50 Argumentative Essay Topics For a Winning Paper

argumentative essay topics

You need to be very careful writing an argumentative essay for your college or university. Every word counts and your final mark will depend on your writing skills. To be sure you are on the right way you need help with writing your paperwork.

First of all, you need to find argumentative essay topics. This will help you to compose your paper and divide it into the right-sized paragraphs.  For the start, you may choose up to 10 essay topics and based on your knowledge, interest, and difficulty – choose the right one for you.


How to Choose a Great Argumentative Essay Topic?


To make this process easier we have written essay examples on the most popular essay topics for you.


Argumentative essay topics on Education:

1. Is a College Degree Worth Incurring Debt

2. Exams Give No Indication of Ability

3. Comparing the Culture: High School to University


Argumentative essay on Literature:


4. Symbolism in the Pedestrian by BradburyEnemy of the State Reaction Paper

5. Characters of Greyhound Tragedy

6. The Right to Fail by Zinsser Analysis Essay

7. Candide Major Works Data Sheet

8. Enemy of the State Reaction Paper

9. The Postmaster by Tagore

10. Dickinson’s Apparently with No Surprise

11. Poetry: Overflow Of Feelings

12. Why Doesn’t Faustus Repent

13. The One Day War By Judith Soloway


Business argumentative essays:


14. Role of Business In Economic Development

15. Polvoron Feasibility Study

16. Hurrah Airlines and Customer Service

17. Back Bay Battery Simulation

18. RedPack Beer Case Solutions

19. Marvel: Bankruptcy and Restructuring


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Argumentative essay topics – Law:


20. Laws and Codes Affecting Schools

21. Reaction Paper on Hacienda Luisita

22. Anesthesia Medical Group Case on Feather River

23. Differences Between Probation and Parole


Argumentative essay on Finance:


24. Cascade Manor: Claiming in Negotiations

25. Barriers To Harmonization Of Accounting Standards


Argumentative essay on Healthcare:


26. Lewis Blackman Case

27. Unhealthy Signals from Magazine Advertisements

28. People with Dementia: Rights and Choices

29. Model for Structured Reflection

30. Nursing: Person-Centred Care


Argumentative essays on Leadership:


31. ALS Case Study IDDP

32. “Invictus” Leadership Analysis

33. Individuality vs Nationality


Marketing argumentative essays:


34. Behavioral Effects Of Social Media

35. Ducth Bros SWOT Analysis

36. Perodua


Argumentative essay topics on History:


37. Inauguration Speech by Nelson Mandela

38. Racism Then and Now


Human Resources – argumentative essay topics:


39. 3 Ways HR Support Managers And Staff

40. How to Use the Information in Human Resources


Argumentative essays Lifestyle:


41. Disadvantages of High Self Esteem

42. OFW Parents

43. Globalization: Reaction Paper

44. Make Peace Not War

45. Hustvedt: Eight Days in a Corset (Fashion)

46. Indoor and Outdoor Activities


Argumentative essays on Entertainment:



48. Interaction Perspectives on Mass Media

49. Under the Same Moon

50. Homeless to Harvard


 Here we have shared the most effective tips to writing a successful essay:


After you have chosen the right topic, you shall make it attractive to the reader. Don’t make it very complicated. The true argumentative essay is easy to read and understand. Any misunderstandings may affect the final grade.

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Here are some simple rules you need to know before you start writing:

1.    Don’t use more than 20 words in one sentence.
2.    Divide your paper minimum into 3 paragraphs (Introduction, Main body, Conclusion)
3.    Use 5 good quotations from different sources (best option – study book). Strictly don’t use Wikipedia – you will definitely get a penalty for that.

4.    Show your opinion about the topic and provide your arguments for pros or cons.

5.    Cause and effect essay is the most popular and right type of course works.

Following these rules, you can write your paper with ease and get top grade essay.

All in all, based on these aspects you can start your paper and write a top essay.

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