AP Green Analysis Rewrite Essay Sample

Alfred M. Green’s address is aimed to convert African Americans to be relentless in seeking to enlist in the Union ground forces during the Civil War. although they were non yet permitted to make so. To get down his address. Green entreaties to the nationalism of the African Americans. He wants them to turn out to the remainder of the universe that while their state has treated them below the belt. what with bondage and segregation. they are still willing to contend and perchance decease for it in hopes of one twenty-four hours being accepted.

Harmonizing to Green. merely a adult male who truly possesses nationalism would contend for his state even after being wronged by it. In add-on. Green references that although past efforts at being accepted as equal citizens failed for other African Americans including Washington during the Revolution and Jackson in the War of 1812. merely giving up the dream would disgrace the glorification that was achieved by their sires.

Green so moves on to speak about past “injuries” caused to African Americans. such as the Dred Scott determination and fugitive-slave Torahs. in order to demo that he is cognizant of the adversities they had to digest. He so says that it would be best non to sorrow over these agonies any longer. but instead allow it animate them to desire to go on to seek and enlist in the ground forces. so that African Americans could one twenty-four hours be tolerated civilly and sacredly by America.

Towards the terminal of his address. Green begins to appeal to the spiritual positions of the work forces. Since most African Americans at this clip were Christians. Green adverting that their God was “the God of truth. justness and equality to all men” made them experience obligated to desire to assist out in the war. He wanted them to “ [ trust ] in God” that He will protect them while in conflict.

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This address made by Green had a immense consequence on the credence of African Americans into the ground forces and into American society.