A Research Article On The Local Authority Social Work Essay

brand determinations when they are sing referrals of kids. The rubric of the survey is Threshold Decisions How Social Workers Prioritize Referrals of Child Concern ” by Dendy Platt ( 2008 ) . I would try to critically measure this Qualitative diary article based on indispensable elements of the research which include the Title, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Findings and Conclusion. The survey examined how societal workers make picks on single instances of kids concern referrals, if to transport out a an initial Assessment i.e. Sect 17 of the Children Act 1989 or if to set about the Child Protection Procedure under the Sect. 47 of the Children Act 1989. The major determination suggests that Social workers prioritize their referrals based on five cardinal countries, Specificity, Severity, hazard, parental duty and documentation. It was reviewing to cognize that informations were collected from Social workers and that Parents were besides involved.

It is deserving observing that the rubric adequately prepares the reader as it gives good penetration into what the survey is approximately. The rubric of an article is really of import as it exposes the reader to an article. The cardinal words were appropriate and sufficient as they did recover the article upon typing the cardinal words in the hunt engine. ( Harmonizing to Descombe 2008 p.88 ) , a subject needs to be a really much more narrowly defined country of its survey.

The major determination in this article suggests that societal workers evaluate referrals based on five cardinal factors, “ specificity, badness, hazard, parental duty and documentation ” . It is deserving observing the abstract did fix a reader for this survey. The abstract clearly high spots that the purpose of the survey is to happen out how societal workers reach determination when to transport out an initial appraisal ( Sect 17 of kids act 1989 ) or a nucleus appraisal, ( Sect 47 of kids Act 1989 ) when sing referrals about kid concerns.

The abstract clearly stated that the survey chose a qualitative attack. Harmonizing to ( Punch 2000 p. 243 ) , qualitative attack is “ frequently sensitive to context and treat to populate experience and local groundedness, where the research worker tries to acquire closer to what is being studied ” . Using qualitative method allows the research worker to happen out a batch about the survey. He went farther to explicate that ” qualitative research methods are the best manner we have of acquiring the insider ‘s position ” ( Ibid )

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Qualitative method allows the research worker to bring forth new theoretical thoughts. This happens because they are able to detect and talk to the people ( individual ) being studied and allows them to come up with new thoughts through out the survey. Being prejudice is one of the restrictions of qualitative research method because research workers can compose their ain position or even sentiment on the affair. But as we can see that making hard country is a great advantage to qualitative research method. )


Looking at the debut, it seems clear that the job that led to the research was that the reading of the developments of the refocusing enterprise has contributed to a clime where societal workers work frequently feel “ pulled and pushed in different waies by political and popular sentiment.

The debut touched on relevant authorities policies and enterprises such as “ refocusing enterprise which was initiated by the authorities in 1990 and the model for Assessment of kids in demand.

In my position, the writer attempted to measure the refocusing enterprise policy which attempts to refocus societal work pattern and to originate any necessary alterations. I partially agree with this impression as the survey may convey about positive alterations in the kid protection clime. But besides the writer needs to admit where he points on that the clime of kid protection is one of uncertainness, that societal work itself is a profession full of uncertainty…… .

The research worker explained that the deduction of the “ refocusing enterprise ” is the rise in the threshold for credence of a kid protection referral as it was thought that the cost to household of kid protection processs were non acceptable in the instances where allegations are minor.

In my position, the designation of spread of cognition shows that the job has significance for societal work pattern and the research may positively inform pattern. Interestingly, the research worker acknowledges and analyses old work on the kid protection field ( what is known ) but besides points out the cognition spread as it demonstrates how application of these factors differs between instances of kid concern and instances of kid protection ( What is desired to be known ) . I would reason that these grounds sum to sufficiently justification of this survey.

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Literature Review

Knowledge spread was identified but author did non explicate how his work would try to shut the spread. Author made an attempt to critically reexamine the work of others and points out incompatibilities. The intent of the research is to analyze ways societal workers in England made determinations at the initial referral phase. It is my believe that since the writer decided to roll up information signifier societal workers and households suggest that research is from a grounded theory attack.

Harmonizing to Punch ( 2000 p.163 ) Grounded theory is best defined as a research scheme whose intent is to bring forth theory from informations, To be grounded means fundamentally the theory is generated from informations. ( ibid )

My rational for asseverating that a grounded theory attack was implemented is that the writer made sense of the informations through constructs chiefly informed by societal workers and the find of these constructs begins from the interviews with the societal workers. ( Somekh and Lewin 2006p.49 ) point out that grounded theory is best described as an “ incorporate theoretical preparation that gives understanding about how organisation experience and respond to events that occur ” . From this definition, it could be argued that grounded theory was the most effectual manner to near this survey.

“ Research workers do convey position to the research, although these positions tend to steer the inquiry and influence reading, but they do n’t drive the research. ” ( ibid p.51 ) .

However one of the drawbacks from this attack is that research may be influenced by the research worker ‘s personal experiences and old surveies which therefore disable the research in nearing the survey with an unfastened head.

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In my position, the research worker survey has a strong internal cogency, the research worker made a good attempt to extinguish the alternate accounts in his findings……… The consequence nevertheless can non be applied beyond the sample. It would be clearly naïve to believe that the findings reflect how societal workers in the UK determination devising.


The Researcher implemented ethical rules. The societal workers involved have to be made cognizant of what they were acquiring into before make up one’s minding to join forces. I would reason that appropriate processs were implemented ; besides the participant understood what the intent of the research.

The research worker efficaciously anonymised participants ‘ individualities, which protected participants ‘ privateness. The likely result the research purpose to accomplish include possible alterations in policy, examine pattern issues for societal workers transporting out initial appraisal, where in the yesteryear, it would hold been a kid maltreatment probe ( Sect 47 of the kids Act 1989 )

“ One of the strengths of instance survey is that multiple methods and informations beginnings can be used to research and interrogate instance survey thereby taking to a good description of a research from the position of the participant ” ( Someth and Lewin 2006 p.33 ) . I do look up to the fact that the research implemented the instance survey attack as this gives the reader a really rich description of the survey and besides gives a reader a good apprehension on the issue.

Dependability of the determination was promoted by the informations aggregation from two local governments who have a really different processs and pattern, besides All interviews were tape- recorded. Harmonizing to ( Silverman 2006p. 285 ) , “ working with the sound and picture recordings eliminates at one stroke many of the jobs that research workers have with the unspecified truth of field notes and limited public entree to them ”

However the generalisation of the research may non be possible. “ The failing of instance survey is that it is non possible to generalise statistically from a little figure of instances to a population as a whole ” ( Someth and Lewin 2006 p.34 )