Abraham Lincoln and the Self-Made Myth Essay

An ambitious acclivity from a hapless Illinois farm male child to busying the highest political office during one of Americas most disruptive times makes for the literature of hero worship. In the essay entitled Abraham Lincoln the self-made myth Rich Hofstadter challenges the reader to perforate beneath the surface of the American political tradions and look into the event and actions that contributed to the Lincoln Myth. To get down with Hofstadter provinces that one of Lincoln’s most adorable qualisties to Americans was his low beginnings and the fact that. “Lincoln was a leading illustration of that self-help which Americans have ever so admired. ” ( 121 ) . But he farther goes on to province that Lincoln used this to his advantage. First in his run addresss ever evading to himself as low Abraham Lincoln and in the manner he addressed his ain married woman in public as “mother” ( 122 ) .

He received distinguished invitees in shirtsleeves. and one time during his presidential term hailed a soldier out of the ranks with the call. “Bub! Bub! ” The construct of the self-made. simple adult male played good with the American public therefore became “fully absorbed into his political being. ” ( 124 ) . Historical novels and fictionalized lifes about Lincoln would be awry of the greater part of its contents were non dedicated to the slavery issue. Many merely give. “a boring jubilation of the America yesteryear with a progressive reading of American history of her-worship and national self-congratulation. ” ( Forward 2 ) . In Hostadter’s essay he discusses the bondage issue non with a sentimental attack but with critical analysis. Lincoln was a Southerner by birth. He grew up in communities in Illinois where bondage was rare. Laws against runaway slaves were in force when Lincoln served in the province legislative assembly. It was here that Lincoln made his first public statement on bondage by voting against a proslavery declaration.

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