Analysis of Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” Essay Sample

The verse form I have chosen to compose a elaborate description and reading of is Maya Angelou’s ‘Still I Rise’ . In analyzing the chosen verse form I will be sing the ways in which my ain cognition. experience and cultural individuality might hold an influence in the manner I have read and interpreted the verse form.

This verse form is really strong and powerful. as a reader I can feel this in the rubric of the verse form. ‘still I rise’ . If the reader does non cognize the beginning of the writer I guess that it will be difficult to state what the verse form is really approximately and whom it is targeted to. We find the reply to whom the verse form is written about in the last stanza ( where it mentions ‘slaves’ ‘ancestors’ ) ; from this I could state that it is a verse form about the writer herself who is a black African American adult females and the painful yesteryear of black people. I would state that the verse form reflects the rise of the position of black people in America every bit good as other states. In the first poetry the rhythmic form is of a regular 9. 7. 9. syllable form until the last line where the form of the syllables change to 6. ‘²But ^Still. | 0/00like Shdust. |

I find this verse form rather amusing and sarcastic in the manner Maya asks inquiries within the verse form poetries. These inquiries. with no uncertainty. I would state are asked to the ‘white people’ or the ‘haters’ of the beginning the writer is. ‘Does my sassiness upset you? ’ ‘Why are you beset with somberness? ’ I suppose Maya is being some what playful in inquiring these inquiries. because she knows she is affluent and she knows that she has come along manner every bit good as the black people in America. to inquire these inquiries in a playful manner. to the people who do non appreciate her and besides who are surprised of the success she has reached.

There are many multisyllabic words in each of the poetries and there is a rhythmic flow of the verse form as I read it out loud to myself. . The 2nd poetry has a regular beat form of 8. 7. 8. 7. syllable lines. which is besides the same for poetries four. five and seven. the remainder of the poetries seem to hold some type of syllable sound form to them. but non every bit regular as poetries four. five and seven. This is shown in the 3rd poetry for blink of an eye. The first and 3rd line both have a steady metrical flow of six syllables where the words ‘moons’ and ‘suns’ are stressed. the 3rd line has a line of seven syllables. where the words ‘hopes’ and ‘high’ are stressed. when reading the poetry I thought that the 4th line would be the same ( but it wasn’t ) . The 4th line contains three syllables. ‘²Still | ^I’ll 0/00rise’ . this stops the flow of poetry in a sudden manner which makes that line stand out ; in a manner that line is the focal point of that poetry therefore being deliberately structured like so ; in this line the emphasis is chiefly on the ‘Still’ and ‘Rise’ .

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The bold yet playful inquiries Maya asks are shown in the first lines of each poetries of four. five and seven. ‘Does my arrogance offend you? ’ ‘Does my sexiness upset you? ’ ‘Did you want to see me interrupt? ’ The replies Maya gives to these rhetorical inquiries applied are really nonliteral and slightly amusing. An illustration of this is in the 2nd stanza. ‘Cause I walk like I’ve got oil Wellss. Pumping in my life room. ’ evidently that cant be true. but it’s a really good manner the simile is used to give a description of how the writer carry’s herself and how she is shown to others eyes. If I had oil Wellss pumping in my life room. I suppose I would walk around as if I haven’t a attention in the universe. with my caput up high ; so I understand how that certain line compares to how the writer. or successful black people carry them egos. Again in poetry five the usage of a simile. as a description of how the writer acts is understood. ‘Cause I laugh like I have gold mines.

Diging in my back yard’ . Obviously she hasn’t got gilded mines in her back pace. but when I was reading this line I was conceive ofing how a individual would express joy if they did hold gold mines in their back pace ; rather loud with your oral cavity broad unfastened I believe. Looking at the 4th line of verse seven ‘That I dance like I have diamonds in the meeting of my thighs’ . I thought. how would one dance as if they have diamonds at the meeting of their thighs? Once once more I had to conceive of myself really holding expensive diamonds between my legs. ( what a idea ) . I suppose I would desire everyone to see them. so I would dance in a sexy and provocative manner so that my diamonds can be seen ; therefore coming back to the beginning of this poetry. ‘Does my sexiness upset you?

Does it come to a surprise that I dance like I’ve …’ . The usage of similes are rather obvious when I was reading this verse form particularly in the last lines of poetries one and two. ‘But still. like dust. I’ll rise. ’ ‘But still. like air. I’ll rise. ’ Both of the similes. dust and air do rise. Air rises around us and dust rises when disturbed. Air gives a sense of elating feeling. as a consequence Maya is lifting experiencing invigorated and light ; dust on the other manus gave me the sense of awake cape or ‘not dead yet’ . feeling. which dust has when it is awaken from its resting topographic point. whether it be on the mantle piece or on a tabular array ; dust does non decease but is ever about and rises when provoked ( or cleaned off from the mantle piece or tabular array ) to demo that its still at that place.

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The whole verse form has a feeling of blithe temper. yet strength contained in the words and metaphorical and nonliteral ways in which Maya has introduced these to the reader. I did some background reading on the life of Maya and found that she had a really tough upbringing. being black and female and besides from a dysfunctional household this I believe has made her what she is today. a really strong and gifted adult females. due to the fact that she grew up and took on duties so immature in her life and gained so much cognition from being independent and immature. From reading the verse form I can possibly understand why the strong and emotional words are used. This verse form. to me. suggests that Maya has gone through difficult times in her life chiefly due to the fact that she is a black female. I presume that people have called her names and set her down but this has non affected her at all. she merely gets over this and pushes her illustriousness in her enemy’s or haters faces.

In the 6th poetry I came across three of import and strong verbs that are used in the first. 2nd and 3rd lines. ‘you may hit me with your words. You may cut me with your eyes. You may kill me with your obnoxiousness. ’ This is a good illustration of the metaphors used in this verse form. To hit some one with words would be to state hateful. speedy and hurtful things to a individual ( This is how I imagined it when I read this poetry ) ; the slugs of a gun shoot out quick and make hurt. even kill. depending on how the gun is aimed. as a consequence the word ‘shoot’ . I found was a good metaphor to utilize every bit good as the other two words ‘kill’ and cut’ ; these words intend injury.

The last poetry is a entire alteration compared to the manner the other poetries in the verse form are structured. As it is the last poetry I feel that this has been made the concluding and most overdone poetry of all. This poetry contains beat. riming lines. repeat and metaphorical utilizations all in merely that one last poetry ; its as if Maya structured this poetry with purpose to hold that consequence on the reader. and do them believe that what of all time signifier of construction the other poetries may hold been losing. this poetry has it all. As said earlier in the verse form I talked about the rhyming form in the lines of this poetry and how the vowels are stressed in each word. Its in this poetry that I found out the chief point of the verse form. which is about black bondage and how black people have suffered so much hurting and panic in the yesteryear but still have risen from this. through the many coevalss. The two syllable word ‘I rise’ are the two words in this poetry that stand out and interrupt the regular form of the beat and rime within the poetry. these two words are repeated through out this verse form and particularly in this poetry.

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The 5th sixth and seven lines are really interesting. the first thing that sprung to mind was a moving ridge of black people turning and distributing. which coincides with the three lines. ‘I’m the black ocean. spring and broad. welling and swelling I bear in the tide’ . The manner I have interpreted these two lines is. the black ocean being the huge sum of black people interrupting free and dispersing broad and far through out the universe ; the words welling and swelling suggest the increasing figure of black people. The 7th line. ‘Leaving behind darks of panic and fear’ . can mean how the black Africans have shown their success in the universe by. keeping their caputs up high. despite the panic and enduring their household and ascendants may hold gone through in the yesteryear.

The 9th eleventh and 12th line concludes the last poetry and the verse form as a whole. ‘Into daybreak that’s wonderfully clear. I rise’ . this line indicates how the black Africans every bit good as Maya herself have risen into a clear and bright life ; the words ‘daybreak’ and ‘clear’ suggests this to me while I was reading this poetry. The 12th line implies that Maya and all exultant black Africans are the dreams and hopes of what the slaves used to hanker for. This verse ends with the usage of repeat clearly shown. ‘I rise. I rise. I rise. What I thought. as I read this portion. was that Maya has shown to us through this verse form. that how no affair what is said to her she shows everyone that nil can halt her from being a successful individual. despite her black roots. The last three lines suggest that this self-sense of winning feeling within the African black community in the universe. is still lifting. I find the stoping of the verse form has a unfastened stoping. significance that the words. ‘I rise’ seems to portray a none immediate stoping in the decisions of the verse form ; to lift is to go up higher to god knows where. possibly infinite. so at that place fore the last three lines represent the addition of the freedom of black people and the addition of Maya Angelou’s success till… God knows when!