Analysis comparison of two poems Essay Sample

“A dream within a dream” is a dream verse form written by Edgar Allan Poe while the verse form of a bed of cloud was written by Ashley L. Mayt. Both verse forms are dream poems although the authors have written the verse forms in different ways and manners in order to go through a message that this the current universe. is non truly our world ( Barnes 7. Felleman 829 ) . The verse form conveying a misconception that we are non sing things the right manner they are. because they are non existent. Harmonizing to Ashley in a bed of cloud. he is disheartened and desired for analyzing the existent world. avoiding the semblances and misinterpretations from this universe. He has stated that he desired and wished to wake up from this life which is really his dream or non-reality. The author knows that all the things that are present in this universe are besides illustrations of misconception. He has strained so difficult to wake up from this “bed of cloud” . but he could non because he is wholly stuck in this practical world. that’s why makes him to experience suffering and unhappy ( Felleman 829 ) . In my sentiment. the thought here has nil to make with him woolgathering but he is seeking to convey the message about the misconception that life is.

In contrast Edgar has explained gaiety of human emotions as a accomplishment and in life itself. This poem brings a mixture of emotions of sorrow and commiseration which can even do person to cast cryings while reading it. The author tries to convey his message utilizing a dream which is inside another dream and he has described that his last dream is his life. the initial dream is the period spend with his love who is non alive now. The first line in the first stanza provinces about snoging the forehead. in my sentiment it is an act to a dead lover. He somehow believes that they will ever be present in that certain clip and topographic point in history by inquiring that whether therefore the less gone.

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In the 2nd stanza the author brings the fact that his love is everlastingly out make this is because he deny his wife’s decease ( Barnes 7 ) . Therefore. that’s why he engages himself in a dream within a dream but unluckily he can non even have her dorsum in his dreams. This makes him question whether we seem to woolgather in a dream within a dream and therefore asks his very presence. This does uncover his sadness and unhappiness and though he counters that with the fact that unrecorded itself is nil but a dream and that his period which he spend with her is the same excepting a part of it.

“A bed of clouds” contains merely one stanza and one scene. The author has non described good where the full verse form happened but has shown in the 5th line how some people say that he stuck in that topographic point therefore verifying merely one scene. The stanza brings some misconceptions that don’t precisely root us in a house world. Furthermore the author of “a bed of clouds” has non applied any regular rhyming strategy in the full verse form. This means that the rhyming is irregular since the agreement of last syllables which sound same is irregular. for illustration last syllable in the 8th line “up” do non sound the same with the last syllable in the 9th line “nightmare” and hence this bring irregular agreement of the syllables. In my sentiment the accent of the author is about what is in his head but non where precisely he is ( Felleman 828 ) .

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In contrary. “a dream within a dream” contains two stanzas and two different scenes. Similarly. the talker has non described good on where the first stanza took topographic point and there is no item about the adult female he is speaking about. In the 2nd stanza. the inside informations are little more physical because there is an ocean ( line 13 ) . aureate sand and pile of noise which is copiously symbolic. The line about boom of the sea weakly recalls the writer’s noisy and busy reveries from this 2nd stanza and forestalls the hideous and remorseless moving ridge ( line 22 ) that keeps get downing the grains of sand. A misconception to confound us is brought by this moving ridge and in bend retells us of the power of our heads. In this verse form the riming strategy is regular and the talker has applied the last syllables in a regular agreement ( Barnes 7 ) .

However both verse forms meant that everything. in pragmatism. is really a misconception. We live in the semblance of things and everything is a misconception within a misconception ; that is a dream within a dream and a bed of cloud. The verse form does look a small vague but they are truly explicating how the talkers are fighting to oppugn themselves whether is an semblance or whether life is existent or non. Therefore. that’s why we ever see and see the two verse forms as a dream because we do non hold thought what is existent. But the good sum-up is that even still the rubrics make us ground the verse forms are traveling to be a description of semblances and dreams. they give an account of fleeting nature of our being clip ( Barnes 7. Felleman 828 ) .

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