A Class Divided Reflection Essay

Everyone is likely to see some signifier of favoritism or bias ; as is anyone capable of moving prejudiced towards others. On April 5th. 1968. a instructor in Riceville. Iowa named Jane Elliot conducted an experiment with her 3rd grade category that dealt with the construct of favoritism ; and was documented in Peters’ 1985 ‘A Class Divided’ . The exercising originally took topographic point the twenty-four hours after Martin Luther King was assassinated. The docudrama is an oculus opener to the universe of racism and favoritism. Bucher ( 2010 ) describes racism as “discrimination based on the belief that one race is superior to another” ( 97 ) . Harmonizing to Bucher ( 2010 ) “discrimination is defined as the unequal intervention of people on the footing of their group membership” ( 100 ) . Bucher goes on to state “treatment varies because of race. age. gender. societal category or any figure of other dimensions of diversity” ( 100 ) . ‘A Class Divided’ exposes that favoritism doesn’t merely travel to the extent to the colour of tegument. civilization or ethnicity. but favoritism can fall into any physical features. societal position. holding a developmental disablement. merely being a adult female. and in this instance the colour of your eyes.

The construct Elliot is learning. is that racism is a erudite behaviour and non portion of human genetic sciences. This bluish eyed versus brown eyed people experiment establishes that thought and moving racialist is learned. She besides proves it can be unlearned. She wants us to see through the myth of white high quality. How we are told to believe that racism no longer exists and that it’s non every bit simple as the KKK. Today racism and favoritism go much further and are more complex. It’s being able to vote ; it’s the stereotypes “an unverified and oversimplified generalisation about an full group of people” ( Bucher. 2010. 86 ) . kids learn turning up ; it’s portraying the coloured people as the bad 1s and the white people as victims ; it’s non holding the equal rights and chances. Elliot’s exercising with her category shows the effects of when there is a distinguished group of higher-ups and inferiors.

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A month from now I will remember several scenes from the film. Particularly all the faces and emotions the kids went through when portion of the inferior group. When Mrs. Elliot told her category that brown eyed people are non to acquire 2nd portions at tiffin clip. one small brown eyed miss looked absolutely heartbroken. The scene that I’ll likely retrieve most is when Ms. Elliot did the trial on the grownups. It was flooring and interesting to see how adults act in such a state of affairs as being discriminated against. Another scene that stood out was when the superior group of kids felt like they were in power ; they wholly turned on the other group with no compunction. Best friends became worst enemies. and they didn’t even believe twice about it.

Elliot conducted this experiment on her 3rd grade category based on pupils holding blues eyes or brown eyes. The first twenty-four hours the blue eyed kids would be higher-ups. because bluish eyed people are better and smarter than brown eyed people. therefore they were given excess privileges. For illustration. the superior blue eyed kids were entitled to seconds for tiffin. but the inferior brown eyed kids were non. in frights they might take excessively much nutrient. The superior group received unearned privileges. defined by Bucher ( 2010 ) as “those benefits in life that we have through no attempt of our own” ( 135 ) . like five excess proceedingss at deferral and being allowed to play on the resort area equipment. Merely as inkinesss were forced to utilize unintegrated public toilets and H2O fountains. the inferior brown eyed people could non imbibe straight from the fountain ; they were required to utilize a cup. The brown eyed kids were besides made to have on a neckband around their cervixs. that manner. they could be told apart. merely as African Americans can be discriminated against from a distance.

Elliot gave acknowledgment to the bluish eyed childs on being difficult working. fast scholars. while the brown eyed kids were found at mistake and told they were non as smart. On the twenty-four hours bluish eyed people were superior ; she brings up the point that blue eyed male parents ne’er kick their kids. like one brown eyed boy’s male parent had done the anterior hebdomad. But when bluish eyed Russell forgot his spectacless the undermentioned twenty-four hours. it had to be because he has bluish eyes. since Susan. whom has brown eyes. remembered her spectacless. Elliot besides led the kids to make up one’s mind that since bluish eyed Greg said he likes to hit his litter sister. this conveys bluish eyed people are blue.

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From here. we witness some of superior bluish eyed childs began to move chesty and autocratic to the inferior brown eyed childs. Blue eyed Russell was teasing John at deferral. naming him ‘brown eyes’ and John retaliated by hitting him. After the two male childs fought at deferral the instructor asked if reacting with force made him experience better. he replied no. His reply goes to demo that reacting with force is uneffective and a waste of clip and energy. They compared it to person naming a black adult male the N-word.

Even academic accomplishment goes up when the kids were in the superior group. When making the card packs the first twenty-four hours the brown eyed kids spent five and half proceedingss to travel through the deck. while the superior blue eyed kids spent merely three proceedingss. the undermentioned twenty-four hours the superior group of brown eyed pupils took merely two and a half proceedingss compared to the four proceedingss and 18 seconds of the inferior bluish eyed group.

In the docudrama the childs didn’t garbage to obey their instructor. even during the exercising. but surprisingly when making the exercising with the grownups. they besides followed along with her every order. Not even one of the grownups stood their land. as Ms. Elliot kept throwing out negative remarks. the grownups ne’er truly argued with her. This is because if they would hold argued it would hold made them seem argumentative and disobedient which would hold merely made the state of affairs worse. When being discriminated against. one feels hopeless. Possibly they felt as if their words wouldn’t average anything. even if spoken. While in the prison seminar. one of the white adult female said that all people face some sort of favoritism. another adult female disagrees by stating that whites can’t truly cognize what it’s like to confront favoritism every twenty-four hours. There is no manner that a white individual will of all time experience or cognize what it’s like to confront the favoritism that African Americans have experienced.

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Watching ‘A Class Divided’ truly brought along a batch of different feelings. First and foremost I learned from watching the kid’s scene that you work better when you feel better and when you feel confident. Ms. Elliot’s manner of demoing these childs about favoritism and racism was really effectual and taught the childs that no one individual is different from the following. we all were created equal and it isn’t right to judge. It is of import for every kid to larn in the early phases of life that everybody under the Sun is created every bit. We may non look the same. or dress the same. some of us may hold a higher societal position than others. but at the terminal of the twenty-four hours we still walk the same Earth. cipher is better than the following. The biggest impact from seeing the picture is that it shows how easy favoritism can be taught to a immature waxy kid. As Elliot explains that we adults develop our kids to believe this manner when we past judgement and so they see it and turn up to be familiar with it and believe of it as ordinary.

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