A Cage Of Butterflies Essay Sample

A Cage of Butterflies introduces the controversial thought that there is possible for the abuse of scientific cognition and pattern by unscrupulous people. Brian Caswell has written this fictional book to do people cognizant of this job in our society. The subject of the book can be seen from the different positions of the characters ; the babes. the think armored combat vehicle group. Susan and Eric and the scientists. Caswell points out that some people place such things as celebrity and money in forepart of moralss and morality. The writer besides highlights the dangers in patterns on which no limitations are in topographic point to forestall research like this traveling on behind closed doors.

A Cage of Butterflies tells the narrative of an institute for adolescents whose societal accomplishments border none yet have really high IQs. The seven adolescents: Greg. Mikki. Gretel. Chris. Gordon. Leslie and Katie live at the clinic in the outskirts of Newcastle in New South Wales. These childs made up the think armored combat vehicle group. The farm is run by three scientists: Brady. Larsen and Macintyre.

“We’re like a new toy”¦they’re merely playing with us. experimenting” ( Page 19 ) The novel is choreographed in a manner in which non many novels are. Each chapter tells the narrative from a different point of position. This is an effectual manner of stating the narrative without giving it all off at one time.

Deep inside the installation. Larsen and Macintyre were in secret documenting “the babies” . These babes were a scientific phenomenon. At the age of eight they were ace intelligent existences. Larsen was determined to happen the cause of this intelligence even if it meant traveling beyond ethical and moral boundaries.

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“He’s got the moralss of a sewer-rat. ” ( Page 119 ) An illustration of the deficiency of moralss is the fraudulence that Larsen used on the baby’s parents at birth. In the novel. the babes were given a drug called Metamide. The drug was administered by the scientists without the consent of the parents. Not merely did this occur. but the Government refused to admit that it was go oning “A agencies of bring forthing a mastermind and thought transference through an cheap pill”¦and every female parent needn’t know what she’s been given”¦every defence section in the universe would purchase it. ” ( Page 119 ) The drug had a profound consequence on the baby’s wellness. They fell earnestly sick with febrility. After their recovery it was found that they had changed both physically and mentally. The babes had developed a encephalon status where the two halves of the encephalon fused together.

“The babes. A freak accident had created them. And that was what they would be in the eyes of the world”¦freaks. ” ( Page 148 ) An illustration of the consequence the drug had on the babes both physically and mentally was by the manner they had to be institutionalised. The babes were turned in to veggies. and Larsen did non believe twice about it. His actions showed how small regard he had for the baby’s physical and mental good being. He had created a ace intelligent life signifier which would non contend back or ask inquiries. The babes were harmless.

“At eight old ages old the babes were pacifists”¦they would ” could ” ache no 1. Not even to salvage themselves. ” ( Page 135 ) A Cage of Butterflies is a book which allows the reader to understand text farther by it conveying the points of position of all the characters without leting for bias decisions to be made. However Brian Caswell has made certain to underscore the chief subject of that there is possible for the abuse of scientific cognition by unscrupulous people. He has done this by pigeonholing the scientists as the “big company” etc believing that they can acquire away with anything no affair the cost to human life.

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