A Story Review On A Single Parent Social Work Essay

Bridget is a 20 twelvemonth old individual female parent of two male childs, Abby and Russell. The male childs are two twelvemonth old twins. Bridget, the main supporter of this instance survey, is confronting and seeking to get the better of the challenges and troubles of her early twelvemonth old ages and her present twenty-four hours economic and societal state of affairs and supply a stable, unafraid and alimentary environment for her twins.

This analytical exercising purposes to analyze societal attention intercession for Bridget in her function as a individual parent and suggest impermanent and lasting solutions that will profit her, her kids and her drawn-out household. Two distinguishable methods of societal work intercession, viz. individual centred guidance and group work and are taken up for the intent of this survey.

Bridget is the girl of Lynn and David. The twosome gave birth to three other kids Adrian, Frank and Lauren. All four kids were removed from their parents after the twosome separated merely after the birth of their youngest kid, Frank. The kids were placed in attention as their female parent was considered to be incapable of caring for them. Bridget was 6 and Adrian 12 when they had to go forth their place. Bridget and Lauren, despite being adopted, faced emotional and sexual subjugation in their Foster places and did non bask secure and happy childhoods. Bridget left her adoptive parents and suffered a disturbed teenhood, which included gestation, abortion and giving up of school. She became pregnant once more through a relationship with a married individual. Abby and Russell were born when their female parent was 18.

Bridget, along with her two kids, now lives with Louisa, her grandma. Louisa ( 67 ) , who is Lynn ‘s female parent, attentions for Abby and Russell and does much of the mundane family work. Russell suffers from intellectual paralysis and autism. Whilst Louisa tries her uttermost to care for the twins, she is happening her carer duties instead hard. Bridget has been able to regenerate her relationship with Adrian and works with him in the same saloon. Both of them nevertheless have small contact with their sister Lauren. Their youngest brother Frank died from an inordinate dosage of drugs a few old ages back. Brigid values her relationship with her brother, even though she does non acquire along good with his spouse Melanie. Her kids are nevertheless really friendly with Adrian ‘s two boies and Melanie ‘s girl, all of whom live together. Bridget indulges in hemp on occasion and likes intoxicant. She met with a route accident some clip back.

Appropriate societal work intercession can assist Bridget s good as other persons described in the survey. Both Bridget and Adrian have undergone adversity and troubles in their early old ages. Both are seeking to set up themselves in life, supply for their households and construct strong and supportive sibling relationships, despite Melanie ‘s hostility for Bridget. Louisa on the other has feelings of guilt about non caring for her four grandchildren when they urgently needed her support and is now seeking to assist every bit much as she can.

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Suitable societal work intercession can assist Bridget, Adrian and Louisa. This survey focuses on the pertinence of such intercession in assisting Bridget ‘s to better her fortunes. Two specific and contrasting societal work attacks, individual centred guidance and group work, are taken up for probe and analysis for this intent.

Person Centred Counselling

Person centred guidance is a type of humanistic guidance that was created by Carl Rogers. It deals with the many ways in which people consciously view their ain egos, instead than in holding their unconscious thoughts or ideas interpreted by a counselor. A figure of different tools and constituents like active hearing, genuineness and paraphrasing are used in this method. This type of reding is based on the premise that the service users already possess solutions to their jobs and the appropriate map of the counselor should be to listen in a non-judgemental mode, refrain from giving advice, and assist service users in understanding their ain feelings and in feeling accepted.

Bridget has undergone an highly hard childhood and young person. She was separated from her parents when she was an absolute kid and subsequently faced an opprobrious environment in her adoptive place. She has been deprived of the protection, reassurance and comfort of a echt place ambiance and has non been able to complete her secondary instruction. Whilst she has developed friendly relationships with the other kids who were with her in attention, she has besides been introduced to and taken a liking for intoxicant and marihuana. Though she is by nature a positive, warm, outgoing, and hardworking single, her deficiency of instruction, the demand to supply for her kids, and her propensity for substance abuse could good take to negative emotions and feelings of inadequacy, anxiousness and uncertainness. Her unsatisfactory relationship with Melanie could besides take to fear about its impact on her relationship with Adrian, which is really of import for her.

The individual centred attack calls for three of import pre necessities, viz. “ empathetic apprehension, absolute positive respect, and congruity ” , on the portion of a counselor for the building of suited fortunes for the good development and helpful alteration of a service user. Empathic understanding calls upon counselors to clearly and thoroughly hold on the ideas, significances and emotions of service users from their positions. Absolute positive respect requires counselors to unconditionally accept service users and let them to look into, entree, and analyze their feelings and emotions, both positive and negative, without being discerning about rejection, depreciation or dismissal. Service users should be provided with the freedom to research, analyze, and articulate without holding to conform to peculiar norms of behavior. Congruence calls upon counselors to be crystalline. Rogers states it to be necessary that counselors do non cover themselves with cloaks of cognition, authorization, and professional competency in their dealing with service users. It is of import that they are blunt and transparent in their interaction with service users. The usage of these three individual centred attacks will authorise clients to convey forth their ain singularity and individualism, forsake conformist ways of behavior, and uncover their true egos.

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Rogers considers the usage of these attacks to be cardinal to individual centred guidance for the accomplishment of positive results. The indispensable focal point in these attacks remainders on the emotions, ideas, feelings, and thoughts of service users, instead than on the sentiments of counselors. The individual centred attack in this sense is similar to feminist theory, which besides involves a one-on-one partnership between a counselor and the client, instead than a conventional theoretical account of a healer possessing superior cognition and function. Feminist theory besides works towards the creative activity of a gender carnival attack through the intervention of persons with a comprehension of the impact of the present societal and cultural environment. This attack is based upon the premise that personality development is associated with the social outlook that adult females are chiefly responsible for taking attention of kids. Feminist theory utilises this premise for the development of strength, healing, and growing in service users.

Bridget is really likely to see feelings of insufficiency with respect to her ability to supply for and expression after her kids. These feelings could emanate because of her hapless earning capacity, her uncomplete schooling, and her deficiency of cognition of place and household. Such feelings are likely to be exacerbated because of Russell ‘s hard physical status and the likeliness that he will necessitate significant aid to construct his hereafter.

Person centred reding in these fortunes can assist Bridget by helping her to dig profoundly into her past life and shed the insecurities and frights that stem from her hard experiences. The individual centred attack, when combined with feminist theory, can assist Bridget in taking pride in her function as female parent and supplier to her two kids and increase her sense of ego regard and assurance. Such realization of her ego regard and her built-in capablenesss can good increase her sense of duty, better her mental strength, and take her off from intoxicant and drugs. The usage of the three cardinal attacks in individual centred guidance will her in casting the negative emotions, apprehensivenesss and insecurities associated with her childhood and better her mental preparedness to confront present and future challenges.

Group Work

Gertrude Wilson, the innovator of group work in societal work, was among the early societal work practicians who spotted the potency of group work as a tool for societal work.

Group work aims are both societal and single. It can in peculiar aid service users through their engagement in enriching and appropriate group activity and thereby help in their development into more confident, assured and focused persons. Group activity can assist participants in acquisition, moving, accomplishment of justness and just drama, and eventually in healing of emotional hurt. Groups of different types, which provide self aid and different types of support, are progressively being used for societal work intercession. The most well-known group in societal work intercession is represented by Alcoholics Anonymous, a group motion that has spread across the universe and helped 1000s of persons in battling unmanageable and self destructive internal irresistible impulses. Group rank encourages participants to unwrap facets of their lives and behaviors and systematically reflect on how their behavior and responses affects group members or the wider context such as their households, employers or their neighbors ( Phillips, 2001, p 6 to 24 ) . The pattern of actuating each other by manner of past experiences or group solutions ferments possible for alteration ( Phillips, 2001, p 6 to 24 ) . Such group activity is now used for assorted types of societal work intercessions.

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Preston – Shoot suggests that members, in order to be described as a group should hold a shared intent, be mutualist, have some physical propinquity, retain some acknowledgment of group boundaries and be within a scope of clip frames, though non to go on indefinitely. Whilst there are a assortment of groups ( Phillips, 2001, p 6 to 24 ) , the 1s most relevant to Bridget are educational groups, societal intervention groups, treatment groups, self help groups and self directed groups ( Phillips, 2001, p 6 to 24 ) . Educational groups basically aim to supply members with practical cognition such as day-to-day life necessities or negociating accomplishments with societal public assistance bureaus ( Phillips, 2001, p 6 to 24 ) . Bridget despite being a female parent for two old ages is basically a 20 twelvemonth old miss who is non expected to be adequately acquainted with regulations on parenting. An educational group would hence non merely equip her with custodies on cognition and counsel on parenting, but besides heighten her cognition and contact with other societal work bureaus. Such interaction will enable her to turn to Russell ‘s autism with attention and information and expression after her kids adequately even whilst working. Educational groups besides prepare people for passages such as work to retirement or junior to secondary school.

As Bridget has no formal academic makings and would wish to finish her class, it would be helpful if she were to hold a group of likeminded people to confer with with and fix her for the passage. A societal intervention group, one that claims to keep bing adaptative behaviors even whilst assisting members solve their troubles via group support, would besides enable her to face drug maltreatment and consistent intoxicant indulgence. A treatment group would concentrate on affairs of general involvement instead than on job oriented treatments, leting her to do friends, take part in society and work towards a common end in solidarity.


In decision, whilst the individual centred attack benefits the development of an single, group work allows a individual to turn in security. It allows one to pull strength from others, those who have been through similar experiences, and remember a assortment of solutions. Therefore, whilst the individual centred attack offers solutions inferred from an analysis of the client ‘s mind, short term group work permits one to map in a circle of those who may or may non be called friends, but are ne’er limited by professional masks.