A Story Review On Single Parents Social Work Essay

Judy ne’er told her strong-arming experience to her female parent and brother, and her friends. Harmonizing to her female parent, they have few relation to acquire along with.

Judy was referred by her category instructor, who found her being bullied and shouting in the category sometimes. After speaking with Judy, the category instructor understood that Judy has invariably been bullied by her schoolmates since she admitted to the secondary school. Sometimes, Judy ‘s properties were destroyed and she was hit by the schoolmates in the school.

In the first interview, Judy told the societal worker she was bullied in the school by her schoolmates. It can be felt that Judy was reluctantly to speak about her past intimidation experience. So the societal worker tried to inquire some relevant inquiries, like the relationship with friends and schoolmates and whether she one time tried to construct connexion with new friends. Judy started to talk more about herself. She stated that on the trim clip she would instead to remain along to books than take portion in some group activities, for being apprehension for the personal onslaught physically and verbally. As for her interpersonal relationship, Judy mentioned that she had a few friends but they were rather busy with their ain concern. Then Judy said she ne’er told to her yet, because she was afraid of deriving concerns to her female parent. And Judy did non state to her brother Andy yet, for she revealed that Andy was so dedicated his attempts to schooling that he seldom had clip to chew the fat with her. Additionally, she mentioned that her female parent had rather high outlook for her brother. At last, the societal worker asked Judy about her academic public presentation. She said it was mean and had non much clip to cover with her prep, for she ever help her female parent to make the day-to-day household jobs. It was emphasized by Judy that her female parent was really busy with two occupations so she wanted to portion the heavy load from her female parent ‘s shoulder.

Madam Wong ‘s position of the jobs

When Madam. Wong being told the intimidation experience, she was so disquieted to inquire the particular inside informations about the series of incidents. She was bit by bit unagitated down after the societal worker comfort her. Madam Wong said they had small communicating at place by the ground of her busy occupation and tonss of housekeeping, but she added that Judy ever assist her to make some housekeeping. And she thought Judy was an obedient and quiet kid at place. Then, after acquiring consent from Madam Wong the societal worker asked some inquiries about her matrimony. She did non state much about merely mentioned they divorced in the early old ages, so the societal worker could non delve out more information about the influence of divorce on the kids.

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Andy Cheung ‘s position of the jobs

The brother felt disquieted when being told the intimidation incidents happened on her sister, and demoing strong tidal bore to the societal worker on the solution to Judy ‘s experience. However, Andy stressed that the fewer communicating between Judy and him merely because he had to analyze hard. When inquiring him about the household relationship before and after parent ‘s divorce, Andy recounted that they did hold more clip disbursement together.


Core issues

Since Judy ‘s instance was referred by her category instructor, the societal worker took the duty to do Judy ‘s female parent and brother acknowledged of the incidents.

From the one-to-one interview and joint interview, the societal worker can generalise that undertaking Judy ‘s intimidation experience is the nucleus issue in the whole procedure. It was the first clip for Judy ‘s household members to cognize what happened on Judy, and both of them showed great and manifest concerns and concerns about her. It besides can be seen that they eager to cognize how to assist Judy be safe from any intimidation or tease. Whereas, the unusual state of affairs was that Judy ‘s households were non the first 1s to admit of Judy ‘s agony. Therefore, it can be speculated the household bonds between female parent and girl, brother and sister are weak from the interview.

Analysis of job

The strong-arming experience of Judy ‘s rooted in interconnected factors. First, the household moral force is non good, for the communicating among household members was few. There might be some implicit in grounds for that, it can be seen particularly when Madam Wong tried to avoid speaking more about her matrimony but stressed that the busy occupation was the cause which refrained interacting from her girl. By detecting, the manner of Madam Wong ‘s impression was how the job maintained instead than the cause and consequence ( Crago, 2006 ) .Second, Judy might miss some societal accomplishments to cover with schoolmates ‘ intimidation, for she did non state her experience to anyone until her category instructor found that.

Strengths and chances

The apprehension is the personality strength of Judy. Further more, Madam Wong and Andy radiated the concerns and concerns when being told about Judy ‘s intimidation experience, which demonstrate there is a great opportunity the household bonds can be strengthened.

·Recommendation for followups:

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Case end

Helping Judy tackle with the intimidation experience.

Helping Judy reintegrate into the school societal life.

Enhancing the household bonds is the long-run end.

Case program

First, the societal worker program to run into Judy her female parent and brother in order to obtain the information from different positions, and the household moral force and possible domestic causes of the instance.

Second, harmonizing to the information collected above, there will be the household therapy for client to acquire support from household members. During the procedure, the societal worker had better invite clients to speak more about their strengths and accomplishment, instead than the sensed failing and failures ( Crago, 2006 ) .

Third, in the Centre, we will propose some societal accomplishments developing workshop and one-to-one guidance for Judy. The societal worker can follow the solution-focus attack to assist better Judy ‘s societal accomplishments, which is based on the construct of societal building ( Atwood, 1997 ) .

Persons to be contacted

Social worker: Miss MENG Yuan

Contact Number: 6929 4182

Issues to be discussed/intervened

First of all, in the followups, the societal worker demands to reach Judy ‘s category instructor to look into more about the declaration of school on Judy ‘s intimidation experience, and whether there is any resource can protect Judy ‘s rights and personal safety, like some the School Guidance Team or the other governments. It is the precedence in Judy ‘s instance that to guarantee she can go on to analyze and socialise good at school.

The societal worker thought Madam Wong ‘s pervious matrimony might hold possible influence on the Judy ‘s psychological and emotional growing. In the visible radiation of Madam Wong ‘s involuntariness to speak more about her matrimony or certain important incidents, the undermentioned session demands pay attending on that and seek to happen out the implicit in grounds or possible triggers for Judy ‘s jobs. Additionally, to cognize and understand the positions from Judy towards to her male parent is besides really of import, particularly after roll uping the information from Madam Wong of her matrimony.


After the simulating as the societal worker in the joint interview, the first scene come to my head is experiencing myself like a bull hotfooting into a China shop. It was my first attempt to be role-playing as a societal worker, I felt nervous though I still prepared the lineation and chief aims of the interview with Madam Wong and her boy. I think there are many accomplishments and some regulations I need to pattern and better in the hereafter. First, acquiring the consent from the clients is truly of import and will be the key to the intercession. Before I wanted to run into Judy ‘s female parent I should hold gotten consent from Judy. And in the scene of the joint-interview, I should hold asked Madam Wong foremost before I talked with Andy on his parent ‘s divorce every bit good. Second, I was a small spot haste to inquire Madam Wong the ground why on Judy ‘s experience so that I was sort of ignore her little emotional alteration at that clip. I need to equilibrate the chief client and the relevant parties with my apprehension and empathy to the largest extent. Thus, I think it is rather hard to be cognizant of the interviewee ‘s feeling and little emotional alteration particularly when he/she is non the client. In the future arrangement, I truly need to pay more attending and attempts on this to better my sensitiveness and speedy response in the similar state of affairs.

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Further more, I think the biggest obstruction of the guidance procedure is myself, and so does the personal strength. Those are rooted in my personalities and the ways I look at things, and the personalities and positions towards life do impact my communicating manner and interaction form. Therefore, there is a inquiry hovering in my head that how do I cover with the internal system of ‘my manner ‘ and the learnt communicating and assisting accomplishments. This is my concern every bit good as the confusions: everyone has his or her alone manner to pass on with others. The strong individualized manner of communicating must hold its drawbacks and strengths, which besides derive from our personalities and temperaments. So sometimes, when something different from my type of communicating, I started to oppugn myself ‘am I incorrectly, what should I do to do compensation or betterment ‘ . I think I truly need to calculate out how to do a self-exploration a peaceable manner.

It is necessary to medicate and reflect myself in order to pacify the interior struggle with the outer position of points. I am a typical solution-oriented and straightforward individual, so the efficiency and effectivity are ever my two greatest concerns during the guidance procedure. For I want to work out client ‘s job every bit shortly as possible merely because I do truly non desire to see their painful agonies any more and assist them expeditiously. After the first interview I did, I realized that the grade and velocity of credence of a suggestion is different from different people. I can non enforce my ‘rhythm and rime ‘ to my client but walk with them.

Now, the replies are clearer to me, the new and external accomplishments created a platform for me to cognize myself and pull out the valued impressions or adept audience. I have learnt a batch from the deep debriefing and graphic role-play of the old Sessionss.