Advantages and Disadvantages of Science and Technology Essay Sample


From handheld computing machines to touch phones. technological promotions in the field of communicating are endless. The means and the manners of communicating are unlimited. Some of the benefits of technological promotions in the field of communicating are: Speed: clip is no longer a restraint in communicating

Clarity: With megapixel images and picture. and high fidelity audio systems lucidity in communicating has become a never-before experience Proximity: technological promotions have made the universe a smaller topographic point to populate in Dissemination: whether distributing information. airing intelligence. or sharing cognition. engineering has made it faster. easier. and smarter Education

Technological promotions in the field of instruction are fast germinating. Today. e-learning is a familiar and popular term. Some of the benefits of engineering in this field are: Individualized larning experience: Learners are able to take control and pull off their ain acquisition. They set their ain ends. pull off the procedure and content of larning. and communicate with equals. Immediate response: Most e-learning plans provide immediate feedbacks on scholar appraisals. Similarly there are characteristics such as confabs. treatment boards. e-libraries. etc that allow elucidations at a faster gait than in traditional schoolrooms. Self-paced: Learners can chart classs at their ain gait. This ensures higher degrees of motive both in footings of finishing the class every bit good as in public presentation. Greater entree: Technological promotions have opened instruction to scholars with larning disablements and in distant locations.

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