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The intent of the study is to help Aircraft Solutions ( AS ) in indentifying the most important Information Technology ( IT ) security exposures. AS merchandises and services are at the head of the industry and the protection of such is really of import as they are an industry leader. The exposures that will be discussed are the firewall constellation. virtualization of their hardware assets and specifying security policy sing the seasonableness of firewall constellation and updates. Company Overview

Aircraft Solutions. central offices located in San Diego. California develop and fabricate merchandises and services for companies in the electronic. commercial. defence and aerospace industries. AS is made up of two ( 2 ) different divisions. the Commercial Division and the Defense Division. The Commercial Division is located in Chula Vista. CA and the Defense Division is located in Santa Ana. CA. AS company scheme is to offer low cost design and computing machine aided mold bundles to companies and aids them through the lifecycle of their merchandise in an attempt to salvage money for the consumer while gaining from their concern. Vulnerabilities

Hardware Vulnerabilities
The hardware substructure of the AS Headquarters in San Diego. California had been identified during our recent security appraisal as being a possible security failing to the company’s overall information systems security substructure. The system hardware substructure comprises of

Five ( 5 ) Individual Servers
One ( 1 ) Switch
Two ( 2 ) Routers
One ( 1 ) Firewall

The hardware country of concern was the deficiency of Firewalls being used to protect the company’s web against invasion and the webs hardware design and architecture. The firewall constellation at AS San Diego is improperly configured to run into the security demands of the company. The chief country of concern was that of the firewall located between AS Main Router and the Router to DD. The security appraisal revealed that DD Santa Ana has direct entree without firewall hallmark to AS San Diego’s web. “Misconfigured web cogwheel represents a major security menace. It’s estimated that 65 % of cyber onslaughts exploit misconfigured systems” ( Marsan. 2009 ) . There are many different menaces associated with non holding decently configured Firewalls and the statistics show that 6. 5 companies out of 10 are being attacked because of the exposures associated to non configuring their systems right. There are many menaces associated with non holding a decently configured Firewall. due to the misconfiguration ; our security appraisal revealed that the chief menace to AS Headquarters would be an infiltration via the development of the firewalls back door.

Attackers can put in listening devices that will observe which ports are unfastened on AS’s margin firewall. Once it’s determined which ports are unfastened. the Attacker can take advantage of the misconfiguration and sedimentation or put to death backdoor codification. or merely entree the system without mandate. The effects associated with non holding a decently configured firewall could be the irritation of adware or every bit terrible as delivery AS operations to a deadlock. A bulk of AS concern operations are controlled through AS San Diego via their central office web. The likely goon of a menace is important. but the hazard associated with it is Severe. “Network public presentation and dependability besides are affected by misconfigured cogwheel. it’s estimated that 62 % of IP web downtime is due to configuration issues” ( Marsan. 2009 ) . AS San Diego IT web could be down for appraisal and fixs for every bit small as a twosome yearss to every bit long as a couple months. The pecuniary impact to AS San Diego could be important for fixs but the fiscal impact through loss of concern could be stultifying to AS San Diego underside line.

Companies will mistrust their sellers when they have an apprehension that their company’s information is non being protected. which in bend leaves them vulnerable. Businesss will take concern elsewhere to guarantee the unity of their information and to protect their companies good being. AS’s hardware footmark is reasonably important in that there are many different pieces of hardware that must be maintained separately. Having such a big footmark raises the hazard of equipment malfunction doing a break to data processing. Malfunctioning equipment. such as security precautions may go forth AS’s system significantly weak while contradicting strengths in other parts of the system. Security menaces could include unauthorised entree to AS’s information systems. hardware larceny and hardware devastation.

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The likeliness of hardware malfunctioning is pretty important as there are many different pieces of hardware that make up AS’s footmark. The integrating of the hardware is non present in the current footmark ; a individual system failure could stultify the informations flow and handiness of information to their users. The effects of holding a big footmark of undependable / misconfigured hardware is pretty important in that through one individual action of hardware failure. the system can be brought to a standstill pending diagnosing and installing of new hardware. Mission critical concern will non be able to be processed as the system that houses the concern critical information may be broken or it can non be accessed. A company’s competitory border is merely every bit strong as the IT substructure it runs on. a individual failure will ensue in the loss of concern and possible repetition concern. Policy Vulnerabilities

Our analysis of the AS San Diego Headquarters Information System Security Policy identified a terrible failing. AS’s security policy identifies that all firewalls and routers regulations are evaluated every two old ages. Industry criterion for firewall re-evaluation is on mean 12 months or less depending on the province of the Firewall’s. Harmonizing to Microsoft “The merely periodic care required is the replacing of the licences for the firewall engines on the direction station every 12 months. depending on the environmental conditions within the informations center” ( Northrup ) or every bit shortly as a new spot is released by the package maker. Puting policy to merely hold the updates take topographic point every two old ages can rapidly outdate your system. go forthing AS’s system vulnerable to new menaces. The menaces to the Firewall are similar to what was identified in the Hardware Vulnerability Assessment in the old subdivision. A misconfigured/outdated Firewall poses a important hazard in that it can be easy exploited with small to no attempt.

New package spots allow a system update to guarantee it’s protected against predefined menaces that have already been identified and the updates will supply the security features needed to extenuate the hazard. Having a weak security policy will go forth your system susceptible to both the insider and foreigner menace. Harmonizing to an eCrimes Watch Survey conducted in September 2006 it was identified that of the “Top 10 Most Effective Technologies in Use. Statefull Firewalls came in first with 87 per centum of the ballot. The larceny of rational belongings was reported to be at 30 % and of that per centum. 63 % were insider menaces and 45 % were outsider threats” ( Bevis. 2007 ) . If or when a menace occurs. the effects to mission critical concern procedures will probably take a important impact as an appraisal will necessitate to be completed to guarantee both AS and its clients that the informations within the system is right and has non been compromised. Compromised informations will cut down AS’s competitory border in that the information they are working with is invalid due to a breach in their security substructure. There is the possible of concern partnerships being lost due to the security policies AS has put in topographic point. The loss of concern partnerships will cut down the competitory border that AS presently has on the market.

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Recommended Solution – Hardware
Virtualization is the creative activity of a practical computing machine system. instead than holding existent IT assets. As a recommendation for AS’s firewall misconfiguration and overall hardware footmark. it’s recommended that AS invest in their hereafter and virtualizes their IT substructure. The benefits of virtualization are enormous. from a security position there are several benefits that truly standout. Virtualization merchandises add a bed of abstraction between the practical machine and the implicit in physical hardware. The abstraction will restrict the sum of harm that might happen when a system is successfully tampered with.

Virtualization besides has the ability to execute back up and disaster recovery. Due to the hardware and the independency of virtualization. the procedure of copying the different work loads is greatly simplified. In the event of a security breach. a practical machine on the host can observe and close down. as another practical machine in standby manner can boot on another system. This allows small downtime between acquiring the system back up and running and leting for the IT section to trouble-shoot the issue on the down machine. From a Physical Security position. the decreased footmark will let easiness in procuring merely a minimum sum of equipment. since we can virtualizes a bulk of the current assets into a twosome individual assets. This will turn out good in plus answerability and happening a secure storage infinite. The below diagram indicates what AS’s current hardware assets are and so what our current hardware assets would be if we virtualized the IT substructure. Now Virtualization

Router 2 3
Switch over 1 4
Firewall 1 4
Server 5 1

Virtualization will convey much needed alteration. but the most important alteration would be the usage of Firewall protection and the decrease in the entire figure of waiters. It is proposed that a public router be installed to manage the inbound traffic ( contractors. clients. providers ) and the traffic from AS’s sister sites in Chula Vista and Santa Ana. California. Once the inbound traffic has made it past the router. a Public Interface Firewall will filtrate all inbound traffic for hallmark. The below diagram illustrates the practical design of AS San Diego IT substructure.

With the installing of the Dell R710 Server. the undermentioned waiters will be able to be carved into single VLAN’s within one ( 1 ) physical machine. DCNC Server
HR & A ; Compliance Server
Accounting Waiter
S & A ; M Server
Database Server
Public Interface

Virtual switches will be configured to manage the traffic and maintain the unity of the single VLANs. Please take notice to the practical firewall being proposed between the Database Server and the Public Interface. The usage of the practical firewall will procure the nexus between AS’s internal and external practical webs. Another characteristic is the ability to separate the difference between the site/system boundary and the users of the system. Firewalls have been installed to guarantee all inbound traffic have some kind of hallmark and protection. Impact on Business Procedures

The impact on concern procedures will be noticed in that through virtualization. AS will be able to cut down the cost of IT growing and better the organisations responsiveness to concern demands. The decrease in hardware will cut down direction costs. every bit good as the cost of power. chilling and physical infinite. There will be fiscal impact up forepart. in that AS’s investing will be about $ 72. 000 in new hardware. We feel that virtualization is expensive in the short term. but AS should understand the cost nest eggs associated with the alteration in engineering in the long tally. it will take several old ages to reimburse the investing financially.

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Recommended Solution – Policy
Security policy is an easy less expensive manner to guarantee the legitimacy of AS IT assets. It is suggested that AS make a new policy that will sketch the following to guarantee the IT Administrators conduct biannual updates to the Firewalls to guarantee the security steps are in topographic point with the most current version of package. The policy will necessitate to place the followers:

Hardware – Identify the entire figure of Firewalls ( IP addresses ) Vulnerability – Open Ports. Network Scans. Infiltration. Modification/Loss of Data. DoS. Traffic – All entrance and surpassing traffic will necessitate to be permitted to track the AS web. Particulars sing single employees. clients. clients likewise will necessitate to be identified. Security Policy – It is suggested that AS behavior biannual firewall updates with the most recent package versions and at a minimal one-year. if clip and budget warrant hold. AS will necessitate to depict WHO will be carry oning the work. and what actions will be taken in the event of a security event. As a precautional step. it is suggested that a transcript of the policy be printed and stored as a hardcopy.

Impact on Business Procedures
The impact of security policy on concern procedures is pretty minimum. The importance of the policy is that it will sketch what is required from a security position and will specify what will go on and who will be involved. It allows the concern to be after consequently for future updates and alterations without interrupting normal operations. Budget

Product Manufacturer Price qty Cost Source
7200 Series Router Cisco $ 3. 375. 00 3 $ 10. 125. 00 ( TWA Communications ) ASA 5510 Security Plus Firewall Edition – Security Appliance Cisco $ 2. 165. 00 4 $ 8. 660. 00 ( Infinity Microsystems ) Catalyst 3750 EMI – Switch – 24 Port Cisco $ 6. 843. 15 4 $ 27. 372. 60 ( Halski Systems ) PowerEdge R710/Server Dell $ 3. 343. 00 1 $ 3. 343. 00 ( Amazon ) Inspiron 6400 Dell $ 1. 123. 00 20 $ 22. 460. 00 ( Dell )

$ 71. 960. 60

In drumhead. AS has a twosome important IT security related issues. It is suggested that AS invest in their hereafter by financially patronizing the virtualization of their IT substructure. Through virtualization. AS will be able to cut down their footmark and security exposures. In add-on. it has been suggested that AS redefine their security policy sing the frequence of updates to their firewalls to be biannual or at a maximal one-year updates.


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