America Needs Its Nerds Essay

The socially and physically awkward. the castawaies. frequently associated with computing machines and books- these features constitute the stereotype of the mean geek. Students are afraid to uncover their individualities in an environment among their equals because of the fright of being an castaway among the adored athletes. In an extract from “America Needs Its Nerds” Harvard pupil and author Leonid Fridman expresses his disgust for the unfair intervention of persons who are indispensable to our country- the geeks. He addresses the American populace with a call to action to set geeks into their merited places. giving them hope and motive to show their ain individualities. Fridman utilizes sarcasm when discoursing how even Harvard pupils are being picked on. every bit good as the comparison and contrast between America’s detering intervention of the swot to East Asia and China’s praising of them. to stand for how the fright of societal rejection has forced these mistreated minds to conceal their academic capablenesss.

Leonid Fridmen is disappointment with the fact that even at Harvard. one of the top Ivy League colleges. pupils are still picked on because of their degrees of mind. It is dry that even at one of the top colleges in America where swots and geeks dominate the kingdom of the school that “anti-intellectualism is rampant” . Social standing competes with intelligence even at the most academic establishment. demoing America that pupils are “ashamed” of their mind because of the negative stereotypes society degraded them with. Fridman besides employs sarcasm when mentioning to “get [ ting ] wasted at parties” by depicting how swots avoid damaging their encephalon and organic structures. but are punished socially for non physically aching themselves.

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Fridman’s call to action addresses the American populace as being erroneous in their actions of idolising the nonintellectual while take downing the studious intellectuals when he compares America’s academic values to those of East Asia’s. In America. jocks and famous persons are rewarded and more prevailing in society so those interested in prosecuting faculty members. With these features of our society. it is impossible to “compete in the engineering rate” or be a “leading political and cultural force” with other states who encourage faculty members instead than reject the persons who excel in it.

Fridman’s belief of take downing the rational is a continual paradigm in our society today. In 2003. Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected to be the Governor of California ; nevertheless. it was chiefly for his name acknowledgment as a organic structure builder and movie star. missing any experience working in authorities. Although Schwarzenegger lacked the rational cognition he needed. he was elected because the public idolized him. The populace is more interested in the media and sports and neglect to recognize the of import impact research workers and minds have on our universe.

Colleges pay college athletic managers more than the professors working at an establishment. Americans pay more on professional athleticss so they do to fund malignant neoplastic disease research or instruction. As USA Today wrote. “You can acquire a Nobel Prize at your university and you won’t acquire anyplace near that attending. And so I think between the populace and the media. they are stating us what they value. ” The populace is involved. and frequently times addicted. to jocks or societal media and reject the academically motivated as castawaies from the ideal society. Unfortunately. this populace is incognizant of the capablenesss of academic accomplishment and the advancement it has brought us in our universe.

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