Achievement Results Essay Sample

It is non unusual for clients to have standardised trial consequences and be confused by or misinterpret the information presented. For this assignment. you will analyze two instance scenarios with two different clients. both of whom are dissatisfied or upset with the trial consequences they received. For each instance scenario. you will compose a response that explains how you would turn to each client’s concern. Do non compose a conjectural guidance session between yourself and the client. Accurately explain to the client how to properly construe these standardised trial consequences.

In order to finish this assignment. you will use the cognition you have gained in this category therefore far. Write down all of the information presented in each scenario.

First scenario: Does anything stand out as you review the context? Is at that place anything in the client’s current fortunes ( see your list ) that would act upon the trial consequences? Assess whether the consequences may or may non be accurate. What are your recommendations to the client?

Second scenario: The procedure is simpler. How are achievement trial tonss reported? Does the client understand the significance of the tonss? What are your recommendations to the client?

This assignment must be no more than 1½ pages ( non including title page and/or mention page if needed ) . Use APA arranging for the fount. title/reference page. borders. subdivision headers. etc.

Contemplate how you would discourse the undermentioned state of affairss. Write a narration of what you would pass on to each client.

1. The client is a 17-year-old male high school pupil who has been in reding for three Sessionss. The presenting concern was related to emphasis and insomnia. The client studies he is experiencing a batch of emphasis related to his school assignment and maintaining up his classs every bit good as his engagement in squad athleticss. The client has ne’er received less than an A in any category since come ining high school and takes largely honors-level classs. The client programs to go to Yale University ( both his parents are Yale alumnuss ) . He enters the 4th guidance session visibly disquieted and announces to the counsellor that his SAT tonss were 550 for the Critical Reading subdivision. 520 for the Mathematics subdivision. and 560 for the Writing subdivision. He is concerned that he will non be accepted to Yale with such low SAT tonss.

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2. The client is the female parent of a nine-year-old female. The client’s girl is in 4th class and late took the Iowa Trials of Basic Skills. a study achievement trial. with the undermentioned tonss:


The client is really disquieted about her daughter’s public presentation and tells the counsellor that she thought the kid should hold done better. She is concerned that her girl has fallen behind her equals and perchance has a learning upset.