African and Native American Slavery Essay

The 1500’s. a clip of find. was when the Europeans came to rule most of the New World. The Europeans traveled to Africa and captured Africans to assist develop their land and fulfill their demand for power. I feel that the intervention of the Indians and Africans by the Europeans was wholly indefensible. While the Indians and Africans were less technologically advanced and the Europeans were uneducated. in this peculiar field. nil can counterbalance for the actions of the Europeans. As Europeans began to settle new lands they began their geographic expedition of the foreign universes. What they found was the antonym of what they expected.

They found what they thought was a new strain of worlds. In world they were merely Native Americans. These Indians were less technologically advanced than the Europeans. They besides worshipped different and multiple Gods and ate different nutrients. Europeans saw this as barbaric. so they treated them as savages. In the beginning Native Americans hadn’t the faintest thought of what the Europeans had in head when they said trade. They figured that when the White Man came and showed all that cordial reception they meant it. Of class. they didn’t. the Europeans captured the Indians to be used as slaves.

They were besides slaughtered and raped because of opposition to go forth their land. If any Indians refused to go forth their land they would be killed. The adult females were raped for ill and disgustful grounds. Europeans didn’t feel that the adult females. or work forces for that affair. were deserving anything as worlds so they were round and raped without any idea about what they might be making. As we watched the film Roots. I noticed a portion in the film where they were on a ship and a adult male brings in a black adult female. who was a slave. The adult male offered her to the ship’s captain and referred to her as a belly heater.

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That got me to believing what could be traveling on in that man’s caput as he said that. When I heard that I was shocked that a adult male could handle person like that. Peoples have feelings and can non be treated as objects. Possibly the Europeans didn’ T realize that these people were. in fact people. and that drove them to this atrocious decision that they could handle people this manner. As Europeans settled their land and began to construct houses. farms and plantations. they realized that they needed retainers to help them in their agriculture. So people would go to Africa gaining control inkinesss and so sell them to merchandisers and plantation proprietors.

They would so crush them and set them to long. grueling work. They would handle them as they did the Indians. and for much the same ground. They figured that since the inkinesss were black and appeared to be less advanced so they must be less important. Peoples of the following coevals whose parents owned slaves and grew up believing slaves were okay is apprehensible. I merely don’t feel that anything could warrant handling the slaves they manner they did. they had perfectly no regard for them. They would viciously crush them to acquire them to work harder than humanly possible and they would ravish the adult females.

I don’t think that I will of all time cognize how any one could make such a thing. I conclusion I strongly feel that the manner Europeans treated people that were less technologically advanced is wholly and absolutely incorrect. It is hard to contemplate what was traveling on in their caputs as they were capturing them. killing them and even ravishing them. I can non believe how they could believe that the colour of someone’s 1s skin or spiritual beliefs could do them less human. I am glad I live in a state based on the belief that all work forces are created equal.

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