Analysis essay of the film “Falling Down” Essay

The movie Falling Down is about a adult male named Bill that loses control of his choler and defeat when confronted with typical mundane emphasis. He has reached his breakage point and loses his cool every bit good as his sense of ego. The film demonstrates illustrations of both cultural and societal issues. Cultural issues explored by this film are the being of subcultures and countercultures in metropolis life. The film takes topographic point in Los Angeles. California that is mostly populated by Mexicans and Oriental migrators. The supporter. played by Michael Douglas. brushs and oriental adult male that owns a local mini marketplace and two Mexican pack members. The oriental adult male represents the subculture and the pack members represent the counterculture. The societal issues are reflected through gender dealingss. racial dealingss. and anomie. every bit good as traffic and force. This movie has great accent on the societal facet. The movie places these factors in the context of a societal scene with cultural influences.

Social stratification plays a minor function in this film. The lone valid illustration of it is in the scenes affecting the constabulary officers. There is a rank system within the field of constabulary work and the peculiar ranks are respected. Gender roles play a slightly larger function within the context of the chief character. There is a moderate sum of interaction between the supporter and his ex-wife. However. the communications between them is brief and tense. The ex-wife frights him because of his unmanageable pique. Bill. nevertheless. speaks to her under the disenchantment that they are still a household.

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Race and ethnicity are of import aspects of the narrative line. The first meeting is between the supporter and the oriental adult male that owns the local mini marketplace. After abandoning his auto in a traffic jam. Bill goes to the payphone to name his married woman. He realizes that he doesn’t have adequate alteration and goes to the mini marketplace to alter a dollar measure. The oriental adult male tells him he must do a purchase in order to acquire alteration. He opts to purchase a coca-cola. The oriental adult male tells him the coke will be him $ 0. 85. Bill is really disturbed because this will non give him adequate alteration to do the phone call. He feels cheated because a alien is soaking him to purchase American goods.

At the terminal of the scene. he has his first effusion and amendss many of the goods and merchandises and so buys the sodium carbonate at a sensible monetary value. This scene besides illustrates the chief characters current societal function as a consumer. The following meeting is with the Mexican pack members who threaten him in the name of district. They look and communicate otherwise non merely because they are Latino. but because they have their ain internal communicating system within the pack members. He uses the wooden chiropteran that he took from the mini marketplace to physically support himself against the pack members. The scene contains his 2nd effusion.

The movie takes topographic point in a metropolis much like Miami. The temper in the metropolitan metropolis is really busy. fast-paced. defensive. and stressed. The movie opens in a scene where the supporter is “trapped” in his auto while stuck in traffic due to route building. This is really typical of life here in Miami. The issues raised by the movie are comparative to the Miami life style. Many of us can associate to the defeat we feel when stuck in traffic caused by roadwork during first-come-first-serve hr. We can besides associate to the volume of stores and eating houses owned by aliens and the of all time -growing concern with rising prices.

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This movie seems to hold been designed to entertain viewing audiences. However. it has some cardinal societal elements that express to the spectator about the sociology of urban life. This movie encourages critical thought to those who are willing to analyze this movie for its true societal value. Unfortunately. most people view this movie for amusement intents and do non do the clip to read into it. It seems that the overall public reaction is that this film reflects the societal nor. and that it will be accepted as such. Within that province of head. people would see the movie as a contemplation of modern times and non inquire. “What we can make about it? “