Aircraft Solutions: Security Assessments and Recommendations Essay Sample

Aircraft Solutions ( AS ) located in beautiful southern California has become a accepted leader in the electronics. commercial. defence and aerospace industries. This is due their design and fiction of constituent merchandises and services available to their clients in the assorted industries. What set Aircraft Solutions apart from other design and fiction companies are their dedicated. trained work force and the care of a big capacity works and extended equipment that enables the company to run into client demands. The company is made up of a big extremely skilled work force that works its extremely automated production systems from design applied scientists. coders. mechanics and assembly forces. Aircraft Solutions ends are to supply first-class client service and success through its machined merchandises and services. This is achieved while at the same clip maintaining their cost. quality and scheduled bringings in cheque. The chief central office for Aircraft Solutions is presently in San Diego. California. while their Commercial Division is located 40 stat mis east of central offices and the Defense Division is located in Santa Ana. California. Security Weakness

In reexamining the current concern procedure. geographic layout. current IT architecture and web substructure there were some security issues that could and should be improved upon. Presently the bing security policy is non sufficient for the demands of the company. It is being evaluated every two old ages and at that place appears to be no encoding package usage to forestall the possibility of informations being mishandled. lost or stolen. A security “policy begins with measuring the hazard to the web and edifice a squad to react. Continuance of the policy requires implementing a security alteration direction pattern and supervising the web for security misdemeanors. Last. the reappraisal procedure modifies the bing policy and adapts to lessons learned. ” ( 1 )

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Without an updated security and policy process the hazard of controls that are used to procure confidential and proprietary information are threatened throughout the company if users and systems are non often visited more frequently than the current two twelvemonth reappraisal timeframe. There besides appears to be a deficiency of firewalls particularly between the Commercial Division of the company and the cyberspace. “Basically. a firewall is a barrier to maintain destructive forces off from your belongings. In fact. that’s why it is called a firewall. Its occupation is similar to a physical firewall that keeps a fire from distributing from one country to the following. ” ( 2 ) There besides needs to be firewalls set up between the Commercial and Defense Division associating to Aircraft Solutions chief central office in San Diego. California since the hazard of being hacked from their distant locations without proper safeguards can happen anyplace in between. The high hazard of security breach in any of its divisions and central offices country can be rather riotous and damaging to the company and its clients. Current IT Architecture

As seen from the diagram below the current IT Architecture is set up and the countries noted are where the hazards prevarication.

Last the usage of encoding package between all users within the company is critical to forestall any confidential or proprietary information from leaking to the non-essential users. “Encryption package is package whose chief undertaking is encryption and decoding of informations. normally in the signifier of files on ( or sectors of ) difficult thrusts and removable media. electronic mail messages. or in the signifier of packages sent over computing machine webs. ” ( 3 ) There are many algorithm encodings available and choosing the package that would be good and cost effectual to the company allows for an excess step of protection to files. discs. databases and communicating.

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