Analysis of the Images of Mind in Society Essay

In our society. there are different images. icons and symbols of the head. and one set of this are those that are portrayed by swots and geeks. These types of symbols are popularly seen in films and telecasting shows. By definition. a swot is “a individual who is resolved or accomplished in scientific or proficient chases but is felt to be socially awkward ( Nerd 2009 ) . ” Harmonizing to this article. it bears a derogative intension or stereotype. In telecasting shows and films. the swots are the 1s who are frequently ostracized by the more popular crowd.

In this image ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. dougweb. org/images/blog/ Nerd_of_the_Year_2001. jpg ) . swots are shown as holding large oculus spectacless and are socially awkward. It can be seen in the image that they seem to be a express joying stock since they “do non acquire laid. ” I believe that people of intelligence are portrayed like this because merely a little per centum of population has merely been made intelligent. or merely a little per centum of people are willing to give their societal image to prosecute an enterprise ( most particularly academic 1s ) .

Because they are little in figure. what they are making is non popular to others. By making these things. intelligent people do non acquire asked in proms and other societal activities. This can besides be seen in the show the Big Bang Theory. where the chief characters are intellectuals ( theoretical physicists ) . It is shown in this series that they are socially awkward. and do non cognize how to cover with misss ( Picture: hypertext transfer protocol: //editorial. sidereel. com/Images/Pages/big_bang_theory. jpg ) . Other images/symbols of the head that is portrayed in society are the Ivy League schools and the professors at that place.

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It shows that extremely intelligent people need to hold an exceeding environment where they could hone their accomplishments. Besides. these sorts of schools have high criterions because non all pupils have the rational capacity to persist in these sorts of schools. These schools are needed to bring forth exceeding work and researches and superb heads that could be helpful in bettering the society. List of References “Nerd” The Free Dictionary. com. Available from & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nerd & gt ; [ 22 July 2009 ]