Aircraft Solution (AS) Company Essay Sample

Company Overview

Aircraft Solutions ( AS ) company located in Southern California design and fabricates component merchandises and supply services for companies in the electronics. commercial. defence. and aerospace industry. The mission of AS is to supply client success through machined merchandises and related services. and to run into cost. quality. and agenda demands. AS utilizations Business Process Management ( BPM ) to manage end-to-end procedures. BPM system is designed to link clients. sellers. and providers. Security Weakness In the communicating between AS’s headquarter and its two sections make the AS’s headquarter assets are targeted. I will discourse here about the exposures in package and the policy.

Company’s Assetss

The assets for AS are the Business Process Management. BPM. system and the waiters used to hive away client informations such as undertaking information. computing machine aided design and development theoretical accounts. and rational belongingss.


Hardware exposure

Aircraft Solution Company has a major failing in the web architecture as we noticed within the AS’s headquarter there is deficient figure of firewalls. There are two routers with merely one Firewall between them. If this firewall went down the routers will be without any physical or proficient security support. This constellation will do the company web entree gates unfastened to the populace. The company web substructure is vulnerable to many cyber menaces. Our chief concern is those onslaughts. which are seeking to improperly modify informations. addition hallmark. or derive mandate to work the sensitive information of the company. The menaces from this weak web substructure come chiefly from two beginnings. external and internal.

External menaces come from outside hackers. crackers. whose unauthorised users. External webs must be carefully considered as portion of the overall security scheme. “A new study published by the Business Continuity Institute ( BCI ) in association with BSI has revealed that 65 % of organisations are highly concerned or concerned about a cyber onslaught in 2013. The study besides reveals that 71 % see the usage of the Internet for malicious onslaughts as a major tendency that requires a concern continuity response with 42 % seeking to pull off the prevalence and high acceptance of Internet-dependent services. such as the cloud. within their readiness activities [ hypertext transfer protocol: //www. studymode. com/essays/Se571-Aircraft-Solutions-1101760. hypertext markup language ] ” .

Internal menaces come from authorised users like. employees. providers. clients and contractors. The interior menace where the employees can utilize this system for personal usage doing the system exposed to the outer universe. like utilizing societal networking sites. a study undertaken by ISACA in the 4th one-fourth of 2012. “89. 7 % of respondents believe that the usage of societal networking sites increases the likeliness of a successful APT onslaught [ hypertext transfer protocol: //hackmageddon. com/2013/02/14/advanced-persistent-threats-are-among-us-survey-reveals/ ] ” . There might be an outside opportunity for the company’s rivals know about their applications and package being used which reduces the company’s competitory border. “A really high hazard degree may necessitate possible system shut down or halting of all IT system integrating and proving attempts [ hypertext transfer protocol: //csrc. National Institute of Standards and Technology. gov/publications/nistpubs/800-30/sp800-30. pdf ] ” . The effects If this hazard becomes existent. the company’s informations is lost or hijacked. client orders are stolen. budget programming and their sedimentation subdivisions are exposed. and fund transportations get out of custodies and make desolation in the company and its clients.

Policy exposure

AS company shows important failings in its policy that requires all firewalls and routers sets to be evaluated every two old ages. This policy will go forth the system of AS vulnerable to assorted malicious and non-malicious menaces if its non configured when an update or spot is needed. “Firewalls. security contraptions and anti-virus package are patched multiple times per month in an effort to maintain gait with new menaces. Without these critical spots – your web. information. client information. banking information and other critical concern informations are vulnerable to theft [ hypertext transfer protocol: //www. mirifex. com/uploads/7/6/0/9/7609325/mirifex_managed_firewall. pdf ] ” . Firewall are non evaluated is like non updated antivirus. since the firewall does non inspect the contents of the package there is no underlying demand. Two old ages rating is non smart policy for any industrial companies particularly like AS’s company who possess rational information. A virus or any malware could be deployed when novice aggressor entree to obtain sensitive system files. Many of these menaces may be unwilled as some users may non be cognizant of the hazards and how their procedures and processs open the door for such onslaughts.

The likeliness of the menace is medium based our appraisal on two factors. First. the motives. its easy to execute an onslaught with a simple and common equipment besides its non excessively much dearly-won. personal computing machine is adequate. The value is important if the onslaught succeeded and sensitive information obtained. competitory advantage Economic espionage possibly desired. Second. Cost. its easy by aggressor to pattern few prior onslaughts to measure the type of security controls are used and the clip it takes to interrupt the system and what is the right clip to execute the onslaught. If any concern information hijacked by the aggressor he could sell it to any competitory company and this will impact the competitory border of AS’s company.

The most valuable plus at AS’s company is the information so the hazard of informations development is important and evaluated as a high hazard. there is a strong demand for disciplinary steps in the policy. An bing system may go on to run. but a disciplinary action program must be put in topographic point every bit shortly as possible. Based on a study undertaken by ISACA in the 4th one-fourth of 2012. “The biggest hazard for the endeavor is the Loss of Intellectual Property ( 25. 5 % ) and the Loss of Personal Information ( 23. 6 % ) . Reputational harm is the 3rd biggest hazard ( 20. 5 % ) [ hypertext transfer protocol: //hackmageddon. com/2013/02/14/advanced-persistent-threats-are-among-us-survey-reveals/ ] ” .

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The effects could be from unwilled devastation every bit much as adware. Few IT members could take few hours or few yearss to mend and measure the harm. But the effects could be ruinous if the aggressor created a back door to hold an entree to AS’s system without an mandate. Accessing to AS headquarter without an mandate is a major hazard and the effects associated to this hazard could convey the full company to hold because all the information concern procedure. concern direction system. BPM is in AS Headquarter. IT members could take along clip to extenuate the hazard and measure the system. processs. and policies. And the handiness of the system will be impacted. “If the mission critical IT system is unavailable to its terminal users. the organization’s mission possibly affected.

Loss of system functionality and operational effectivity. for illustration. may ensue in loss of productive clip. therefore hindering the terminal users’ public presentation of their map in back uping the organization’s mission [ hypertext transfer protocol: //csrc. National Institute of Standards and Technology. gov/publications/nistpubs/800-30/sp800-30. pdf ] ” The effects on the mission critical could be important because it will take a batch of attempt in the appraisal to do certain that the information has been compromised or non. Fiscal loss will be important to AS’s concern. Undertakings will be canceled due to the hold associated with the impact.

Recommended Solutions

Hardware Solution

As a recommendation for AS’s firewall misconfiguration and overall hardware footmark. it’s recommended that AS invest in their hereafter and virtualizes their IT substructure. The benefits of virtualization are really great. from a security position there are several benefits that truly high quality. It will give us a bed of abstraction between the practical machine and the implicit in physical hardware. The abstraction will restrict the sum of harm that might happen when a system is successfully tampered with. Virtualization besides has the ability to execute back up and disaster recovery. Due to the hardware and the independency of virtualization. the procedure of copying the different work loads is greatly simplified. In the event of a security breach. a practical machine on the host can observe and close down. as another practical machine in standby manner can boot on another system.

This allows small downtime between acquiring the system back up and running and leting for the IT section to trouble-shoot the issue on the down machine. From a Physical Security position. the decreased footmark will let easiness in procuring merely a minimum sum of equipment. since we can virtualizes a bulk of the current assets into a twosome individual assets. This will turn out good in plus answerability and happening a secure storage infinite. A VPN firewall should be installed in both AS subdivisions. at Chula Vista and Santa Ana. And of class most of import at AS Headquarter. Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances offer state-of-the-art security that is still flexible plenty to run into your company’s needs as it grows and alterations.

Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances support:
1. Customization: Personalize security for your specific entree demands and concern policies. 2. Flexibility: As your concern grows and demands alteration. you can easy add capablenesss or ascent from one device to another. 3. Advanced Security: Take advantage of the latest in content security. encoding. individuality hallmark. mandate. and intrusion bar. 4. Simplicity: Use one device that’s easy to put in. manage. and proctor. 5. Advanced Networking: Set up practical private webs ( VPNs ) that give Mobile and distant workers unafraid entree to company resources or make VPNs between spouses. other offices. or employees based on functions.

When a VPN connexion is established between the two gateways ( firewalls between the Headquarter and the Branch ) . users at branch locations are incognizant of the connexion and do non necessitate any particular scenes on their computing machines. VPN package enables private information to be shared over the public web while being encrypted. Aircraft Solutions has many groups and users that need different degrees of entree to the internal web. Clients need entree to the company website. employees need to be granted different degrees of entree to certain aspects of the internal web. With all of these parties accessing the concern. the VPN gives security to those whom feel that the information they are sing non be available to others.

The below diagrams indicates our current hardware assets would be if we virtualized the IT substructure.

Current IT Assets:
1 Firewall
2 Routers
1 Switch
5 Waiters

Suggested IT Assets:
4 Firewalls
1 Router
4 Switchs
1 Waiter
Virtualization will convey much needed alteration. but the most important alteration would be the usage of Firewall protection and the decrease in the entire figure of waiters. It is proposed that a public router be installed to manage all the inbound traffics for contractors. clients. providers. and the traffic from AS’s sister sites in Chula Vista and Santa Ana. California. Once the inbound traffic has made it past the AS Headquarter router. two chief gateway Firewalls will filtrate all inbound for hallmark. The firewalls will supply the needful security and concern direction instance of one Firewall failed. necessitate to be patched. care. or necessitate to be replaced. The firewalls will be configured on Intrusion bar system manner ( IPS Mode ) and Intrusion Detection System ( IDS ) . to give more edification to AS’s internal web against any invasion. viruses and the other menaces mentioned in page 2.

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Firewalls play a really large regulation in procuring the internal web substructure of AS’s company. Besides the excess firewall in AS’s headquarter web substructure will back up the handiness of AS’s concern direction system. and this constellation will assist AS to implement or develop a better concern continuity program and more comprehensive Disaster recovery program. Firewalls are really of import constituents in procuring any web connectivity because. firewalls is the primary controls against any malware. adware. viruses and other unauthorised entrees. “A firewall does the showing that is less appropriate for a router to make. A router’s primary map is turn toing. whereas a firewall’s primary map is filtrating. Firewalls can besides make scrutinizing. ( Charles P. Pfleeger and Shari Lawrence. 2006 ) . “

Another ground why we chose firewalls is we do non necessitate to set more force per unit area on the router and anticipate them to procure the packages. because the routers are designed usually for routing. Configuring the routers to forestall unauthorised packages will decelerate down their public presentation. “Firewalls can analyze an full packet’s contents. including the information part. whereas a router is concerned merely with beginning and finish MAC and IP references. because they are an highly of import web security control. ( Charles P. Pfleeger and Shari Lawrence. 2006 ) . ” AS’s company should see IPSec in pass oning with its two sisters. the Cadmium in Chula Vista and DD in Santa

The Diagram below illustrates the practical design of AS San Diego IT substructure.

Part of the suggestion is the installing of Dell R710 Server ; the following waiters will be able to be carved into single VLAN’s within one ( 1 ) physical machine.

The DCNC Server. HR & A ; Compliance Server. Accounting Server. S & A ; M Server. Database Server. and Public Interface.

Switchs will be configured to manage the traffic and maintain the unity of the single VLANs. Virtual firewall being proposed between the database waiter and the public interface. The usage of the practical firewall will procure the nexus between AS’s internal and external practical webs. Another characteristic is the ability to separate the difference between the site/system boundary and the users of the system. Firewalls have been installed to guarantee all inbound traffic have some kind of hallmark and protection.

Impact on Business Procedures

The impact on concern procedures will be noticed in that through virtualization. AS will be able to cut down the cost of IT growing and better the organisations responsiveness to concern demands. The decrease in hardware will cut down direction costs. every bit good as the cost of power. chilling and physical infinite. There will be fiscal impact up forepart. in that AS’s investing will be about $ 63. 694. 60 in new hardware. We feel that virtualization is expensive in the short term. but AS should understand the cost nest eggs associated with the alteration in engineering in the long tally. it will take several old ages to reimburse the investing financially.

Policy Solution

More elaborate Security policy demand to be implemented. We suggest that all the points of the security substructure assets have to be listed and identified. “The security policy is fundamentally a program. sketching what the company’s critical assets are. and how they must ( and can ) be protected. Its chief intent is to supply staff with a brief overview of the “acceptable use” of any of the Information Assets. every bit good as to explicate what is deemed as allowable and what is non. therefore prosecuting them in procuring the company’s critical systems. [ hypertext transfer protocol: //www. windowsecurity. com/pages/security-policy. pdf ] . ” Firewall Vulnerabilities needs to be identified in the policy. Open Ports. web scans. infiltration. alteration or loss of informations. and DOS need to be identified in the security policy every bit good because all entrance and surpassing traffics need to be permitted to track the AS web. Particulars sing single employees. clients. clients likewise will necessitate to be identified.

We suggest that AS’s company behavior a firewall update twice every twelvemonth with the latest package versions. if clip and budget warrant hold. Then AS demand to depict who will be carry oning the work. and what actions will be taken in the event of a security event. Another suggestion is to supply an excess support to the firewall direction because. firewall direction is resource intensive and requires a high degree of expertness to forestall unauthorised entree and dearly-won infiltrations. Devicess must be provisioned. deployed. upgraded and patched to maintain up with the latest menaces. Security policies and constellations must be updated to guarantee appropriate entree controls are consistent with altering concern environments. Harmonizing to windowsecurity. com stated that is ; “Several companies and security spot decision makers consider the patching procedure to be a individual measure that provides a secure calculating landscape. In world. the patching procedure is a uninterrupted rhythm that must be purely followed.

Each measure in the procedure must be tuned and modified based on old successes and failures. As many realize. piecing computing machines is a fact of life as portion of the defence in depth security scheme. By disbursement clip up front to make policies and processs. companies can minimise the clip and resource demands needed to carry through the patching demands.

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[ hypertext transfer protocol: //www. windowsecurity. com/whitepapers/Patch_Management/Patch_Management_Best_Practices. hypertext markup language ] . “

Network traffic must be monitored continuously to place and react to threats before harm is done. Applying security updates or bug holes may merely affect the clip and accomplishments of the internal staff. Keeping package updated is a critical defence to late discovered exposures.

Dell SecureWorks’ Firewall Management service provides 24×7 firewall disposal. log monitoring. and response to security and device wellness events. Organizations rely on Dell SecureWorks’ Firewall Management service cut down the cost of pull offing and supervising firewalls in-house. while supplementing their security attempts with Dell SecureWorks’ proven expertness. With the Firewall Management service by Dell secureworks. AS’s firewall substructure will be monitored 24×7 to observe and react to threats before harm is done. Security and wellness events are correlated across your environment and analyzed by Dell certified security analysts. utilizing planetary menace intelligence and proved expertness to measure menaces. When a menace is detected. Dell SecureWorks’ experts respond instantly to counter the menace and protect AS organisation. Intelligence from Dell SecureWorks’ planetary visibleness and Counter Threat Unit ( CTU ) research is fed into the Firewall Management service to beef up policies and analysis of firewall logs. This intelligence is integrated into the service to supply advanced protection.

This Firewall Management service allows AS’s company to widen its IT resources with one of the largest concentrations of certified firewall applied scientists in the universe. Dell Secureworks’ experts support end-to-end firewall direction from purveying to ongoing disposal and monitoring. working with AS’s IT squad to guarantee peak firewall public presentation. Dell SecureWorks’ Firewall Management service is tailored to AS environment. leveraging industry best patterns to guarantee appropriate web entree while continuing the handiness. unity and privateness of information. Remove the direction and monitoring load utilizing the Firewall Management service simplifies and streamlines the direction and monitoring of AS firewall contraptions. Dell SecureWorks’ certified experts execute all undertakings needed to do the most of AS firewall substructure. relieving the load of administrating. maintaining and monitoring contraptions.

This reduces operational operating expense. leting AS’s company disbursement clip and resources on other cardinal enterprises. The suggested Firewall Management service reduces the hazard of web and service breaks due to ill maintained or improperly configured firewall contraptions. Dell SecureWorks’ certified firewall applied scientists keep managed firewall devices patched with the latest seller releases. To guarantee auditable and accurate deployment of firewall alterations. Dell SecureWorks experts use mature operational support systems and processs that include wellness cheques. presenting. peer reappraisals and alteration proof. Additionally. day-to-day backups are performed to guarantee fast recovery in the event of firewall hardware or package failure. The Firewall Management service helps AS more easy make full conformity spreads necessitating margin security. entree control and log analysis. With our experts pull offing and supervising firewalls. AS can fulfill conformity demands of PCI. HIPAA. ISO and other criterions. By utilizing the service’s on-demand coverage in the Customer Portal. AS can besides show conformity and control effectivity to hearers and senior direction.

Full lifecycle direction by certified experts:
1. Device provisioning and deployment.
2. Performance and handiness direction.
3. Device ascents and piece direction.
4. Real-time security and wellness monitoring.
5. Adept response to menaces and wellness issues.
6. Intelligence-enhanced menace protection.
7. Backup and recovery.
8. On-demand security and conformity coverage.
9. Unlimited and unmetered adept support.

Supported Firewalls:
Dell SecureWorks maintains one of the largest concentrations of certified firewall applied scientists in the universe. They have old ages of experience pull offing market-leading firewalls:

Supported platforms include:
1. Check Point.
2. Cisco.
3. Fortinet.
4. Juniper.

Impact on Business Procedures

The impact of security policy on concern procedures is pretty minimum. The importance of the policy is that it will sketch what is required from a security position and will specify what will go on and who will be involved. It allows the concern to be after consequently for future updates and alterations without interrupting normal operations. The positive impact on concern is cut downing the cost of IT growing. increasing the response velocity towards the concern. and cut downing direction cost.


Monetary value
ASR1004-10G/K9 – Cisco ASR 1004 Router
Lake herring
$ 35. 340. 00
$ 35. 340. 00
Vology Communication
ASA 5510 Security Plus
Firewall Edition
Lake herring
$ 2. 165. 00
$ 8. 660. 00
Eternity Microsystems
Catalyst 3750-X 24port – exchange
Lake herring
$ 4. 399. 90
$ 17. 599. 60
Eternity Microsystems
PowerEdge R710 Server
$ 2. 095. 00
$ 2. 095. 00
Trade Live Technology Solutions
$ 63. 694. 60


In drumhead. AS has important issues in IT security. It is suggested to AS to put their money in virtualization so that it will be able to cut down their exposures in those countries. It is besides suggested that AS should upgrade their package versions every six months. Besides through virtualization. AS will be able to cut down their footmark and security exposures. In add-on. it has been suggested that AS redefine their security policy sing the frequence of updates to their firewalls to be biannual or at a maximal one-year updates.


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