A Project On Curbing Domestic Violence Social Work Essay

Domestic force against adult females, kids, and work forces is increasing in the universe and more particularly in the developed states like Australia. Domestic force is a misdemeanor of human rights and in many ways shackles development in a state. This undertaking focuses on leaving information to everyone at hazard in a command to forestall domestic force. This organisation uses societal constructions to advance societal alteration in a community. Social alteration will take to change of the attitude towards domestic force and its associated behaviours. Peoples will besides hold information on what to make in instance they become victims of domestic force. This organisation will utilize holistic attacks that are community based to turn to the root causes of this frailty. These attacks include the usage of media, protagonism, and community mobilisation to make consciousness on the job of domestic force. Most adult females who have been subjected to domestic force do non hold a dependable beginning of income. This makes them to digest domestic force because the partner provides her demands. This undertaking will economically authorise such adult females because they are the most vulnerable group. This undertaking will educate people on human rights and the assorted signifiers of domestic force.

Mission Statement of the Organization

To make consciousness on domestic force as a signifier of misdemeanor of human rights and work towards bar.

Organizational Aims

To increase the consciousness of adult females and the young person ( misss ) on their legal rights, and advocator for amendment of the current constructions in the community so that adult females can hold a supportive environment.

To leave cognition on the assorted sorts and extents of domestic force and its effects in an person and the community in general.

To enable adult females to develop accomplishments in assurance, squad spirit through proviso of services like guidance, legal support and preparation on life-skills. This will assist them to better their socio-economic position ( Mazza, Dennerstein, Garamszegi & A ; Dudley, 2001 ) .

To give adult females with the necessary information on the accessible services suppliers who can for response readily to any instance of domestic force.

To mobilise all the communities towards the alteration of behaviour and attitude towards domestic force.

Organizational Valuess

This organisation aims to utilize all the resources to make consciousness, empower adult females, work forces, and kids so that domestic force can be stopped. Our organisation will besides acknowledge cultural diverseness towards accomplishing the end of halting this frailty in the community ( Blagg, 2000 ) .

Organizational Structure

The undertaking director will head the undertaking. He will work closely with the human resource director and the Chief Accountant. The undertaking will be divided into four sections: Media, Legal Clinic, and Advocacy, Community Mobilization, Counseling and Economic Empowerment. Senior officers will head all the four section and all several sections will be entitled to three voluntaries.

Target Group

This organisation targets schools, colleges and the general community in Alice Springs, the largest town in Northern Territory. The chief people who will be targeted are kids, adult females, and work forces. Harmonizing to studies from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 4 % of the physically abused adult females sought aid from a crisis organisation. Twenty per centum of the abused adult females reported the incidences to the constabulary. It is of import to observe that 85 % of the adult females who have been victims of domestic force are non economically empowered ( Mazza et al. 2001 ) . Harmonizing to WESTNET ( 2000 ) , this category of adult females is independent on their working partners and experience entitled to any signifier of intervention that they receive. The current economic downswing has made things worse. Peoples have lost their occupations and the fiscal hereafter is black. Without nest eggs, adult females continue to be abused because they feel that their hereafter is unsure without a occupation. Pregnant adult females have been the most vulnerable because of their unknown destiny and they are at a higher danger of losing their lives more than anyone else loses.

The other group is kids who are in households where the parents or health professionals abuse each other. Whenever parents are involved in any signifier of hassle the guiltless kids suffer a batch. They are forced to make with the civilization of force because they can non be able to fend themselves. Their deficiency of independency makes them to be victims of their parents ‘ destiny. Children need to be educated on domestic force more than anybody else is. This is because it will assist them to interrupt the rhythm of domestic force in the community. If kids are counseled with the right information, they will non indulge their future households into the frailty of domestic force.

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The other group that is at hazard is the adolescents. It is official that in every four teens, one is victim of dating force ( Transforming Communities, 2008 ) . However, the vulnerable victim in dating force is the female. These teens normally are beaten or slapped by their spouses and since they are immature and feeling romantic. Some of these Acts of the Apostless of force are ignored due to miss of cognition.

Approximately 10 % of the entire population of work forces has besides fallen victims of domestic force ( Edleson, 1999 ) . Although there is a popular myth that work forces have ne’er been victims of domestic force, recent statistics have confirmed otherwise. In many occasions, their female spouses or friends sexually abuse work forces. Womans use emotional blackmail, verbal pleading, overdone statements, and misrepresentation to tease their victims ( Victorian Community Council Against Violence, 2002 ) . One of the most common scenarios is where a adult male is encouraged to over imbibe intoxicant. The marauding female so pursues her victim when he passes out. If a adult male tries to halt the female marauder, he is slapped, seize with teeth, scratched, or even threatened with blackmail. In many instances, work forces fear describing such Acts of the Apostless because of menaces of colza and information on unfaithfulness being divulged to employers and household.

Issues the organisation will turn to

The organisation will look at the signifiers of domestic force. The other issue is how the frailty manifests itself in household and societal scenes. The other issue will be educating the community on how to cover with the job like seeking legal damages, the avenues and give the victims reding ( Edleson, 1999 ) . The undertaking will leave accomplishments on assurance in a command to hike self-pride of the people of the community. Finally, the economically deprived people will be given accomplishments like dressmaking, utilizing the cyberspace and trade information to assist them to do a life.

Description of the Undertaking

Raise your Voice will work in concurrence with Australia says No Campaign. The Undertaking Manager will be have autonomy over day-to-day direction, oversing and back uping the staff. The activities of the organisation will be organized under four sections: Legal Clinic and Advocacy, Counseling, Economic Empowerment, and Media. There will be three voluntaries per section.


This section is entitled with the duty of utilizing both electronic and print media to originate treatment of domestic force with the populace and journalists.

Legal Clinic and Advocacy

This will affect a attorney who will assist in informing the people about gender issues and seeking legal damages. Advocacy will take at act uponing sentiment leaders for illustration professionals, community members and local leaders to take the necessary action to restrict domestic force ( Blagg, 2000 ) .

Community Mobilization

This aims at making consciousness within the grassroots degree of the community. This will advance the cognition that people have about the rights of adult females and aid in bar domestic force.

Economic Authorization

Fiscal dependance is one of the most causes of domestic force. This section will work with adult females and assist them to derive some concern accomplishments that will assist them to gain a life.

Benefits of the Program

The media will foreground issues refering domestic force. This means that people will be more informed about the frailty. The media will leave cognition on the necessity of describing instances of domestic force and inform people on the other stairss to take for case seeking of legal damages. Peoples will have free guidance and support particularly those who have been victims of domestic force. The leaders will be more cognizant of the job and will move in their full capacity to forestall domestic force. Women will be economically empowered. This will assist them in being financially independent and be able to seek legal damages in instance they become victims.

Long Term Benefit

The community and everyone in general will be more cognizant of domestic force, its signifiers of manifestation, how to avoid it and what to make in instance they are subjected to it.

Purpose of the Undertaking

The undertaking aims at sharing resources and information concerning domestic force with its mark population. This information will enable adult females, work forces, and kids to take lives that are free of domestic force. This undertaking will heighten and back up the creative activity of community consciousness on the frailty. It will besides assist in developing plans that will assist in controling and halting of domestic force. This undertaking will work with other plans and organisations that aim at controling domestic force. The community will be mobilized to develop societal alterations to assistance in preventing of the frailty ( WESTNET, 2000 ) .

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Staff and Required Volunteers

The Project Manager will run the organisation. He or she will pull off and supervise all the activities of the organisation. The Project Officer will assist in puting the model of operation of the organisation. The Human Resource Manager will be charged with hiring, preparation of staff and voluntaries. He should besides guarantee that the traffics of the employees conform to the organisational policies. He will besides guarantee the public presentation of the organisation and The Chief comptroller will be in charge of all the fiscal traffics of the organisation. He will maintain records and history for every penny that is spent in a crystalline mode. Every section will hold one senior officer who will be in charge and three voluntaries.

Overview of the place of the Project Officer

The holder of this station will be the cardinal individual of the squad that will assist in presenting a annual undertaking that will help in forestalling domestic force for the Alice Springs Community. The model of this undertaking will be community mobilisation, public consciousness aimed at bettering the cognition that people have on domestic force.

Job Description

The Project Officer will be required to describe to the Project Manager. He or she will play a great function in puting up the model of operation of the undertaking. He will fix the inside informations of the undertaking program. He will besides put up a construction of quality confidence and the related systems and working procedures. The Project Officer will be charged with taking the bringing of specific work watercourses in conformity with his experience.

Main Duties

The chief duty of this Officer will be to work with voluntaries from all sections in conformity with the undertaking program. This will assist in timely execution and bringing harmonizing to the timetable and costs of the undertaking. The general undertakings of the Project Officer include:

Build and prolong effectual work relationships with other members of the undertaking and other interest holders

Prepare and keep information on the undertaking. This includes Project Plan, Documents on Project Initiation, Business Case, and all sorts of studies

Monitor the advancement of the undertaking against the program and costs and quality

Prepare undertaking studies of the director

Liaise with the organized work watercourses

Choice Standards

Knowledge, Experience of applier

Essential Requirements

A minimal instruction of alumnus degree

Budgeting, planning, and direction finance

Knowing on methods of garnering information and research

Appreciate answerability, inputs, consequences, and marks


Experience in undertaking direction and bringing and the involved procedures

Experience in developing partnerships with patrons and other partnerships that is necessary in undertaking bringing

Professional making in community mobilisation

Experience in event organizing and community mobilisation

Acknowledge and appreciate the attempts of every member of the squad

Extenuation of struggle and communicating troubles within an organisation

Utilizes the maximal potency of each squad member

Motivates the working together of the squad

Skills and Competence


Active hearing, influencing, and dialogue accomplishments

Easily negotiations with other people and physiques relationships with stakeholders

Able to do good determinations ; hunt for practical solutions towards jobs

Excellent accomplishments in interpersonal communicating and in composing

Able to pass on with varied audiences

Strong self-starter


Able to work with a squad or entirely

Able to form precedences in footings of urgency

Good accomplishments in Information Technology particularly MS Office

Well-organized contriver, manages hazard and delivers efficaciously

Complies with organisational processs and ends and helps in implementing them

The undertaking officer will be appointed as from the beginning of the undertaking. He or she should be able to work for 7 hours every twenty-four hours, five yearss a hebdomad. That is a sum of 35 hours per hebdomad.

Pre-employment checklist

A Pre-Employment Checklist is used by Human Resource Managers to guarantee that all the reappraisal processs have been undertaken before a campaigner is hired. After questioning a campaigner, all the information that was recorded at the interview is reviewed by the section of Human Resource. The importance of this checklist is to enter all information refering instruction confirmation, mention cheques, and interview notes on one signifier before a campaigner is hired.

Choice Procedures

The choice procedure should hold all the information for the applier. This includes information about the applier ‘s degree of instruction, employment history, responsibilities, and duties, and demands of the occupation and mentions. All the appliers who meet the demands of the campaigner should be encouraged to use.

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In the short listing procedure, the best campaigners are selected. The best campaigners are those who meet the demands of the occupation. All appliers should be evaluated every bit based on their makings. Polling should be extremely discouraged because the incorrect individual may be hired while the best is left out. The rating should be just and merely the given information should be used to measure a campaigner. Al the information that the appliers will supply should be treated with utmost confidentiality. It should non be shared with any individual who is non in the choice panel.

The best method for choosing a Undertaking Officer is by an unwritten interview. This will supply the choice panel with first manus information on the applier. The campaigners should be subjected to a trial to look into on their degree of competency in IT accomplishments and MS Office. They can besides be tested on prioritization accomplishments.


This is by and large “ acclimatising ” of an person to the work topographic point, the organisational values, and his responsibilities. Orientation is of import because it helps one to larn about the new topographic point of work and the processs involved.


Initiation is the last stage of the enlisting procedure. The Undertaking Manager will assist in the initiation of the Project officer. The cardinal focal point of the initiation plan should be the station to which the new employee has been appointed. Induction helps in placing the demands of the new employee and the preparation that he or she requires.

Initiation plan should be based on an employee ‘s experience, demands of the station and his place within the organisation. The new employees need to be equipped with necessary information like physical location of all installations like lavatories. It is of import to cognize the responsibilities, content, and the coverage constructions of the occupation. Initiation should be done versus a checklist to guarantee that the initiation procedure is across-the-board. Although the checklist can non reflect everything, it can be tailored to supply the new employee with the necessary information.

Undertaking Methodology

The undertaking has a definite start and terminal. Undertaking methodological analysis has approximately five practical groups.

These groups include:

Initiation- This defines the undertaking ‘s nature and general range.

Planing and Design-The direction program of the undertaking is drawn. It should hold clip, disbursals, and other resources. This helps the undertaking officer to come close the sum of input required and extenuate hazard to guarantee proper undertaking executing.

Execution- Execution involves all the processs used to complete the work that is cut out in the direction program of the undertaking. This procedure involves co-ordination of people, resources so that they can bring forth an end product.

Monitoring and Regulation- This procedure involves existent control of the undertaking. This will assist in running the undertaking in a manner that it will run into the specifications of the program. All the activities, variables, and hazards should be efficaciously monitored. This will forestall the undertaking from “ rolling. ” A controlled undertaking is on clip, on-track, and operates within the budget. If a undertaking etas more resources than expected so that is a ill controlled undertaking.

Closing-A undertaking should be closed so that it stops devouring resources.


This undertaking will be evaluated against its set aims. It will besides be evaluated against the budget, clip and the premises that were made. The development processes for case quality confidence, allotment of resources, direction of undertakings and preparation of the voluntaries, teamwork procedure will be evaluated. This includes the communicating accomplishments of the squad, media used and the committedness of the whole squad. There should be progress studies that show the issues that were encountered, how they were resolved, and the resources used. This will reflect the control procedure of the undertaking ( Kerzner, 2000 ) . A formal and comprehensive study with all the inside informations of the rating findings should be drafted. This will demo the inputs and the consequences of the undertaking.

Timeline of Execution

January 2011

Area of undertaking execution has been identified- Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Support is secured

Capacity edifice for staff and voluntaries

Gathering and printing of stuffs for illustration Jerseies and booklets

April-May 2011

Community Mobilization and resource mobilisation

May -November 2011

Provision of guidance, legal services and protagonism

Empowering the economically challenged adult females and work forces


Measuring the Undertaking ‘s success

Writing concluding studies