Advantages and Disadvantages of High Self-Esteem – Essay Sample

I. Having high self-esteem holding both advantage and disadvantage.

II. Having high self-pride has both advantages and disadvantages in footings of being egoistic.

A. In a positive manner. it makes them largely trust themselves and are non concerned with what others think, which means they could cover with hard determination more easy and it is a good manner to develop their self-fulfillment.

B. In a negative manner, they might go chesty and non be able to accept the different thoughts of others because they are merely trust themselves and that makes they think that people who have different thoughts are ever inferior than them.

III. Having high self-pride has both advantages and disadvantages in footings of aspiration.

A. Harmonizing from the study and essay writing they found that people who have higher self-pride are more internally goaded which makes them ambitious and ready to accomplish their ends and more than half of them are holding more success in their occupations.

B. However, it does non vouch that all of them would go successful on their plants. Having more aspiration besides means acquiring more high hopes and it is non easy for them to accept letdown which could go on anytime.

IV. Having high self-pride has both advantages and disadvantages in footings of societal interaction.

A. People high in self-esteem claim to be more sympathetic and attractive because they feel more confident to do friends and socialise with other people. Furthermore, they could be able to do societal state of affairss run swimmingly than those who have lower in self-pride.

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B. In contrast, due to self-love, those with high self-pride might non associate with others good and might hold relationship jobs because whatever they do or state are come from merely what they want and frequently they have non thought about others feelings and it could effects to their relationships.

V. A. Having high self-pride has both tops and downsides.

B. Advantages and Disadvantages of holding High self-prides are effected by many factors that can act upon a person’s ego –esteem like being egoistic, aspiration and societal interaction.

C. To avoid acquiring in the dark side of holding high self-pride, you should maintain merely merely its positive sides to use in your ain life and maintain in head the negative sides in order to aware yourself.