“The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay Sample

Populating under a rigorous society where the system and all of its constituents were based on God. Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter and Judge Danforth from Arthur Miller’s The Crucible were bound to endure from the Puritan values which they believed in during the Puritan epoch. After exhaustively analysing both Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter and Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. it is apparent that Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale and Judge Danforth were notably victimized by the Puritan moralss of organic structure politic and the legislative act of God as the jurisprudence. Even though Dimmesdale and Danforth held different powers in their society. their places were threatened or destroyed by the moral principle of organic structure politic. and they were finally subjected to the at hand day of reckoning of self subjugation under the legislative act of God is jurisprudence. Even though the modern yearss are far from the Puritan epoch. dust of certain Puritan moralss are still scattered everyplace.

Although both Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale and Judge Danforth feared that their high position of ranking in their society would shatter into pieces like a delicate glass. Dimmesdale. nevertheless. after old ages of self-contemplation eventually confessed the wickedness he committed. hence. destroying his repute. whereas Danforth refused to acknowledge his errors even if others’ lives depended upon him. Dimmesdale committed lechery with Hester Prynne. a married adult female. After Pearl. their girl was born. Hester was put on the scaffold where she was publically humiliated by the townsfolk while Dimmesdale. watched Hester suffer as she took all of the incrimination for their shared wickedness. After seven old ages. Pearl and Dimmesdale met at last and yet still. he had non confessed. ” ‘But wilt 1000 promise. ’ asked Pearl. ‘to take my manus. and Mothers manus. tomorrow noontide? ’ ‘Not so. Pearl. ’ said the curate. ‘but another clip. ‘” ( Hawthorne 150 ) Pearl seemed to be immature ; nevertheless. Hawthorne depicted her as person with a full comprehension of the state of affairs.

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She asked her male parent to keep manus with her female parent and her in public. but because Dimmesdale was the curate of the town where everyone worshipped him. he was more symbol than human being. He represented the town. and if he confessed his error and wickedness. it would do an impact in the town. Dimmesdale was non ready to lose his topographic point in the society and be looked down on. As compensation to the hold of his confession. Dimmesdale became weaker mentally and physically as each twenty-four hours passed by. which finally led to his immediate decease after his confession on the scaffold. Just like Dimmesdale who was victimized by the Puritan moral principle of organic structure politic. Judge Danforth from The Crucible was every bit good. Danforth was the Deputy Governor of Massachusetts and the presiding justice at the enchantress tests. He thought he was making the right thing when he tried to root out witchery by penalizing anyone that was accused. After already hanged 12 people. he realized that many of the accused were guiltless.

HALE. coming to Danforth now: You must excuse them. They will non stir. DANFORTH. conciliatory: You misunderstand. sir ; I can non excuse these when 12s are already hanged for the same offense. It is non merely. ( Miller 129 )

Because Danforth had no societal mobility to exceed the restrictions of his authorities office. therefore he could non acknowledge that his opinions of the last 12 victims were incorrectly. Although it was the right thing to excuse all of those who were accused. Judge Danforth wasn’t traveling to undermine his high power of place in authorities to salvage the mere lives of his townsfolk. The difference between Dimmesdale and Danforth was that Dimmesdale finally admitted to his errors even though he confessed to release himself from his guilt instead than profit others. The ground that they were loath to squeal was because of where they stand in their society. They did non desire to endanger any power they had. In add-on to being suffered by the Puritan moralss of organic structure politic. Dimmesdale and Danforth were besides victimized by believing God as the jurisprudence.

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Even though Dimmesdale and Danforth both endured hurting because of their strong beliefs in God as the jurisprudence. they were victimized in different ways. The hurting Dimmesdale went through was clearly depicted in the book and it was obvious that he was acquiring weaker bit by bit. Danforth. nevertheless. suffered largely mentally because he had to bear with the determinations he made. Dimmesdale. a God’s adult male and the curate of the town committed a wickedness. Because he could non squeal his errors. he was forced to penalize himself. “In Mr. Dimmesdale’s secret cupboard. under lock and cardinal. there was a bloody flagellum. ” ( Hawthorne 141 )

From this quotation mark it is clear that Dimmesdale tortured himself. He felt guilty for interrupting God’s jurisprudence hence he punished himself doing impairment in his physical and religious status. As the book progressed. Dimmesdale became weaker. If he did non experience so strongly about God. he would non experience guilty for what he did with Hester and would decidedly non harm himself physically. Similar to Dimmesdale. Danforth was besides eaten away by his guilt. During the witch-hunt. most of those that were accused were condemned by Danforth. He interpreted Torahs purely based on the Bible. nevertheless when he realized that those who were condemned were really guiltless. it was excessively late for him to take back his determinations.

DANFORTH. Now. kids. this is a tribunal of jurisprudence. The jurisprudence. based upon the Bible. and the Bible. writ by Almighty God. prohibit the pattern of witchery. and describe decease as the punishment thereof. But similarly. kids. the jurisprudence and Bible damn all carriers of false informant. ( Miller 102 )

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Danforth was bear downing the people on a syllogistic analysis ; he believed God is the jurisprudence and God is talking through these kids. therefore these kids must be right. When Danforth eventually realized that his determinations were incorrect. he was oppressed by his ain rigidness for his involuntariness to flex God’s jurisprudence when the fortunes required it.

He had to bear the cognition of holding condemned so many to decease. Although both Dimmesdale and Danforth were victimized based on their beliefs in God is jurisprudence. Dimmesdale suffered because he felt guilty for interrupting God’s jurisprudence. while Danforth had to bear the load of reprobating many artlessness because he was inflexible with the jurisprudence stated in the Bible.

Both Dimmesdale and Danforth’s victimization were caused by the Puritan moralss of organic structure politic and the legislative act of God as the jurisprudence. These ethical motives still exist today in mundane life. The authorities. people in Hollywood. and other noteworthy people hide their errors from the populace for the interest of their repute. Homosexuality is discriminated by those who are extremely spiritual and believe with everything stated in the Bible. No affair how far we maybe chronologically separated from the Puritan epoch. the moralss continue to
thrive in contemporary society.