“The Two:” A Look at the Woman-to-Woman Bond and Its Effect on Traditional Gender Roles Essay Sample

The bond that adult females portion has ever been a enigma. exceling any other type of relationship. Throughout history. there have been many Thelma and Louises or Betty and Wilmas. It’s a cohesive connexion that goes beyond a comprehensive definition. However. when this type of relationship is perceived as sapphism. the traditional gender function belief system is threatened and this can frequently take to negative results.

It’s apparent how the close bond between adult females threatens traditional gender functions. In the narrative. two adult females move into Brewster Place: cautious. feminine Lorraine and confident. aggressive Theresa. Once it’s out that these new. apparently unflawed neighbours are really tribades. the community is divided and force shortly follows. Theresa and Lorraine’s relationship falls in disrepair shortly before Lorraine is viciously despoiled and. as she’s reeling in the wake. kills the lone adult male who protected the two from the others. Ben.

The problem all begins with Sophie. a “willing carrier” of the rumour that had “first spread through the block like a rancid olfactory property that’s merely faintly perceptible and easy ignored until it starts turning in strength from the twelve oral cavities it had been lying in” ( Naylor 2544 ) . Sophie is one of the biggest obstacles the misss will confront throughout the text. doing their concern her concern:

[ indent ] Since Sophie’s flat Windowss faced theirs from across the air shaft. she became the official watcher for the block… [ she ] took her place earnestly and was invariably watchful for any revealing marks that might crawl out around the drawn sunglassess. across from which she kept a spiritual vigil ( 2545 ) . [ /indent ]

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She even goes so far as to delve through their refuse and interrogates Ben. the lone 1 to travel inside their flat. She fed the community obscure narratives. go forthing them to “stitch all of their secret frights and lingering childhood incubuss into this existence” ( 2546 ) .

As a member of the female community. Sophie presents an interesting state of affairs. When Etta and Sophie argue about Lorraine and Theresa’s
gender. Etta reveals a really of import portion of Sophie: “She oughta be glad them two misss are that manner. That’s one less bed she got ta concern ’bout pullin’ Jess out of this year” ( 2551 ) . Despite her engagement in the traditional gender function of the low-level married woman. it seems that Sophie may in fact be covetous of the relationship. both romantic and friendly. that Lorraine and Theresa have. She portions no loving relationship with her hubby and isn’t on peculiarly friendly footings with the adult females of Brewster. As Mattie. a protagonist of the two. puts it: “‘I’ve loved some adult females deeper than I of all time loved any man… And there been some adult females who loved me more and did more for me than any adult male of all time did'” ( 2551 ) . It’s this deficiency of the woman-to-woman bond that induces Sophie’s bitter hatred of the two. perchance believing that if she must endure with a adult male so so should they.

Joining Sophie in the hostile protest against the two is C. C. Baker. a cocky. uneducated personification of hyper-masculinity. He focuses his bitterness on Lorraine. perchance because she is the closer thought of muliebrity with her soft voice and evident timidness:

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[ indent ] He knew of merely one manner to cover with adult females other than his female parent. Before he had learned precisely how adult females gave birth. he knew how to delight or penalize or pull out favours from them by the executing of what ballad curled behind his fly. It was his line of life to that portion of his being that sheltered his self-respect. And the idea of any adult female who lay beyond the length of its power was a menace ( 2564 ) . [ /indent ]

C. C. has ever used his maleness to acquire what he wants from adult females. exercising a forceful power over them. This power feeds his sense of worth and he is unable to grok any adult females being beyond his range. In kernel. a adult female indifferent to his lone arm threatens his really manhood.

In his first quarrel with Lorraine. he aloud denounces Lorraine and her gender. throwing out footings like “butch” and “dyke ; ” Kiswana boldly sticks up for her and C. C. and his pack back off. to the full cognizant of Kiswana’s boyfriend’s muscled majority. However. he does non go forth with a good gustatory sensation in his oral cavity.

Subsequently. Lorraine goes entirely to a nine with some friends in an effort to recover a piece of her independency necessary to salvaging her relationship with Theresa. On her manner place. she runs into C. C. and his male childs. who rapidly beat her into entry and repeatedly ravish her. taking bends. Barely witting. Lorraine crawls along the pavement until she comes upon an intoxicated Ben and kills him with a brick.

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The colza itself is a really clear act. done from the choler and difficult feelings that lie within the likes of C. C. and Sophie. The slaying afterwards is another narrative. It’s ill-defined as to why Lorraine kills Ben ; it may be that she simply wanted to halt the back-and-forth gesture that had torn her universe apart ; it could besides be that she was obtaining retaliation by aching the first male she came across.

Either manner. it’s really interesting that one time her bond with Theresa is distressed and frazzling. the others. her “precious ‘theys. ‘” are able to rupture her down ( 2567 ) . Without Kiswana or Theresa or any of her other female defenders. she is left vulnerable and unfastened to those who are threatened by her. Through her colza. Lorraine is forced into the traditional man-woman relationship.

The bond that adult females portion transcends all definition and account. It’s a close-knit relationship that goes beyond friendly relationship and love. When seen as a homosexual relationship. the traditional gender function beliefs held by some are questioned and this refusal to understand or this deficiency of understanding can take to dire effects.

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