A Study On Data Protection Act Social Policy Essay

For the interest of this unit, I must set about an activity which will be to the benefit to one of our service participants. I must discourse the procedures of this activity at every phase with this person. Throughout this paper I shall besides mention to our service participant as Dan and our service as “the Group” . This is non the existent name of our client or our group. By making this I am following with our administrations policy of confidentiality. This policy was designed to conform to the ( ref 1 ) Data Protection Act of 1998. This Act ensures client confidentiality and any information written about a client is accurate, true and any sentiments are nonsubjective, substantiated by factual grounds. The Act besides allows the person to do a formal application to see the information held on them by the Group. To place a undertaking which would profit one of our service participants I had legion thorough treatments with the director of the Group. This was to guarantee that any undertaking undertaken complied with our administrations fundamental law which concentrates on societal inclusion of grownups with larning disablements and the activity is hazard assessed. We so went on to place an person who would bask and profit from this activity.

The activity I have decided upon is to back up Dan to do a piece of African art that can be exhibited at our Malawi Awareness fund raising flushing with others from the art group. I will give him pick in make up one’s minding what type of art he would wish to do, through providing a pick of stuffs and beginning stuffs. Giving Dan picks and the right to free look complies with the ( Ref A ) Human Rights Act 1998.

There is no widely accepted definition of a learning disablement and there is an on-going argument of the definition. However, there are certain factors that are agreed upon.

  1. Those with a larning disablement have troubles with educational success and growing.
  2. An uneven form of their human development is noticeable i.e. physical, perceptual, educational and linguistic communication developments. ( Ref 2 ) [ I ]

The NHS and Community Care Act of 1990 ( Ref B ) , implemented in 1993 saw the closing of establishments. This saw the motion of grownups with larning disablements to being cared for in the community, either by their ain households or in little supported lodging being cared for by the voluntary sector or societal work section. ( Ref 3 ) [ two ] “The Same as You” scheme of 2000 by the Scottish executive is committed to supplying equity, equality and societal inclusion for grownups with larning disablements. As a consequence of this scheme the local community set up the “Group” to supply socialization to assist with societal inclusion of grownups with acquisition disablements through one to one befriending and group activities.

Dan lived within a atomic household unit where he was given the basic human demands of nutrient, shelter, vesture, love and socialization to populate until the age of 6. He so moved into a local establishment until 1995. With the aid of his household, until the age of 6 he was able to run into the bottom three phases as seen in Maslow`s hierarchy of demands pyramid. ( Ref4 ) Abraham Maslow ( 1908-1970 ) was a humanist psychologist who developed this theoretical account between the 1940s and 1950`s in the USA.

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This theoretical account consisted of five phases. He stated that we are all motivated by demand. He stated that we must fulfill these demands in bend, get downing with the first. The first phase is the biological and, the 2nd demand is that of security, the 3rd demand is belonging and love, the 4th demand is esteem and the 5th demand is self realization which is gaining personal potency. Within his household unit Dan, as sociologist Talcott Parsons ( 1923-1979 ) as cited in ( Ref5 [ iii ] ) will hold gained his primary socialization and emotional stableness. After the decease of his aged female parent Dan relied wholly on his aged male parent for any continued socialization out with the establishment. Dan`s development was affected by being institutionalised he now has no societal accomplishments, no route work accomplishments and has had no signifier of instruction. After 1995, when the authorities schemes of shuting big establishments were implemented, Dan was given a place within supported adjustment as his male parent had become handicapped.

These schemes of shuting big establishments came approximately as a consequence of the execution of the NHS and Community Care Act of 1990 and the Human Rights Act of 1998.

After being institutionalized Dan did non like to travel out unless his male parent was with him and tended non to interact with anyone when introduced. He suffers from anxiousness onslaughts and gets agitated when his modus operandi alterations and when in a big group state of affairs. When with more than two people he must be able to sit on his ain or at the terminal of a row. He does non like experiencing hemmed in. He is unable to read or compose and has trouble doing a determination ; hence, he can merely be given limited picks.

Dan`s behavior may be explained by the theories of ( Ref 6 ) J.B. Watson ( 1878-1958 ) who created the term behaviorism and believed that all behavior is learned, that it happened by association and is besides determined by the milieus. Watson showed this in the Little Albert experiment. His anxiousness onslaughts, behaviorists claim, is a effect of negative support, when Dan comes across a state of affairs which makes him dying, Dan is apt to go nervous and steer clear of the peculiar fortunes. The turning away behaviour is negatively reinforced and the anxiousness is maintained. Suddenly holding his environment changed from a loving place to an impersonal establishment may good hold contributed to his current behavioral jobs. Lev Vygotsky and Russian cognitive psychologist believed that development was guided by civilization and interpersonal communicating with important grownups. Bing institutionalised will hold reduced Dan`s opportunities of holding regular of import communicating with a important grownup. Vygotsky stated that to larn a scope of undertakings that are excessively hard on their ain, a kid must be shown or guided by person who is more knowing. This became known as the “Zone of proximal development” . In the attention puting where Dan spent his life, the opportunities of a kid being challenged to larn new accomplishments would hold been diminished or non-existent. Vygotsky was the first to detect that societal isolation caused a hold in both societal and cognitive development. While ( Ref 7 ) Martin E.P. Seligman an American psychologist in 1965 by chance discovered erudite weakness, a behavior ensuing from an person`s evident hopelessness over life events. Learned weakness is common amongst those who have been institutionalised and behaviorists believe that it can besides be unlearned.

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Dan was introduced to fall in the “Group” by his male parent in an effort to increase his societal circle and assurance by one to one befriending. Dan would hold been assessed at his initial appraisal by a member of the Group staff. He would hold been asked a figure of inquiries utilizing PIES to set up what his Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Social demands were. This information would hold been put into his activity program which we use alternatively of a Care Plan. As under the NHS and Community Care ( Scotland ) Act 1990 everyone is entitled to a attention program. Dan will hold such a program set up by the societal work section. To increase his societal circle as requested by his male parent, we included him in a figure of activities which has expanded his range of societal activity and made him less stray. Dan was instead introspective and diffident but through one to one befriending I found that the activity he was most interested in was painting. I mentor at the art group which helps grownups with larning disablements gain new accomplishments, addition assurance, better ego regard, socialization and ego realization through creativeness.

By making the proposed activity I hope to assist Dan better the 4th phase of Maslow`s hierarchy of demands, of regard. ( Ref 8 ) Carl Rogers ( 1902-1987 ) the Humanist psychologiststressed the importance of creativeness in doing us able to achieve our full potency. Creativity and bring forthing art is mending, rehabilitating, life enhancing every bit good as satisfying.

Although this will be a group activity I shall be concentrating on Dan for this unit. I have used and will go on to utilize the task-centred theoretical account in be aftering this exercising ; this is a short-run job work outing attack. This had five phases- Problem Identification ( appraisal ) , Agreement, Planning ends, Achieving Tasks and Evaluation. Here, the client takes concrete action to work out the job. The Initial interview or stage allowed Dan to show his demand to hold more assurance when in a room with more people in order to be able to bask more activities. He wants to finish a picture and to be present at its exhibition. To accomplish these ends, we will hold on the stairss and undertakings that will let Dan to achieve his end. We will underscore the undertakings that will be required to be completed to let Dan to exhibit his work of art and hold on timescales for the undertakings. Other interviews will take topographic point to guarantee that we are on path and that Dan still feels safe and confident making the agreed undertakings, if non we will look at other options available to us.

After discoursing and acquiring the understanding of my director I spoke to Dan in comfy and quiet milieus, to discourse my proposals. I asked Dan to sit down where I used the SOLER techniques to help in communicating. Using the SOLER theory I used the five basic constituents used in communicating. I sat forthrightly on at the tabular array turned towards one another. I adopted an unfastened position. I sat so that we had regular but varied oculus contact and that Dan could see my facial looks and gestures to help in communicating. This besides let him cognize that I was involved in the state of affairs. I leaned frontward somewhat to convey to him that I was interested and committed to actively listen to him.

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For this activity my purposes and aims are to:

  1. To guarantee Dan is included in the procedure of be aftering this activity.
  2. To assist Dan increase his assurance and demo his creativeness.
  3. To guarantee that he feels safe, secure and comfy during the production and exhibition of his art work.
  4. To hold him exhibit a piece of art work, along with other art group participants, influenced by Africa and or Malawi. He has ne’er exhibited his work earlier in an organized exhibition.
  5. Agree timescales for what we want to accomplish.


  1. I will guarantee that adequate art stuffs, resource stuffs and paper are available for Dan to utilize. These will be available from the art closet.
  2. . Dan and I shall discourse how to mount his art work, which colour and type of mount board to utilize.
  3. We shall discourse where to place his art work on the selected wall.
  4. His art work will be completed within an art group puting over a 2hr period one hebdomad prior to our eventide.
  5. I will inquire staff members and voluntaries to go portion of art Sessionss with Dan and give each individual a clip and day of the month to come along to the Sessionss prior to the exhibition as a slow debut to an addition in group Numberss.

All of these activities will take topographic point at “the Group” premises where I am confident that I am able to maintain Dan safe. He is familiar with this infinite and feels secure here. Under the ( Ref 9 ) Regulation of attention Act ( Scotland ) 2001Dan has a right to experience safe and unafraid. I will make Risk Assessments at all activities as this complies with the ( Ref C ) Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The exhibition will take topographic point on May 20th2010.


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