1 ) Introduction
As a female parent of societal scientific disciplines Sociology has near and adumbrate relationship with all other societal scientific discipline. Hence it has near relationship with political scientific discipline every bit good. Their relationship is so close and confidant that led G. E. C. Catlin to note “Political Science and Sociology are two faces or facets of the same figure. “9 Similarly other bookmans could non happen any difference between the two subjects. Sociology is a Science of society. It is a scientific discipline of societal groups and societal establishments. It is a general scientific discipline of society. It surveies human interaction and inter-relations their conditions and effects. Political Science is a scientific discipline of province and Government. It surveies power. political procedures. political systems. types of authorities and international dealingss. It deals with societal groups organized under the crowned head of the province. In the words of Paul Junket. “Political Science is that portion of societal scientific discipline which treats the foundation of the province and rules of authorities. “10 It surveies the political activities of adult male. It merely surveies the organized society. However their inter-relationship and inter-dependence can be known from inter­dependence and common relationship. Traditional political scientific discipline has had three chief facets:

1. Descriptive: Histories of the formal organisation of cardinal and local authorities and historical surveies of development of such organisation 2. Practical: The survey of current jobs of organisation. process. etc. 3. Philosophic: The mingling of descriptive and appraising statements in what is called. in a wide sense. political theory

In most political scientific discipline of this sort there has been small effort at generalisation beyond that which is involved in an simple categorization of the types of political government. mostly in footings of their formal features. Sociology depends on political scientific discipline. In the words of Morris Ginsberg. “Historically Sociology has its chief roots in political relations and doctrine of history. “11 Sociology greatly benefited by the books written by political scientists like Plato. Aristotle and Kautilya such as The Republic. The Politics and Arthasastra severally. Each and every societal job has a political cause. Political Science is a portion of sociology. Hence sociology depends on political scientific discipline to grok itself. To understand different political events sociology takes the aid from political scientific discipline. Sociology to pull its decisions depends on political scientific discipline. Any alteration in the political system or nature of power construction brings alterations in society. Hence Sociology takes the aid of political scientific discipline to understand the alterations in society. Hence both are inter-dependent. Similarly political scientific discipline besides depends on Sociology.

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Political Science is a portion of sociology. To understand the portion it is necessary to understand the whole. Almost all political jobs have a societal cause and for the solution of these political jobs political scientific discipline takes the aid of sociology. State frames its regulations. ordinances and Torahs on the footing of societal imposts. tradition and values. Without Sociological background the survey of political scientific discipline will be uncomplete. Political Scientists mostly benefited by the researches and research methods of the Sociologist. Some consider political scientific discipline as a subdivision of Sociology. State is considered as a societal group hence is a topic of Sociology. Besides. there are some common subjects which are being studied by both the topics. These subjects are War. Propaganda. authorization. communal public violences and jurisprudence. With the aid of both political scientific discipline and sociology a new topic comes into being which is known as political sociology. Some political events like war are besides important societal events. Thus both political scientific discipline and sociology contribute to each other. But inspite of their inter-relationship and inter-dependence both the scientific disciplines differ from each other in the undermentioned manner. 2 ) Differences

Sociology is the scientific discipline of society ; Political Science is the scientific discipline of province. Gilchrist says. “Sociology surveies Man as a societal being and as political organisation. it is a particular sort of societal organisation ; Political Science is a more specialised scientific discipline than Sociology. “12 The range of Sociology is wider than that of Political Science. The range of political scientific discipline is much wider than that of Political Science. Political scientific discipline surveies the province and authorities merely. whereas Sociology surveies all the societal establishments. Sociology trades with societal adult male. Political scientific discipline trades with political adult male. Sociology being the scientific discipline of society trades with adult male and all his associated procedures. while political Science being the scientific discipline of the Political society is concerned with merely one signifier of human associations.

Sociology is a general scientific discipline ; Political Science is a particular scientific discipline. Political organisations are a particular sort of societal organisation and that is why Political Science is a particular scientific discipline while Sociology is a general scientific discipline. Sociology is the survey of both organized and unorganised communities. Political Science trades with organized communities merely. Sociology trades with both organized and unorganised communities whereas Political Science is concerned merely with organized communities. As such sociology is anterior to Political scientific discipline. Sociology trades with unconscious activities besides. Unlike Political Science which treats merely witting activities of adult male. Sociology treats unconscious activities of adult male besides. There is a difference in attack in the sense that Political Science starts with the premise that adult male is a political being. Sociology goes behind this premise and attempts to explicate how and why adult male became a political being.