A Study On Proposed Study Program Social Policy Essay

The experience of modern Cambodia, the topographic point where I was born and brought up, is one of alone devastation and force. The radical epoch between the 1970s and 1980s reversed the class of national development in the state. Kampuchean kids and young person had besides been drawn into the civil war and political procedure and so were denied their rights to instruction and wellness, and the development of their full potency as members of their society. It was merely in the early ninetiess that a mere stableness of political state of affairs brought about the chance for immature people to take part in the societal, political and economic domains. While immature people have taken portion in economic activities that benefit their families and communities, the extent to which their voices are heard and incorporated in decision-making and development procedure appears to hold been limited. Their involvements in the state ‘s national policies and plans are besides hardly heard. Since young person engagement in the state development procedure can be the premier engine of growing for Cambodia, there is a important demand that solutions to the above-named issues are met.

As a university lector at the Institute of Foreign Languages, and youth myself, I am really concerned about these ongoing issues and the destiny of the hereafter Kampuchean coevalss. I so perceive it as my ain societal and personal duty to happen the solution to these jobs. I besides believe that it is a corporate duty for each and every young person of my coevals to fall in together in the attempt to farther physique and strengthen Cambodia. That is why I decided to prosecute my unmarried man ‘s and maestro ‘s grades in instruction. However, I have merely come to recognize that instruction entirely is limited in its capacity to assist youth recognize their possible functions and parts to their state development to a certain extent. There is yet an indispensable demand that young person ‘s part to their society, their voices and involvements are recognized at both the national and sub-national degrees. In other words, there should be a legal model such as a national young person policy to enable kids and young person to do their voices and part accepted and valued. Consequently, they need to be empowered through systematic preparation and execution of pertinent policies.

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Given the fact that the consecutive disposals have ne’er paid adequate attending to kids and young person issues within the state, Cambodia is in demand of intelligent policy advocators who will convey a positive alteration. Apart from those policy defects, the function of kids and young person in the Kampuchean communities are farther constrained by long-established cultural norms. As for my ain work experience, I have encountered several age and cognition hierarchy issues. When I was working for the Asiatic Disaster Preparedness Center as Disaster Project Assistant where I was involved with community catastrophe undertakings, I came to understand that the community leaders and governments seldom accepted my enterprises, indirectly concluding that I was inexperienced and that I had to listen to them who were more senior. As I moved to prosecute in academic work, I have besides been sing about the same issue. While my senior co-workers sidelong reject my suggestions, some of my older pupils see me a immature instructor who should non be in the place to learn or rede them.

With this experience of being neglected from the community as young person, I have an insatiate desire to protect other immature people of both my coevals and the following from enduring the same manner as I have had. I besides wish to transfuse a better grasp of the value of youth engagement in those influential authorizes and community leaders whose patterns and beliefs have hindered youth engagement in the state development procedure. It is this strong sense of recommending for a better hereafter of kids and young person that has motivated me to use for this MA in Development Studies plan with specialisation in Children and Youth Studies. As for the class of my survey, I wish to concentrate on international development policy and the Cambodia modern-day socio-cultural and political development policy through research and by working with specializers in the field. Acquiring sufficient cognition in these chief countries is cardinal to the key of researching how to assist kids and young persons make their voices and involvements recognized, every bit good as of look intoing which policy plants and which does non for them. My future end is to go an advocator for kids and young person in Cambodia in order to do them well-prepared for their hereafter and to do productive usage of their cognition, positions and experience. I wish to authorise them through set uping a national young person policy that provides a safe and supportive environment for them to prosecute in the state development activities. I believe this policy will open up their universe and chances to understand their larger society, construct relationships and sharpen their cognition and accomplishments so that they are better-prepared to be the future leaders of the household, community and state.

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I am optimistic and confident that the prospective surveies at ISS will fit me good with sufficient theoretical cognition and understanding towards accomplishing my calling end and beyond as a policy advocator for Cambodia ‘s kids and young person. Therefore, being admitted to this proposed plan plays a critical function in enabling me to carry through my aspiration in working for a improvement of the immature Cambodians and Cambodia hereafter likewise.