A Tool For Improving Patient Care Information Technology Essay

The construct of Hospital Pharmacy Process Mapping ( HPPM ) and reengineering has been around for a long clip and a batch has been published about it both in books and diaries. Operationss procedures are really critical pillars of wellness attention success in the modern yearss. Even with this in head, many wellness centres across the universe have systematically failed to use the demand for this construct which has been widely adopted by a figure of private wellness attention givers in developed states.

It is hence of import to constructing a clear and deep apprehension of the terminal to stop procedure, their functionality, and their direction challenges that face the twenty-first century wellness attention installation. This construct has widely been used by many industries such as banking, fabrication and services. The cordial reception and health care organisations have non been left behind.

This paper critically examines the procedure of redesigning a pharmaceutics infirmary procedure to replace an archaic one which has systematically failed to impel the infirmary to the coveted highs.


The wellness attention environment has changed enormously in the recent yesteryear owing to the inauspicious technological developments and the dynamic patient penchants and demands. This has presented wellness attention centres with a desperate demand to research new advanced ways of bettering their current procedures with a position to better quality of their patient service and quality of medicine.

One of the most common procedures is pharmacy hospital procedure reengineering which is deemed to be a extremist redesign of the bing procedures in order to accommodate to the alterations in the operating environment. It is through this redesign that wellness centres are able to pull and retain the bing patients every bit good as making efficient internal procedures for their nurses and other staff.

The wellness attention industry, being one of the critical pillars for any economic system, has non been left behind in this pursuit and therefore has responded positively to the alterations in the operating environment. This paper will concentrate on the redesign of a pharmaceutics procedure aimed at minimising the continuance for issue of drugs.

Procedure function

The accomplishment of organisation ends requires that an organisation undertakes a extremist alteration in the current procedures which many of the direction staff may hold efficient. Precisely defined, Hospital Pharmacy Process Mapping refers to the activities that are involved in the day-to-day operations of any wellness centre, the stakeholders involved, the standard guidelines observed and the footing of finding the success of the procedures ( Ericsson, 1994 ) .

This procedure is really helpful to any infirmary since patients are in demand of a faster and efficient procedure which does non bury their demand for odd quality of service. In this instance, the current procedure has to be clearly understood, analyzed and the bing spreads identified in order to plan a new procedure.

Planing for procedure function: a Case of ABC Hospital

The Methodology

There are assorted methodological analysiss in the Hospital Pharmacy Process Mapping with the latest 1 described as labeling which has been created courtesy of technological promotions. It is deemed to be simple, quantitative and systematic. The infirmary procedure to be redesigns will nevertheless affect flow charting, labeling and a critical analysis of the current versus the redesigned procedure ( Feldman, 1998 ) .

For the flow charting, positions from assorted sections will be collected in order to understand the procedure and its spreads after which all the activities will be tagged as a method of uniquely placing them. A comprehensive analysis of the procedures will be conducted as a manner of placing the value add-on to the current procedure.

This will clearly show the benefits of the redesigned procedure to avoid duplicate of the current one or the creative activity of a more bureaucratic one which will take to more disadvantages than advantages.

The Mapped Process

In order to show a clearer image of the redesigned procedure, it is of import to analyse the bing one to place the spreads in the current pharmaceutics procedure. In ABC infirmary, the current procedure takes the patient 50 proceedingss to acquire the drugs through the undermentioned procedure. First, the patient gets the doctor to let go of the prescription in the infirmary package, a procedure which takes 10 proceedingss.

After this the patient will continue to the pharmaceutics and acquires a figure which leads to a delay for his bend to roll up the medical specialties taking a entire 10 proceedingss. After this, the druggist will name the patient ; verify the prescription before fixing the medical specialties, a procedure which cost the patient another 20 proceedingss. It will so take the druggist another 10 proceedingss to distribute the medical specialties and publish the same to the patient ( see appendix 1 ) .

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Analysis of current procedure

This procedure is really long and inefficient given the nature of the health care concern. Given that patients visit the infirmaries largely in sallow conditions, the 50 proceedingss wait is non warranted. Presently, it takes the druggist 20 proceedingss to name the patient and test their prescriptions which are non efficient.

If the pharmaceutics procedure is taking close to one hr in a normal state of affairs it means that the patient will take an approximated three hours if one is to factor in the other enrollment and lab procedures. Indeed, these calls for a redesign of the procedure if the clients are to bask quality and efficiency in the infirmary services.

IT Audit of ABC infirmary

The current scenario, although automated, has serious IT gaps which require a close audit. Based on the apprehension that the infirmary acquired the current package to heighten efficiency, it is clear that this is non working expeditiously and one may confound public violence with a manual attack to service bringing.

One of the cardinal characteristics of an efficient IT system is security taking into history issues of quality and efficiency. Although it may be efficient, the velocity of bringing is of concern in this peculiar instance. The redesigned procedure hence seeks to diminish the clip taken by a patient to roll up the medical specialty through the readying of the medical specialty become the patient ‘s reaching at the pharmaceutics to accomplish a maximal 15 proceedingss from terminal to stop.

Redesigning the current Procedure

The new procedure will be designed based on the spreads identified from the bing procedure. First, all sections have been consulted on the redesign with positions collected and documented clearly. Consultations and brainstorming have been specifically undertaken with the IT division who are the decision makers of all the electronic procedures to guarantee that the current package can manage the proposed alterations.

The procurance squad has besides been consulted to a great extent to turn toing the possible deductions of the stock list platform, with a position of guaranting that all stocks will be updated on a existent clip footing. The finance squad have besides contributed and confirmed that the interface with the books of histories are taken attention of to safeguard the company from possible fiscal losingss originating from this new procedure.

The client experience division have besides given a spell in front, asseverating that this will take to increased client satisfaction degrees which will in bend build the repute and image of the infirmary to a great extend. Last the quality control squad, being the innovators and keepers of the quality initiates has no uncertainty welcomed the new developments.

The PCDA method

In many concern circles today, rate of betterment is a normally used word in specifying the competitory advantage of concerns ( Shewhart, 1986 ) .This procedure was done through the Plan Do Check and Act attack common in concern procedure technology. Besides known as the Deming rhythm, it is a four measure job work outing attack that involves the four actions and is based on the scientific method of Francis Bacon.

This method differs from other methods in that the completeness and truth of the specification is besides used in the betterment portion. The planning involves the scene of aims and the needed procedures for the bringing of the coveted consequences as per the needed end product degrees. This was done for the infirmary procedure when the current procedure was reviewed to find the expected end products for the new procedure ( Shewhart, 1986 ) .

The new procedure is so implemented giving manner to the checking phase. The checking of the new procedure will affect measurement of the new procedure to compare the result against the aims set in the first phase. After the designation of the differences, the following measure is the action phase where the differences are analyzed to find the causes of the differences. The causes will most likely lie in one of the phases and therefore the alterations will be designed to convey the coveted consequences.

This method is widely preferred because it is simple and systematic leting many concerns to be able to utilize it. Further, it introduces the construct of feedback in a scientific procedure, something considered as excess ordinary. The importance of feedback has been cited as afresh synergistic attack to the direction of modern human resources. The method besides uses small resources while presenting the best consequences, a combination that will convey some competitory advantage to a company.

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It is besides based on the belief that human accomplishments and cognition are limited but maintain on bettering. In the practical sense, when get downing a undertaking, some information may non be known and will be revealed in the execution phase. It makes directors to halt operating on guess work but instead on practical state of affairss that have been tested and proved.

The Six Sigma attack

The six sigma is statistical tool used to mensurate the public presentation of a procedure or system. It is widely considered as a direction system which enables the accomplishment of universe category consequences. This method is known for its doctrine that clients are foremost, the application of which uses informations and facts to impel the concern to want highs ( Ericsson, 1994 ) .

By making this, companies will utilize change direction as a competitory tool. The aims of six sigma are as follows:

Decrease of the defects

Improvements in client service

Cost film editing

Control of deviations/valuations for quality betterment

It aims at the terminal to stop procedure measuring

It is of import to foreground that Improvements in many concern domains normally represents important fiscal benefits to many little and average concerns. Others include chances to retain our clients, invention and creativeness and edifice of a repute for top-performing merchandises and services.

The Health Care scenario

All over the universe, the cost of health care is turning an upward curve with the hapless being on the receiving terminal. Many of the health care issues confronting the most of the nurses can merely hold macroeconomic solutions and hence by working on a figure of professionals, six sigma has offered many clients with competitory advantage.

Given the demand to minimise costs at the same clip keeping a high grade of quality services that nurses offer, this method reduces cost by designation and remotion of wastes from the bing or new procedure. This may be a tough one given that implementing the same is an acclivitous undertaking. The proprietors of the procedure can be requested to explicate a direction study, staffs are requested to place the waste in the several meeting and suggest the solution.

Acknowledging that much about their day-to-day occupations is uneconomical and unneeded can be hard for anyone, but it may be particularly difficult for nurses who so straight link their work activities to patient wellness ( Feldman, 1998 ) .It is deserving observing that many modern health care suppliers ( nurses ) are now shiping on cultural alteration by usage of Six Sigma constructs and rules to impel themselves to higher degrees of quality. While this attack and the traditional quality group theoretical accounts are complementary and construct on the traditional set of tools, there are some cardinal differences ( Shewhart, 1986 ) :

Six Sigma

Traditional Quality Programs

Enterprises Determined by Customer determines aims

Enterprises Identified Internally Identification of aims

Critical to Quality Elementss

Sidebar Activity, Often Separated from Business Strategy

Pivotal function in Organization ‘s Culture and Business Strategy

Focus Is on Traveling the Average

The focal point is on extinguishing fluctuation in the client CTQ

Departmental Activity

Emphasizes Cross-Functional

Process Management

This construct offers two theoretical accounts to utilize and which clearly depend upon the nature of the services to be offered by a nurse. The Initiatives will fundamentally concentrate on bettering bing procedures through the DMAIC ( Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control ) theoretical account ; enterprises focused on the development of a new construct to undertake wellness issues, such as those related to a new plan related with nursing or new service to be administered to a patient, follow the DMADV ( Define, Measure, Analyze, Design and Verify ) theoretical account ( Shewhart, 1986 ) .

The stairss

This measure involves specifying the demands of any wellness issue through a careful definition of the same. This besides involves the designation of the aims such as the demand to cut down the turnaround clip for pharmaceutics. The demands have to be specific mensurable, come-at-able, realistic and with specific timelines. It is after this that the measurement portion comes in and which seeks to guarantee that the new procedure is measured against the set aims and criterions.

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At this phase, the determiners of alteration are identified with the purpose of appreciating the causal factors for alteration in the bing wellness issue. After designation of the loopholes, the consequences are analyzed where the avenues for betterment are identified and proposed. The betterment and control so come up with an appropriate solution to the wellness job.

Features of the New Process

Journey function

The redesigned procedure will see the patients follow the same procedure but with a important decrease in the clip taken to acquire the prescriptions. It will get down with the nurse let go ofing the prescription in the IT system to the other nurses at the pharmaceutics squad in a record five proceedingss. The nurses at the pharmaceutics squad will be enabled to hold a dad up in their screens on the new release thereby extinguishing the demand to question the system for a new order in the waiting line.

Since the patient had already been issued with a trial figure, there will be no necessitate to name the client who will hold the trial figure issued at the audience desk. The druggist will continue to fix the medical specialty utilizing the trial figure which is an electronically generated alone codification for single patients but linked to the patients file for late rapprochement of records.

This will take a record five proceedingss given that the nurse is really familiar with the storage of the prescriptions. Since the client is already waiting at the hospital chemist waiting country, the alone codification will be displayed on the screen in forepart of the office motivating a walk to the pharmaceutics counter for the pharmaceutics to distribute the medical specialty.

The nurse will take non more that five proceedingss to explicate to the client the nature, effects and the use of the medical specialty. The patient will utilize the same clip to pay for the same after which they are wished a speedy recovery and released to go forth at their ain pleasance ( Appendix 2 ) .


Although there are possible booby traps that may originate from this function, its success will take the infirmary to a better apprehension of its procedures. It will convey by and large realigned sense of intent with all the nurses in the infirmary able to take the advantage of an efficient system of service bringing. Since they have been widely involved in the redesign, they will be motivated to follow and have the system in which instance the chance of success will increase.

The new procedure will decidedly take to the simplification and betterment of the bing pharmaceutics procedure after the riddance of non value adding activities such as naming of patients. This will interpret to greater productiveness coupled with lower operation cost and lead clip for the infirmary. This will evidently reflect in the books of histories as net incomes.

Further, the nurses will be motivated since their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations will be stress free with small fusss and energy consumed at the pharmaceutics division. In title, this reserved energy could be utilized in other activities such as invention and creativeness in the service bringing forepart besides making an enabling environment for them to give their best to the infirmary. They will hold a better apprehension of the infirmary and their functions in the success of the same.

It is deserving observing that technological developments in the health care industry can non to the full replace the demand for face to confront interactions with nurses but should come in to congratulate each other. Complicated medical processs will still necessitate physical interactions for success. These include operations, tissue replacings and exigency medical attendings

In position of the impacts of engineering on the health care industry, the focal point is easy switching to the nurses moving as service suppliers with a position of set uping the reactions to the developments. Today ‘s patients are interested in speedy and dependable solutions to their jobs and hence lone companies ready to react to these kineticss are likely to happen their manner to competitiveness and market leading. Many of them have already made applaudable attempts in supplying wellness information in their web sites every bit good as through electronic agencies.