Accounting Information System: Structure of a Business Essay Sample

Is a construction that a concern uses to roll up. shop. manage. procedure. retrieve and describe its fiscal informations so that it can be used by comptrollers. advisers. concern analysts. directors. main fiscal officers ( CFOs ) . hearers and regulative and revenue enhancement bureaus.

Components of AIS
a. Peoples
-the system users
-professionals who may necessitate to utilize an organization’s AIS include comptrollers. advisers. concern analysts. directors. main fiscal officers and hearers

B. Procedure and Instruction manuals
are the methods it uses for roll uping. hive awaying. recovering and treating informations. -these methods will be both manual and automated. and the informations can come from both internal beginnings ( e. g. . employees ) and external beginnings ( e. g. . customers’ on-line orders ) .

c. Datas
-is all the fiscal information pertinent to the organization’s concern patterns. -The informations included in an AIS will depend on the nature of the concern. but it may dwell of the followers:

•sales orders
•customer charge statements
•sales analysis studies
•purchase requisitions
•vendor bills
•check registries
•general leger
•inventory informations
•payroll information
•tax information

d. Software
-is the computing machine plans used to hive away. recover. procedure and analyse the company’s fiscal informations. e. Information Technology Infrastructure
-the hardware used to run the accounting information system -they include personal computing machines. waiters. pressmans. rush defenders. routers. storage media. and perchance a backup power supply -factors to see in choosing hardware include velocity. storage capableness and whether it can be expanded and upgraded

f. Internal Controls
-are the security measures it contains to protect sensitive informations. These can be every bit simple as watchwords or every bit complex as biometric designation – security steps to protect sensitive informations.

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