Analysis On The Case Of 3D Television Marketing Essay

The basic aims underlying for analysing the instance that we have prepared on 3D Television prevarications in understanding the instance from different positions, viz. engineering, consumer, concern and market.

Is it traveling to be riotous engineering?

As we know from the history of telecasting, how one engineering has taken over other. In the current scenario, 3D engineering is playing cardinal function in telecasting market. Harmonizing to a consultancy company, In-Stat ‘s, 3D consumer study shows that 64 percentA of consumers are at least slightly interested in 3D in the place. For those who have seen a 3D film in the last 12 months, the per centum increases to 76 per centum. ” From this we predict that over the following few old ages at that place will be important alteration happening in the digital amusement industry.

In order to gain/enjoy market success of this, new invention will be more dependent on pulling early adoptive parents of engineering. But, it is hard for 3DTV to going chief watercourse anytime shortly if at all. Because 3D content is an issue, the other one is I can non conceive of we are all have oning 3D spectacless at place, can you? And the cost is manner excessively high.

Even though, makers are taking to maintain costs merely somewhat above high-end LED/LCD theoretical accounts, maintain in head still it would be expensive comparison to the bing Television ‘s. This will decelerate overall acceptance rates, and be difficult to get down for infinite consumers who ‘ve merely purchased a new set within the last 12-18 months. To acquire true 3D content, you ‘ll besides necessitate entree to 3D broadcast scheduling and/or a 3D Blu-ray participant and 3D films, plus 3D spectacless, which wo n’t come cheap.

However, it is expected that this engineering will take longer to make the point of true mainstream impregnation, transitioning over a period of clip ( the same as from black and white sets to colour ) . And, for that affair, predict that the class needs to germinate well before it becomes the retail steamroller and technological revolution that telecasting makers hope.

Finally, 3D engineerings that are being developed by assorted makers that is compatible with regular 2D content. It would take minimal three old ages to come in mainstream market and to go riotous engineering due to presently there is non a batch of content designed for 3D Television. “ Television Stationss and production companies must concentrate on bring forthing high definition plans for this engineering and have no immediate demand to follow the gait of 3D plans due to limited audience, ” .

In decision, there are strong chances that 3D Television will be riotous in coming old ages, but there are besides many restrictions that hinder it to be riotous. Many large companies are already into the 3D Television production, but it depends upon the consumers how they will comprehend this engineering. As portion of our analysis, we decidedly believe that it wo n’t halter gross revenues of 2D for few old ages, but we doubt that it may or may non be riotous after certain old ages. Let ‘s delay and ticker.

3D Television Technology – A Radical or an Incremental Invention?

The economic ( fight ) position:

Extremist Invention: Consequences in a merchandise that is extremely superior to bing merchandises rendering them ( bing merchandises ) non-competitive.

Incremental Invention: Allows bing merchandises to remain competitory.

The organisational position:

Extremist Invention: Technological cognition required to work it is really different from bing cognition, bing cognition will be disused – competency destroying.

Incremental Invention: The cognition required to offer a merchandise builds on bing cognition – competency enhancing.

Extremist Innovation is radical. Incremental Innovation, on the other manus, is evolutionary. Most innovation these yearss is incremental in nature.

3D Television is an Incremental Invention instead than Extremist Innovation since it is non based on a wholly new engineering, but an sweetening of antecedently available engineering. The market for 3D Television is based on technological push instead than market pull. The footing to this is that there was no old market demand for such engineering being driven into places, except that there was a fad for 3D films. It still has to be seen if the success of 3D films ( like Avatar ) can be translated into market portion for 3D Television engineering ( conveying the 3D experience place ) .

What is the position of 3D Television engineering acceptance?

Technology Adoption and Diffusion

The acceptance and diffusion of the 3DTV engineering can be related to the undermentioned theoretical lessons from the category.

Normal distribution of Adoptive parents

The normal distribution curve for adoptive parents ( Figure 1 ) represents the groups of people who adopt the new engineering at different times. It comprises of the pioneers, early adoptive parents, early bulk, late bulk and the laggards.3DTV engineering

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Figure 1: Normal distribution Curve for Adopters

3DTV engineering is presently in the unstable stage of invention. The engineering is non yet standardized. Different companies use their ain engineering to bring forth 3DTV. These merchandises are presently really expensive as good. Merely the hazard inauspicious groups who are brainsick about the engineering take the hazard to pay extortionate monetary values for this engineering. The purchasing populace has non yet accepted the new engineering and would wait for the monetary values to be just. Sing these factors, we analyze that the engineering is in the beginning of the early adoptive parents phase ( as shown by the shaded part in figure 1 ) .

The monetary value is expected to come down to a sensible rate by the fourth one-fourth of 2011.The tendency is so likely to switch from the early adoptive parents to the early market phase and will get down to come in the mass market.

At present, the 3DTV engineering is in its initial phases and has non developed plenty to turn out its consumer public-service corporation that could catch the market. With gradual betterments in the engineering, the obstructions to entry will be overcome. Technological inventions will increase the public-service corporation and diminish the monetary value, thereby increasing the value of the merchandise ( refer figure 2 ) . At this phase the gross revenues will increase.

Figure 2: Relation between Utility, Price and Cost

Researchs on 3DTV acceptance show an increasing tendency for the gross revenues of 3D Television in the coming old ages. The market research company Insight Media, has forecasted the one-year gross revenues of 3D Television to be about 5o million units by 2015 ( mention figure 3 ) .

hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20Forecast % 20- % 20March % 202010- % 20IM-6 % 20copy.jpg

Beginning: Insight Media

Figure 3: Worldwide Expected 3DTV Forecast

The graph shows the worldwide expected Television gross revenues from 2008 to 2015. The acceptance degree of 3D Television was every bit low as 521 1000 in 2008 ( 1 ) . An upward tendency begins from 2010 onwards, meaning an accelerated market growing in the coming old ages. This would be the take off phase and the market section would switch from the early adoptive parent to early bulk section in the acceptance bell curve during this period. However a standardised installment base has to be setup with proper substructures for the distribution of the 3D content, before it enters the mass market. Hence it may take another 7 to 10 old ages for the 3D Television engineering to come in the mass market and go a dominant design.

Is it a engineering push or market pull?

It should non be surprising to cognize that 3D Television really was a flop engineering in the past decennary. Nevertheless, the large companies are coming up with 3D Television one time once more this twelvemonth get the better ofing the failing of old 3D Television. After the immense success of Avatar, it was interesting to see these companies unwraping their programs to fabricate 3D Television. More than that, companies are besides bring forthing 3D cameras, 3D picture cameras that could ease consumers to do a 3D content in easiness. More figure of films, episodes, channels are projected to be launched really shortly. All these prospect the success of 3D Television.

But there has been no such survey sing the demand of 3D Television done by any company though statistics and consumers responses shows the higher gross revenues in close hereafter. We believe 3D Television to be engineering push instead than market pull. Market has been hyped in a manner that compels consumers to seek 3D Television.

What could be the obstructions for 3D Television to perforate the market?

Up to show, 3D Television is still a new engineering that has non yet widely used by the mass society, as it merely hit the early adapter phase. It is a merchandise that major participants in the electronic industry such as Panasonic, Samsung, and SONY, are concentrating on development and seek to be a leader, for a ground that they would wish to do their merchandise go a dominant design. It is predicted to be immense in the following 5 twelvemonth ( 2015 ) with the gross revenues of 78 million units.

The best thing of 3D Television offer is world. When you watch 2D Television ( regular Television ) you are watching it. Nevertheless, with 3D Television you are non merely watching, in fact it make you experience as if you are inside the films or games. It is a brilliant experience.

However, every merchandise has its pros & A ; cons, and the barriers that the production houses have to get the better of in order to capture the mass market.

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One of the most indispensable obstructions is cost of 3D Television itself and its auxiliary goods, such as 3D content, spectator spectacless, etc. The market is about monopoly since it is still a new engineering that offers merely by 2-3 houses ; therefore they could put up the high monetary value. In add-on, at nowadays we still need particular spectacless to see 3D Television. Consequently, it is inconvenient and dearly-won for those who household with many household members, and those who would wish to ask for their friends over to bask the amusement. Second, the content of 3D Television is still limited by few plans on overseas telegram Television, and comparing with regular DVD movie manufacturers offer limited pick of VOD to play on 3D Television. Last but non least, the society is still oppugning about the negative consequence on wellness. No study from dependable beginning is launched so far that could vouch that watching 3D Television ( possible few excessively many hours ) is safe for audiences ‘ eyes.

Life manners of people have changed and figure of Personal computer users has significantly increased. In the hereafter, if PC developer could develop similar engineering with 3D Television on Personal computer, it will be the major menace 3D Television bing houses has to face. It would be similar to the impact of digital camera. Thus, 3D Television manufacturers should seek their best to capture the mass market every bit fast as possible to make breakeven of ROI. It is because they will be able to cut down the monetary value, and at the same clip increase the exchanging cost of Personal computer 3D that predicted to finally hit the market in the hereafter.


Harmonizing to this theory, the engineering will be more valuable when it is adopted more, edifice strong web outwardnesss. In other words, the value of a 3D Television to a user increases with the figure of other users of the same or similar product/service. To be specific, 3D Television market is projected to be about around $ 17-billion market, with gross revenues increasing from 200,000 units in 2009 to 64 million units in 2018. The market for 3D Television is merely in initial phase, the makers still needs to work out for few more old ages to make a strong install base in the market. In a recent study, 3.4 million 3D Television are expected to be sold in USA this twelvemonth.

“ While 3D has taken a figure of old ages to perforate in the film theatres, I believe this is the twelvemonth it will get down to come in the place ”

-Jeffrey Katzenberg, the caput of DreamWorks Animation told BBC News

So, consumers already know what 3D Television is, and why it is different from 2D Television. The fabrication companies were really optimistic about consumers ‘ willingness and preparedness to buy 3D Television. If it is so, it will surely construct the strong install base.

Once install base is strong, it is obvious to pull the complimentary goods in the industry. The complimentary goods for 3D Television could be 3D games, colored 3D spectacless, Blu-ray phonograph record films, 3D channels, 3D films and episodes etc which seems to be another immense concern. Sony ‘s first 3D Television will be available in the market from June, but they are already working in complimentary merchandises like – Vaio laptop with 3D capableness, update playstation 3 console that will add support 3D games, 3D camera. Panasonic late showed a digital picture camera that can enter 3D films and Fujifilm has already started selling a camera that can take 3D images and pictures. As stated in study sing coactions between 3D Television makers and 3D channels distributer to establish the 3D channels, and separate broadcast medium of 3D channels by popular channels, it supports the chance for 3D Television to make strong install base, which can be referred to snowball consequence.

Future Analysis: Whether 3D Television will win or neglect?

It was interesting to see large name makers like Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Vizio, Sharp, unwraping their programs to bring forth 3D Television after the tremendous success of James Cameron ‘s blockbuster film, Avatar. So, we may see that there is no point of confusion sing whether 3D will win or non, since large companies have already invested their capital for it. But, it would be wise to see the grounds that 3D Television will win or neglect to the consumers. Our group analysis came up with following grounds:

What are the grounds to win?

One strong ground is, 3D engineerings that are being developed by assorted makers are compatible with regular 2D content. So it would be unwise of makers to do their 3D sets non compatible with conventional 2D content.

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Along with recent progresss in 3D engineering, the cost of shooting and making a digital content in 3D has really decreased, and will diminish in overtime. Sony has late announced to develop individual lens 3D camera, Panasonic to develop twin-lens camcorder, DXG to bring forth personal 3D camcorders.

For childs, it is really exciting for them to watch Television and films in 3D, and in last few old ages 3D alive films oriented for childs has been successful. But, if we take this instance in long tally, these childs are the 1s who buy 3D Television when they have their ain money to buy telecasting set, of class it is many old ages down the line. This may non be the strong ground as other engineering might emerge till that clip.

New 3D Television has been able to get the better of the restrictions posed by the old 3D Television which caused it to neglect. Like – hapless colour fidelity, sickness and concerns, unrealistic 3D etc.

Peoples might state that 3D Television is excessively expensive, but costs go down, non everyone could afford a colour Television at the beginning, nor level screens 12 old ages ago. This merchandise is still at its babyhood, has non received feedbacks from pioneers and early adoptive parents, and has non enjoyed economic systems of graduated table.

More channels are coming up with 3D contents, and the figure of movies being made in 3D has doubled over the last twelvemonth and the tendency is set to go on.

3D is merely another medium, if manager or videographer wants to make something utilizing the 3D medium ; he now has the chance to make so. If non, they can still trust on 2D medium. Actually, both have their pros and cons leting the content Godhead to work them to their advantage. It ‘s non similar 3D engineering should upbeat 2D anyhow.

What are the grounds to neglect?

Despite the ballyhoo and one million millions of hazardous investing, there are certain pessimistic positions towards the success of 3D Television. The following are the grounds ;

In contrast with last point for 3D grounds to win, there are merely limited content where 3D will be effectual like gambling, few 3D suit films. 3D was immense success for Avatar because the film had extraordinary characters, actions and scenes. Imagine you are watching a film of societal play narrative like Reader ; it wo n’t look good at all. For consumers, they would decidedly prefer to watch in 2D. So 3D has really limited market.

The spectacless are obvious burdensome for the 3D Television. Imagine in a group you are watching a football lucifer, it wo n’t be executable and practical to acquire spectacless for all the people. This is one demotivation factor for the 3D Television.

For some, 3D can do freak out or concerns, and it can besides be tiresome after a piece, certain onscreen objects can look blurry and other uncomfortablenesss to the viewing audiences.

Though there is a anticipation that there would be more 3D content in signifiers of channels and films in future, but no 1 is certain whether it will be a hit or floating-point operation.

The huge bulk of the family has already bought HDTV, therefore there will really few people who would be willing to upgrade to 3D Television at least for clip being. Though film theater could bear down higher ticket monetary values, exhibitioners can non afford to do all of their screens 3D- ready.

Finally, 3D is a solution to a job that does n’t be. This is decidedly a engineering push without understanding the existent demand of the consumers. Rather people would prefer better HD in place.


Until and unless you are brainsick about engineering, it would be wise to wait for 3D Television after it reaches dominant design and the monetary value is right for the consumers. 3D content will be rare for clip being, makers would bear down premium monetary value for spectacless, Television and other cogwheels. To sum up our analysis portion, we still doubt that 3D Television would be riotous, its invention is incremental, the market acceptance is between pioneer and early adoptive parent, it is a engineering push, there are certain grounds that would be hard for 3D Television to perforate the market, there are increasing attempts to bring forth complimentary merchandises, and there still is doubt whether this engineering will win or neglect.