‘Still Separate, Still Unequal’ by Jonathan Kozol Essay Sample

In the text Still Separate. Still Unequal by Jonathan Kozol. the segregation in instruction is discussed and illustrations are given to turn out that the segregation is regressing all around our state. Jonathan Kozolargues that segregation is still a major issue in our instruction system. and bounds for accomplishment are being set by school territories. which is merely doing the accomplishment spread between black and white pupils wider. When reading Still Separate. Still Unequal. Kozol’s statement indicates that pupils of the minority fundamentally are limited in what they can accomplish from a really immature age. He discusses the issue of “money” and how affluent white persons are able to educate their yearlings in really extended plans before they even enter kindergarten at the age of five.

By the clip the pupils are expected to take standardised trials in 3rdgrade. these white pupils have had far more instruction than minority pupils who are expected to take the same standard test. He goes on to state that money IS an of import object within instruction because it makes the difference of whether or non a parent can afford to direct their kid to a private school that costs $ 30. 000 a twelvemonth. or an interior metropolis urban school down the street. I believe that illustrations like these sing money that Kozol gave in his article are what chiefly begins the “segregated education” old ages in a child’s life. From at that place. he argues that interior metropolis school territories are restricting minority students’ accomplishments instead than promoting them to win.

Throughout the article. Kozol visits several inner-city minority schools that focus chiefly on rubrics. criterions. and making schoolrooms that based on a drill-based plan utilizing a Skinnerian course of study. At one point in the article. Kozol speaks to a instructor that states. “I can make this with my dog” . This portion of the article was a daze to me because I candidly had no thought that course of studies like this existed in this state. How can these interior metropolis minority schools be running on drill-based plans. when other suburban wealthier schools are concentrating on hands-on. prosecuting course of studies? It is no admiration why segregation is still a major issue in our state today. Students at the high school degree are being limited in what they can accomplish every bit good.

For illustration. Kozol supports this statement by speaking to pupils who want to take certain categories. but are alternatively forced to take other categories that will profit the economic demand of society. In his article. he talks to a high school pupil who wants to take AP categories and travel to college. but alternatively is forced to take categories that are “required” for graduation. such as stitching and hair tonic. This is stating high school pupils that society expects them to merely hold certain callings. and bounds picks sing their ain hereafter.

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When looking at the statement that Kozol makes saying that the accomplishment spread between preponderantly white and minority schools is widening. it is doubtless agreeable after reading the statistics and information that he presents in this article. His points above that I have stated prove that great bounds are set for the success of minority pupils. On the last page of his article. Kozol states that “students in this painful state of affairs. non surprisingly. be given to be most likely to drop out of school” . This shows that the primary ground for segregation in instruction and the accomplishment spreads between white and minority pupils are about predetermined by the bounds set for those minority pupils.

In Kozol’s article “Still Separate. Still Unequal-America’s educational apartheid. ” Kozol speaks of how the American educational system has been seeking to diversify the pupil organic structure in public schools for decennaries. They have even built several new schools in largely white vicinities. trusting that the close propinquity of the school would promote white parents to direct their kids to those schools. Alternatively. when parents see that largely African Americans and Hispanics attend these schools. they pull their kids out of them and direct them to private. white establishments. Shouldn’t we be directing our kids to diverse schools to learn them how to the existent universe really is? The universe is diverse with multiple races and backgrounds.

What is most upseting about this article is that this thought of diversifying schools is used excessively frequently. “Schools in which every bit few as 3 or 4 per centum of pupils may be white or Southeasterly Asiatic or of Middle Eastern beginning are referred to as ‘diverse’” ( 43 ) . In The Wire it is apparent that there is small to NO diverse pupil organic structure. Most to all of the pupils are African American. it is merely the instructors that are diverse such as Mr. Prezbo. Assistant Principal Marcia Donnelly. and UM Professor David Parenti. Like The Wire though. schools in the South Bronx country have really small support and the schools are invariably a muss. “In another simple school which had been built to keep 1. 000 kids but was packed to spliting with some 1. 500″ ( 44 ) . No 1 wants to direct their kids to schools that are non working properly-especially parents who have money to direct their kids to a better school.

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“In the first topographic point. God made imbeciles. That was for pattern. Then he made school boards. ” ( Mark Twain ) . The educational essay written by Jonathan Kozol titled “Still Separated. Still Unequal” . is much like the quotation mark by Mark Twain. This essay shows how today’s’ school system is still separated and unequal harmonizing to a person’s tegument colour or race even though the tribunal instance of ‘Brown vs. Board of Education’ purportedly resolved this. Kozol’s essay is written peculiarly for educated pupils and grownups in order to inform the reader that school systems of today are still separated and unequal. Kozol uses inductive concluding along with logical development. other persuasive entreaties. and rhetorical devices to develop his statement.

Jonathan Kozol uses concluding or logic to turn out that the school systems of today are separated and unequal for pupils based on the colour of their tegument or their race. An illustration of this is when the author informs the reader of the exact per centums of pupils by race in schools across the state. “In Chicago 87 % of public-school registration was black or Latino ; less than 10 % was white. In Washington D. C. . 94 % black or Latino ; to less than 5 % white. In New York City. about three quarters of the pupils were black or Latino. ” ( 239-240 ) .

The usage of pure facts alternatively of personal sentiments makes this issue seem like a existent job alternatively of merely one man’s sentiment. Another manner logic is used within this essay is when the author portions a personal experience. “In a school I visited in the autumn of 2004 in Kansas City. Missouri. for illustration. a papers distributed to visitants studies that the school’s course of study “addresses the demands of kids from diverse backgrounds. “…I learned that 99. 6 per centum of pupils there were African American. ” ( 242 ) . In this usage of logic. the author uses facts to assist the reader understand that there are countries of unequal and detached intervention within the school system of today.

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Within this essay there are besides utilizations of other persuasive entreaties. including poignancy and ethos. Pathos is used in this essay in order to associate it with a reader’s emotions while ethos is used to demo the writer’s moral character. Pathos is used when the author speaks to a pupil of the Bronx. “Think of it this manner. ” said a sixteen-year-old miss. “If people in New York woke up one twenty-four hours and learned that we were gone…how would they experience? …I think they’d be relieved. ” ( 424 ) . This portion of the essay is used to do the reader experience guilty that this miss lived in a society where she grew up experiencing everyone did non care about her or others of her race. Both poignancy and ethos are used when the author speaks to a principal of a South Bronx school while they looking at a collapsed subdivision of the ceiling. which was covered by a refuse bag. “This…would non go on to white kids. ” ( 244 ) . The usage of ethos affects the reader’s emotions and makes them desire to assist this school system.

The last rhetorical devices the author utilizations are repeat. tone. and imagination. Repeat is used in this essay with expressions such as. “You’re ghetto…so we send you to the factory” and “You’re ghetto so you sew! ” ( 253 ) . in order to demo how the school course of study teaches pupils to underperform. Tone is used within this essay to convey sorrow of these students’ state of affairss. For illustration. when the author speaks of a missive written by a miss named Elizabeth. “It is non just that other childs have a garden and new things. But we don’t have that. ” ( 243 ) . The unhappiness used in this statement makes a reader feel bad for the kid and want to rectify the job of inequality. Imagery is used to depict how ailing school edifices are kept when the writer describes a South Bronx school. “…a watercourse of H2O flowed down one of the chief stairwells…green fungus casts were turning in the office. ” ( 244 ) .

“All work forces are created equal ; it is merely work forces themselves who place themselves above equality. ” ( David Allan Coe ) . In the same manner. Jonathan Kozol’s essay shows how school systems of today still treat people otherwise harmonizing to the colour of their tegument or their race even though all work forces are the same regardless of these two differences.